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Lightworker > Life is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy - Final approach to 2012

From Steve: Life is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. The group has been saying that for a very long time, but in this message they take things to a whole new level with the phrase. Here they told the story of what happens when an idea gets into the collective consciousness. It manifests every time. They said that so many things are starting to manifest as a result of the rapid rise in collective consciousness. They re-mind us that if we are creators then we create the thoughts that reside in our heads. We can create fear or we can create love. 

Lightworker > The Beautiful Puzzle: Do SOMETHING!

From Steve: At the moment of 101010 there was a wave of energy that hit us all. It had been traveling around the world on its way west. It was bringing in a new wave of energy that we were expecting and anticipating.  We were not disappointed.  Big hugs ~ Steve ~ Home is now changing because of what you are doing here on this planet. Each and every one of you has brought a very special segment of Home to planet Earth to carry with you. This part of Home is not only your message, internal guidance, and spark of light, but it is something that you refer to on your planet as beauty.

Lightworker > The Act of Faith

From Steve: This month the group gave us a view of ourselves from their perspective on the issue of faith. They say we have used faith and belief in general in many ways in our past, including control, deception and avoidance. But no matter how it has been used, Faith has always been a mirror for our own power. It’s the reason we have so many religions on Earth.

Lightworker > Families of Light

From Steve: One point I have noticed is that people have many different reactions to the word family. I was blessed to have an incredible supportive biological family but many have quite a different history. In this channel the group takes a look at family and what they say is ahead as “we humans” evolve. They said we will form Families of Light. They also said this may be one areas experiencing stretches during this time. Family issues may come up. I can hear you holding your breath. . . Relax, this too shall pass.

Lightworker > Feeling Forward

A little over a year ago the Group asked me to plant a seed. They gave a channel named "Walking Backwards in Time." I really did not fully understand some of the concepts they were explaining, but they said that was alright, that I was just to put it out and plant the seeds for a later harvest. Although I do think there is a lot more coming on this it looks like the first harvest is underway. Big GROUP hugs Steve Rother Greetings from Home. The Changing Veil

Lightworker > The Twelfth Dimension

From Steve: The group repeatedly says that our reality is created by the point of perception from which we view it.  Change your point of perception and you change your reality. That may sound simple but in this message the group shows how useful that can really be.  This message also addresses the connection of metaphysics and science as two separate entities never meant to fully agree.  They show them as two separate vibrations overlapping to form a harmonic pattern they call "The Third Vibration."  Feel the third vibration as you read this message. Big hugs and gentle nudges  Greetings from Home The Divine 'Human' Experience
From Steve One onethousand two. . . About three hours after this channel was made scientists globally made a one second adjustment to the atomic clocks to start the year 2006.  It may only be a second but according to the Group this is the beginning of our new relationship to time.  Yes they have made adjustments to the atomic clock before but the previous ones were expected.  This one was not.  The miracle of this shift in time marks the beginning of possibilities for conscious creation never before seen in the human experience.  2006 will be an important year in the evolution of mankind.  Hang on, enjoy the ride and expect a miracle! Big Hugs and gentle nudges Steve Rother Greetings from Home

Lightworker > Positive Drama

Greetings from Home The space you have created here on this beautiful planet is growing more like home every day.  When seen from our side of the veil, your game of spirits pretending to be human is creating quite a commotion.  All eyes are upon you as you walk through your daily life.  The love and energy of Home is the wind at your back and it is with you every day. The Rewire of Humanity We have spoken about the rewire that all of humanity is now experiencing.  This event is much larger than you may at first imagine.  The human animal is evolving and that evolution will allow you to carry more of your spirit within the framework of your physical bubble of biology.  This day we will elaborate a bit more on this so you will be able to see where this is going.
From Steve The Group says there are some very interesting things happening at this time especially to Lightworkers. They say we are at an important crossroads right now. Lightworkers everywhere have been experiencing a re-positioning in their lives. Many have trouble understanding what they "did wrong" or why their own creations did not unfold as planned. They started heading in one direction only now to find that this direction has been changed. They get confused and feel disoriented by this. Also there are many others who are being disconnected to their attachmentsso that they can be prepared to move. The Group says that this is the call to Light that we asked to hear when we first came into the physical. We get so wrapped up in our own worlds sometimes that we forget there is a higher perspective to our greatest place in this world. Here the Group re-minds us that we are here for a reason, and that we have important Lightwork to do.

From Steve. . .

On Earth we are seeing gasoline prices soar, natural gas and electricity are going through the roof as the stock market in several countries is taking a nosedive. What's going on? The Group doesn't get involved with the normal ups and downs of our economies, however, they say that a trend has begun and we are now experiencing the New Earth even as the economies of our world begin to shift.

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