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Lightworker > Positive Drama

Greetings from Home The space you have created here on this beautiful planet is growing more like home every day.  When seen from our side of the veil, your game of spirits pretending to be human is creating quite a commotion.  All eyes are upon you as you walk through your daily life.  The love and energy of Home is the wind at your back and it is with you every day. The Rewire of Humanity We have spoken about the rewire that all of humanity is now experiencing.  This event is much larger than you may at first imagine.  The human animal is evolving and that evolution will allow you to carry more of your spirit within the framework of your physical bubble of biology.  This day we will elaborate a bit more on this so you will be able to see where this is going.

Lightworker > The Perfect Imperfection

From Steve: Join us on August 26th for the VirtualLight Broadcast where we will create a reverse crop circle interdimensionally.  See the front page of for details. The group has been talking a lot about all of us becomming multi-dimensional beings.  Isn't it interesting that recent photos began circulating on the internet showing fighter jets breaking the sound barrier?  Talk about interdimensional!  See the videos of these incredible pictures here. Big hugs Greetings from Home

Lightworker > Dolphin Flow - The Second Act

From Steve This was a live presentation from a seminar in Syracuse, New York. I was saving this message for an upcoming book but when I got it back from the transcription manager, I saw that it really needed to get out right away. The recent energy shifts and re-positioning have made life a bit difficult for many. Here, the Group offers practical tools for moving through life comfortably. Greetings from Home.

Lightworker > Empowerment - Our Next Reality

From Steve: The group gave me no warning about what was coming in this message.  The topic was clear from the beginning, but as they got further into it they made several clear points about what real empowerment looks like.  There were times in this message that the group asked each one of us some very direct questions about our views of empowerment.  What it looks like in actual practice and what we humans are envisioning may be different; they are preparing us for that step.  In this message full of love and hope, the group asks each of us to consider our own thoughts and personal dedication to stepping into empowerment.

From Steve: The group began by honoring us as they usually do, but this time it was a bit different. They were honoring our travels throughout the Universe as universal beings of light. Their message began by telling us what it was like to be an empowered person in an empowered society.

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