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Greetings from Home The space you have created here on this beautiful planet is growing more like home every day.  When seen from our side of the veil, your game of spirits pretending to be human is creating quite a commotion.  All eyes are upon you as you walk through your daily life.  The love and energy of Home is the wind at your back and it is with you every day. The Rewire of Humanity We have spoken about the rewire that all of humanity is now experiencing.  This event is much larger than you may at first imagine.  The human animal is evolving and that evolution will allow you to carry more of your spirit within the framework of your physical bubble of biology.  This day we will elaborate a bit more on this so you will be able to see where this is going.
From Steve People often ask "what does the Group have to say about this?" Then they go on to explain what they have just read or heard from another source. Most often they ask the question because they are not settled with the information they are attempting to assimilate. They are looking for validation from the Group. Be it Planet X, the upcoming Polar Shift or the redistribution of the worlds wealth, the question comes up in some form. In these situations the Group generally does not take sides. In most cases they simply say check with the person who gave you that information in the first place. Here they make an exception. They have done so to illustrate a point that we have new tools within where we can get all the answers we desire. Once again they say that those who do not go within. . . go without. the Group Greetings from Home
From Steve: Just days ago, the Group spoke about the month of May 2003 and how it has been one of the most difficult times for Lightworkers. Some felt their emotions stretched to the limits while others were scattered and unable to focus. Manifestation seemed to be blocked and the path to passion became unclear. Communication that normally gets us through these times was also difficult. There is a practical reason for this, according to the Group. First, we experienced the lunar eclipse and, more importantly, the intense energy of the full moon, that pulled at our hearts before and after. Then, as this crazy energy began subsiding, we had a huge increase in the “Crystal Energy” entering our earth through the solar flares on our sun.
From Steve: The following was a live channel at the Week to Re-member presented in Ardeche, France, October 23rd 2001. This is a message is a call to action. As we step into the new year and into the fifth dimension, we invite you to join in the action as we now create the Sacred Room. From the Group: Greetings from Home.

Lightworker > Disciples of the Light

The Physical Shift From Steve: Once again this months message is an extension of the big message from October:  Here the group explains much more of what is unfolding on a physical level as we begin this human wiring upgrade. As you read this please keep in mind that this process does not need to be a negative experience.  It is only when we resist change and let the fear in that our evolution can turn negative.  Like the group says: expect a miracle? Big hugs and gentle nudges   Steve Rother Spokesman for the group   Greetings from Home

Lightworker > The Balance of Power

From Steve: The message this month is decidedly different from the Group’s typical message. Again the message is about world events, as this is an important time on this planet for everyone everywhere. This was written on the very special day of 03-03-03, a day the Group had mentioned would be a time to celebrate the completion of the magnetic grid adjustments which form the ascension grid. Funny that some of us don’t really feel like raising our glasses just yet. Faced with the current world events, really makes us wonder if we are making a difference after all. To this, the Group says, “We are right on track.” the Group: Greetings from Home

Lightworker > Relationshifts

From Steve: Barbara and I have just landed at home for two weeks. Whew! Since mid-Jan we have been home a total of 21 days. That sounds like a lot of traveling, but in fact, we both love our work and the awesome opportunities we have to connect family all over the globe. I have always wanted the type of job where I couldn’t wait to get up in the morning. I am happy to say that I have it now.

Lightworker > Lightening the Load

Greetings from Home.

Dear ones, you have made an important move as you have stepped into your personal realities and gone through some very difficult situations, but you are still here. Here you are, looking around, trying to figure out where the next step is going to be, trying to figure out what is happening, what your energy is going to do next.

Lightworker > 2007 - The Year Ahead

In presenting these forecasts it is always important to remember that we are in charge of our reality. The group says they cannot tell the future, as we have yet to write it. Still, they can see down the road in the direction we are heading at this time and that is what we offer here.

Lightworker > Do You Believe?

Over the years, I have become aware that the Group's messages are always in a code. They call it “the code of the heart,” as they use it to speak to many hearts at once. T hey use the same words to give many different messages on many different levels at one time. Those of you who have heard the Group's messages live know that they are all quite different. Sometimes they keep us laughing the whole time, while at other times they are giving important information. Still other channels will have us all in tears with the love they give.
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