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As the fall of the old world continues in earnest, varying scenarios are becoming more and more evident. If we can remember that we are smack in the middle of the end times, it can perhaps ease our minds that all is in divine and perfect order. The end times...we are in the end times...and considering this fact, I believe we are doing very well indeed. 

Our transition from the old to the new continues on, and even though it may be producing fear and uncertainty within many, I can assure you that all is in divine and perfect order. 

The energies have not changed much over the past few weeks, so even though there is not much to tell, in a strange way, there is.

Whats up on Planet Earth > Steve Irwin

Hearing about the death of Steve Irwin was shocking news for me. So full of life and purpose…how could we ever live without him? And how could he suddenly be gone? For the first day after hearing the news, I felt an immense sense of loss, and then was finally able to align with the higher reason and purpose for it all. As always, losing this vibrant and incredible human being, was in divine and perfect order, and so I felt compelled to write a brief message about his passing, as it involved so many important and divinely orchestrated interactions, and also provided a vital message for where we are in our evolutionary process.   Why was there such an immense sense of loss? Steve Irwin embodied a tremendous amount of higher vibrating energy. He had it down…he really got it. But most importantly, he was really being it.  

As we move into another stage of entering a New reality and a New World, much energy is moving and being released. We have closed the door to our old “home” and packed up what we wish to take with us into a New way of being and living. As the experience of moving carries with it many emotions and tensions, we are feeling them, even if we are not fully conscious of why.

The re-connection is finally coming! What a wild and seemingly unpredictable ride we have been on, but if we can understand what is indeed occurring, it can all make sense. Things are proceeding right on track as we continued making our way up the spiritual evolutionary ladder.

Greetings! Much to tell, and on a variety of subjects. It seems that it has been necessary to post a message every few days, as these higher energies we are now residing in are creating so many wonderful and exciting New ways of being! After spending six months integrating and aligning in so many ways, we are most certainly now existing in a higher vibrating reality, and it comes with its own set of rules and navigating instructions. I had a meeting recently with the non-physical realm, and they explained some things which I think would lend some clarity to where we now are. The Kings and Queens

The tide is out. The energies are still. There is nothing. Very little if any movement, stillness, emptiness, perhaps sadness, dead batteries, feeling drained, depleted, wanting to cry, perhaps hopelessness, and maybe wondering where in the world we are now.

Whats up on Planet Earth > The Ascension of September 11th

The planet is continuing its process of turning inside out as it strives to align with a higher vibration or with new ways of living and being within a very new reality.

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