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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Welcome to another glorious Tuesday all my forever beings! Did any of you notice that all of creation bowed to your awakening today?
Darn, you missed it? Again? As you arose from within the celestial blanket that soothed you during the night all the earth became excited because you were back for another day.

Shelly Dressel
Nama Sika; Venia Benya.    I AM the One; I AM the Whole. I greet you Beloved Family.  I come fully present with each one of you at this moment.  I come to share with you my energies as they are swirling in and around the earth plane.  I will meet and blend with you to a fuller capacity, but I wish to come fully present in your moment on the earth plane with each one of you.  I salute you and thank you for all that you are doing.  Yes, indeed, I hear everything that you are asking of me.  Yes, the other angels and guides are also fully aware of all that is happening with each of you as an individual and with all that is occurring upon the earth.  So let it be known that you are heard, that you are loved, and that we do respond whenever you come to us or you seek information and answers.
Karen Bishop
Greetings! We're here. We have arrived. We have completed the next phase into the higher realms. Wow! What a quick, intense and phenomenal journey, and most assuredly, a very different place to be than what we have yet experienced. There is so much light here that it literally is hurting my eyes. It is brilliant, bright and full of joy, love and a very distinct absence of any density. Almost a shock to the system!   The election brought in a very quick, intense and deep manifestation of darker, denser energies that needed to be brought to the surface. We experienced this as a purging of attacking, and what almost what felt like venomous and angry energy. It was deep, but quick. Loved ones snapped at us, e-mails attacked us, and so on while releasing and experiencing this phase. Thank goodness it was so short!
Carrie Hart

Quado > Gifts in Unusual Packages

The greatest gifts often come in very unusual packages.  The most valuable paths are often surprising and circuitous.  If you will but relax and allow sprit to lead, you will find that life is easier and far more interesting.

Karen Bishop
Greetings! Hands Off And Eyes Upon us The energy of a strange kind of dis-connect continues, but there is a good reason and one that is easily explained. It can manifest as feelings of not having landed anywhere, no sense of place, confusion, feelings of being “uprooted” with no direction, or even having experiences of getting scattered, as your direction might be subject to the outside whims of others. This energy is interesting, as when I write, and I would imagine that many of you are having the same experience, I spell much of everything backwards and inside out, and it takes forever to write an article now!
Carrie Hart

Quado > Be as a Bouncing Ball

When something occurs that you did not anticipate and do not like, watch for your emotional reaction.  If that reaction is a sigh and an I-quit attitude, a here-we-go-again resignation, then we have work to do.  For the adventure of life I wish for you is not one of sighing and bemoaning your fate, of resigning yourself to having and being less than you want. It is often said that you should learn to accept what you cannot change.  There is much truth to this, of course, but it can also lead you into the dangerous territory of apathy and resignation.  
Karen Bishop
Greetings! As I sit here by a warm and crackling fire, watching yet another bout of spitting snow outside and listening to my favorite new Keith Urban CD, I ponder about what to write, as we have been in a void for the past few weeks. The lunar eclipse brought in an energy that knocked us out of our grooves. It woke me up in the wee hours of the morning with its impact (perhaps because I am a Taurus and it related to Taurus and Scorpio energy) and ever since then, I often wondered where in the world I was. With all the big and exciting energy bursts and New blueprints offered in March and April, a lull and void was certainly to be expected. We have been elevated and pushed into New territory, and after all this greatly moving energy, when a big wane comes as is occurring now, it feels quite the contrary.
Lee Carroll

Kryon > What's Happening? 2004

This channelling has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon, through Lee Carroll in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channellings.
Steve Rother

Lightworker > It Has Begun

From Steve: For several months, the Group has been talking about the middle of August 2003 as a special time. They said recently that the Crystal Energy entering from the solar flares had increased during June and July to store enough energy in the Earth to prepare us for what was to take place in mid-August. I was really expecting that in last month’s message they would tell us what was happening and what to look for. Last month’s message about the “Gray Zone” said nothing specific about this mysterious August event, and they gave only very cryptic answers when asked directly. All they would say is that a major portal was opening and that we need to have enough crystal energy in place to adjust to the new possibilities it would bring.
Karen Bishop
Greetings! A beautiful woman sent me an e-mail recently which said, ”I feel as if the Earth has stopped rotating and I have forgotten to get off”. She couldn't have described it better. We are currently in a most momentous space of unprecedented significance and it is a time like no other. Decisions are being made at the highest levels, and although we may not consciously be aware of what is going on, we are indeed, a part of the decision making process and feeling it at some level. But when the “meeting” adjourns, get ready!


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