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Lee Carroll

Kryon > The Winter of Spirituality

This channelling has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon, through Lee Carroll in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channellings.
Karen Bishop

Whats up on Planet Earth > "Squeezing" Into the Emptiness

On May 5, 2000, we experienced a phenomenal planetary alignment, when the sun, the moon, and five planets all lined up in the same area of the sky. I remember this time well, as many were eagerly waiting to see what this alignment would produce, how it would feel, and what it all meant.

Hillis Pugh

Counter energies is energy countering intention, however this energy is not always present. It is my personal belief now, that there are no good, bad, positive, or negative energies. There just "is" or intention. Example, if you are fulfilling your purpose and someone or something comes along to steer you in the opposite direction, it's the universal counter energy to prevent you from fulfilling your purpose or even being in a loving relationship.

Lee Carroll

Kryon > 2005

This channelling has been "re-channelled" (channel on top of a channel) by Kryon to enhance the meaning of the words that were given live on February 18, 2005 at the United Nations. The information that has been added is subtle and is intended to make it easier for readers to understand the message, which was more clear to the listeners of the live channelling.

Hillis Pugh

Time is amazing. It allows us to appreciate life and see it for what is truly is. Most of us are busy rushing through the day or time to marvel at its simple beauty. Time and day are moving parallel with each other to bring us life and beauty. Time also allow for healing of life and spirit. Just when life has beaten you down, through time you slowly rise to the occasion of life.

Hillis Pugh

Be thankful this day for personal evolution. 

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2576 Your Daily Bread

Beloveds, beloveds, must you let other matters overshadow your recognition of My love? My love is abundant, and yet you shunt it aside as you would a valuable piece of paper when you are looking for a bill. You shuffle the papers as if they were equally valuable. In the sense in which I speak, I extol you to have a neat desk. Have one paper on it that you look at first.

Lee Carroll

Kryon > Message to the Jews - 2005 - Part 2

Kryon's full message to the Jews was spread over three days, given both in Tele Aviv and Jerusalem. In the re-channelling process for print, some of the concepts brought forth in the future days messages, were brought into the existing channelling for clarity. In addition, all these channellings were given live in a "back and forth" translation process from English to Hebrew. This kind of translation creates many short sentences in English, and to facilitate better reading, these have been put together and made to flow easier. It may seem shorter than some of the other Kryon channellings, but that's due to the fact that you are only seeing half of the channel! The other half is in Hebrew... MORNING SURPRISE CHANNELLING:
Carrie Hart

Quado > Beauty

Quado’s Message: Today we will continue our Course in Creation, a means for creating a life of peace, joy and love.  And today, our focus will be on beauty. You are surrounded by beauty.  If you will but allow yourself, you will see beauty everywhere.  Instead of problems, instead of personal dramas, see beauty.  This week, bring beauty to your consciousness; let it lie in your mind.  Each moment that you can think of it, bring your conscious awareness to the beauty which surrounds you. Much of this beauty is already there and simply unnoticed.  The beauty of the bird's song at dawn. The beauty of the sky, of each leaf, of each flower, no matter how small, no matter how common.  The beauty of each animal.  The beauty of hands and eyes.  The beauty of music.  The beauty of a voice. Let your eyes and ears feast on beauty all week.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2396 Where Are You

God said:

How is it possible to imagine a world without Me in it? What a desert that would be. It is too terrible to contemplate. Forget I ever mentioned it.


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