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The 10-10-10 (October 10, 2010, which is written the same way in both the American calendar and the European calendar) has significant meaning. Many people have been planning events and connecting rituals for that day. But what does it mean? How does 10-10-10 play out in the dance now being woven through human history? Notice first the exquisite symmetry in the number, and the similarity to digital binary code. This is no accident. There is, encoded, within the number 10-10-10, a message that is available to all who attend to it.

Talyaa Liera > 2012: Unlocking Your Humanity, The Year Ahead

2012. Twenty. Twelve. A whole lot of energy has been placed into those words. The number. The date. The year Everything Becomes Awesome. Right? Is that what you have been holding out for? If so, you are not alone. A billion breaths are being metaphorically held. A billion hearts beat a little faster, thinking about Great Change To Come. A billion collective souls are actively helping create an opening into new ways of being, new countries formed and old ones dissolved, and new beings brought into the collective global pool of potential.

The onslaught of energies assaulting the planet that began with the Solstice and successive eclipses in June, and have continued with a particularly strong Mercury retrograde and the proximity of a retrograde Jupiter, moves ahead once again this week with a double-whammy of the Full Moon Equinox on September 23 (or, the evening of September 22 for those in North America). If ever you have been doubting that your life is in flux and that the only reasonable course through such commotion is to breathe and ride with it, now is your chance to embrace this philosophy.

Most of you reading this are already aware on some level of the change upon which your planet and those inhabiting it are undergoing at this time. Change has been taking place for a long time now (one could argue successfully that change is a constant state), but the degree and intensity of change has been on the increase and is now something that many of you can sense or feel on a number of levels. We would like to offer our encouragement in the support of these changes as well as some practical advice on what to expect and how to gracefully move through this time

Talyaa Liera > Energy Update: Dreams

Has this been an intense week or what? My experience of this past week, not yet resting from the urgency of September and with the energies of expansive Jupiter and the Full Moon Equinox breathing down my neck, has been one of explosive movement and color. You, too?

Talyaa Liera > The Meaning of 11:11

11:11. We see this all the time, twice a day on every clock, and feel there is some deeper meaning there. Is this a message? What does this mean? Why do I see 11:11 all the time? What is this telling me? What can I do with this energy? As we approach 11-11-10 and think about next year’s 11-11-11, let’s find out what this energy is all about in order to make best use of the energies that are being presented.

Talyaa Liera > August 2011: Become Your Light

Consider this your coming-out party. A celebration of You, of the You That is Within and the You that you have been keeping from the world. This month, you take the spotlight. You shine forth your beacon of Self. You let the world see you in all your glory. This month, you let your secrets out, the secrets inside you that have been gnawing at you, eating away at your inside bit by bit, and keeping you from being the complete, beautiful, passionate, heart-filled person that lives within you. August is your month to surrender into You

This month brings a sense of making a decision. Choice. Black, or white? Here, or there? Should I stay or should I go? For many, what begins the month is the feeling that something must be done. That action is necessary in order to create the next step or enter the next phase. That everything will remain as it is unless something is done to stop the status quo or to move into what comes next.

Maybe you think your work is done. Is that the place where you have been resting lately? Perhaps it is. You have indeed come a long way. You hear murmurings whispered in the wind, and you make your dream images into next-morning sandwiches that nourish you all the day. And that is all right. You need rest sometimes.

Talyaa Liera > 2009: The Year in advance

We will call 2009 a bridge year; a year of transition.

We speak to you on a regular and ongoing basis about change. Change is something that is always present within your experience. It is part of your purpose, but 2009 will very likely represent to you as you look back on it later, as again, a bridge-a transition.

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