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Lightworker > Awakening the Child ~ Scripting a New Story

From Steve: Hi all. This message was a powerful call to action. The people in the room were sitting on the edge of their chairs as the group gave this channel. It was more than heartfelt it was direct. I do believe that they are beginning to use small parts of deep contact when they speak to us. This message is an example of that connection.

From Steve: The group began by honoring us as they usually do, but this time it was a bit different. They were honoring our travels throughout the Universe as universal beings of light. Their message began by telling us what it was like to be an empowered person in an empowered society.

Lightworker > Learning to Look Up!

From Steve: In this message the group is showing us some of the adjustments we still have yet to make as we build a new world. Here they talked about a new paradigm where we learn to stop looking down to get an overview and learn to look up at what is directly coming at us. The most important ability humans have is the ability to adapt.

Lightworker > Do Something Different

Humanity is experiencing a major stretch on the planet. Because of all the challenges, it has decided that you would move very quickly. That was your choice, dear ones.

Lightworker > Conscious Corporations - Making Space for Empowered Humans

From Steve:: As we work our way further into the economic restructuring that is now unfolding on Planet Earth, the group took this opportunity to share more information on the future of corporations, governments, religions and organizations of all types.
From Steve: This month we celebrate Ten Years of the Beacons of Light messages from the Group.  I am truely honored to play a part in bringing these empowering messages to Masters of the Gameboard. Since last months message about the Orthogonal Matrix and becoming multidimensional, the Group has been talking about other races that are watching and helping us. Even in the first message they said it was important to bi-locate (exist in two places at one time) in order to fully see our own reality. I think this is a way that the Group is helping us to do exactly that. They are helping us to see ourselves through the eyes of these races they are describing.

Lightworker > Vibrational Integrity

We are in the midst of the Grand Game of Hide and Seek. God, hiding from himself, searching for herself. The name of the Game is to Re-member. Once we re-member that we are in fact the God we search for, we then can begin to tap into the power of all that is. The idea here is to begin to use the "power" to create our heart's desires. By creating our own reality and our heart's desires we are actually creating Home on this side of the veil. This is what the Game was all about in the first place. So…how do we create our heart's desire? What is this magical power that we all have access to, and how do we tap into it?

Lightworker > 7 Gifts of the 3rd millennium

Steve's comments: Many of our friends and family in Holland have begun to gather and unite in small local groups to facilitate healing on a personal and global level. This is what the Group refers to as Circles of Light. The Group has said that by connecting the Circles of Light, sharing ideas, resources, hopes and dreams, that it will be easier to make a difference here on our planet. Several special people in Holland began forming and facilitating small local focus groups called the LightCircles. They felt the difference right away and began to put action behind the words.

Lightworker > Divine Discontent

A new year has just begun.  The potenital is enormous for what can unfold.  You would think that everyone would be ready to jump into action.  But thats not the general feeling right now with Lightworkers.  There is a strange feeling in the air.  Self doubt, money trouble, hopelessness and a general confusion seem to hang in the air all around us.  There is a heavy energy that many are feeling right now.  The Group says it is actually the precussor to big change.  They call it the Divine Discontent. Big GROUP hugs Steve Rother Greetings from Home.
From Steve: In each of the last three years the month of May has been a pivotal point for the energy. The Group says that this May will be no exception. In the following Re-minder from Home the Group talks about the energy shift that will take place in mid May. This one will coincide with a release of the Crystal Energy entering from our sun. This will provide us with a powerful time of enhanced creation especially if we come together. In fact, it looks like this one may provide us with an opportunity to really shine our Light. From the Group: Greetings from Home
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