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Greetings! The “fever has broken” as we have finally pushed through the door and into some clearer, lighter and easier energy. As of last night, we broke through the barrier of the energy build-up, and are now free to move forward. When we reached critical mass, we arrived in much greater numbers into the higher realms and higher dimensions. This resulted in many exciting and unusual experiences of higher vibrational reality for the initial leap, but as always, what soon followed was the “roadblock energy” and the “darkness”.
Greetings! Sadness and a strange loneliness are surrounding us now as we leave the Old behind. Many feel like they may burst into tears as emotions are running high. There continues a vast stillness where nothing seems to be moving, and a feeling of being “stuck” abounds. As we try to resolve things and move ahead, we seem to get nowhere, as we encounter yet more roadblocks. This energy is yet the energy of the last of “the end”, for very soon, we will all be moving rapidly ahead.
Greetings! As we stand in vigil, each holding our own candles glowing softly in the dark, we say good-bye to an incredible, devoted and special human being. This amazing person lived a life dedicated to service for humanity and the planet, many times making great sacrifices, all in the cause of contributing to the Shift Of The Ages. Vibrating with a bright light of a higher way and a higher consciousness, a great and necessary contribution was made, creating the in-roads that have now succeeded in breaking apart the Old ways, patterns and structures. As we loose this beloved individual, and know that the great contribution that was given is now over, never to return again, we feel a deep sadness and grieving in our hearts.
Greetings! March has brought in some intense energy. As if two hands are pushing, pushing on our backs, moving us forward, we are being propelled into “preparation” energy. We have integrated much of the New energy brought in by the Concordance (until the next phase!), and now we are readying ourselves and the planet for the manifestations of this integration.

April 2 brought in an incredible new energy and much along with it. This is the time when the first wave ascends (however you interpret that to be) and when most everyone feels and experiences it in many other ways as well.

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