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Kate Spreckley

In these times of dramatic change, it can be tempting to throw ourselves into life by attempting to accomplish things at the level that we have in the past. However, a more gradual approach is needed as we are still integrating the shifts and changes that have occurred recently.

Ailia Mira

Ailia Mira > The Call to Remember Your Greatness

Life Itself gifts you with desires. They come in as gifts and you receive them. As they sing to you, they call to you. And it is apropos -- for in that summoning of more Life, you will expand into a more elevated and fulfilled version of you.

Karen Bishop
Greetings! The New energies are integrating now and becoming our reality. This is an exciting time and there is much to tell. Aligning with these energies can place us in what feels like “Heaven”, and we are receiving much assistance with our own individual alignments. The past few weeks have been very intense with this integration process, as it has brought up any and all imbalances within (especially ones we thought we were done with!), and is pushing us higher and higher at what feels like catastrophic speed. For me, regaining my footing was quite a challenge, especially since there was no re –gaining, as all was New!

There's an energy of forward movement in the air as some parts of the world begin to turn the corner on the pandemic. If you're like most of us, you've learned a lot this past year, changing many life priorities.

Gloria Wendroff
Gloria to God: Dear God, the people at the Bucharest Godwriting™workshop were sensational. They came in pouring out love. They had already read Your book, and they loved You to begin with. They were so beautiful I don’t know what to say. It was like being in a movie, God, like Chariots of Fire, like Rocky, only better than any movie. For a little time on Earth, I knew how brilliant love could be, how there could be so much of it given and so much received, how hearts can sparkle and all the light bounce off all other hearts. God, I have had a peak experience. I understand how people want to bow down to You. My heart has been kissed by Your love given by the people in Romania who came to the Godwriting™ workshop. God: Simply enjoy the love so willingly given. Gloria: You may be sure I made the point that all applause is for You, God.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2311 In Service to God

God said: If you feel gloomy, you are thinking about yourself too much. Do not think you are an exception to this rule. No matter what is going on, no matter what upset, loss, pain, ennui you are experiencing, your reference point is off-center.  My children are not centered when they think of themselves so much. So much is overmuch. Refrain from asking yourself the question: “How do I feel today?”  It is not the question to ask yourself. Say to yourself instead: “Today I branch out in my life. How I feel is not a matter of concern. No matter how I may feel, I am here to serve. Whatever I have to grumble about, scream about, grieve over, I rise above. I am not here on Earth for myself. I am here to serve, and serve I will. As I look for opportunities to serve, I will find them. I will not ignore even one opportunity.
Karen Downing

Karen Downing > Hold On To Hope

Things are beginning to fall into place, and you are starting to see change happening around you. Some of this change is subtle, and some of it is much more obvious. This is a signal that many of you have begun to walk out of the waiting room and into the new energy that surrounds you. It may still feel unknown, but more and more pieces are starting to come into view.

Cheryl Richardson

Cheryl Richardson > Simply Respond to What’s Unfolding Before You

As we transition into autumn in the Northeast, the trees are slowly starting to show how beautiful letting go can be. One of the maples that line our driveway appears to be on fire while the others remain clothed in their late summer dress.

Judith Coates

Oakbridge University > The Value Of Love

Why would you seek love? Because truly, from the time you take form, you are looking for love. You want to know, “Where can I find it? How can I keep it? I want to be loved, and I want to give love.”

Karen Downing

There seems to be alot of talk lately about Ascension, Vibration and Consciousness. But what does it all really mean? Humanity has been placing so much emphasis on these concepts lately, that they are now often used as judgmental terms of comparison and competition. These terms are merely likened to Years in school, no one any better than the other.


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