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Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Era of Peace > The Final Steps of Our 40-Day Purging Process

The Company of Heaven has been guiding us through an unprecedented 40-day planetary purging process. They revealed that with the monumental shifts of energy, vibration and consciousness that have taken...

Owen Waters

If you decide to create more love in your life, the approach is simple. Spiritual awareness enhances the natural flow of the universal consciousness called love. By developing your inner spiritual connection, you attract and transmit more pure, unconditional love...

Kate Spreckley

Eclipses mark a significant point in our journey of awakening, healing, and growth. They have a way of profoundly shifting our awareness and expanding our consciousness.

Jennifer Hoffman

Jennifer Hoffman > December 2021 Energy Report

December presents a buffet of opportunities for resolution, restitution, and reconsideration. As with all buffets, we won’t like or want everything that is presented to us.

Ronna Herman Vezane

Ronna Herman Vezane > Reconnecting With Our White Fire Solar Angels

Beloved masters, the new group of World Servers will be those who are well on their way to Self-mastery. This means those aspirants who have tamed the ego desire body, and their Soul is now the OverLighting director of their future choices and life’s direction.

Ailia Mira

Ailia Mira > Eclipse Energy Update - the Evolutionary Perspective

Realize that there is an opportunity right now to (RE)CLAIM our true Self, and with that, align to all that we are, in consciousness. This shift is resonant with consciousness that is beyond polarity or separation and this shift...

Kate Spreckley

December brings to a close one of the most energetically intense and unpredictable years I think we have ever experienced. However, before the year is up, we can expect our awakening, healing and growth to rapidly accelerate with not only the Solar Eclipse this weekend...

Emmanuel Dagher

Feel into this space between your eyebrows for just a few seconds. Express gratitude to this area of your body. Then, gently navigate your awareness south, until you settle into your heart-space.

Sarah-Jane Grace

It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of another year. As we gaze back we can see a plethora of trials, tribulations and challenges, both personally and collectively. It would be easy just to see all the hardship we have each endured...

Jamye Price

Jamye Price > December 2021 Energies – Heart Compass

As the year of Freeing Your Heart winds to a close, the direction of your heart is leading you forward. What seems backward is just a direction shift. As you are navigating the impulses of your heart and mind...


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