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With all this New “love” energy abounding, why are we not feeling so good? “Are things EVER going to get better?” you might be asking yourself. Are things EVER going to change? The Venus Transit brought in the “love and abundance” energy, moving us toward higher consciousness.

Greetings!   On Tuesday evening I awoke vomiting, proceeded to diarrhea, and then an early intense menstrual period. In addition, some severe muscle pain all over my body put me in a sense of “I feel like I am dying”. What a purging! This lasted for two days. Why am I telling you this wonderful and exciting account of my bodily functions? Because of the result and the indications J . Last night I slept like a log for twelve straight hours and when I awoke, I was in a New and different place. I do not have a pain in my body, am feeling an incredible sense of peace and calm, and am in a place that is excitingly New. This is precisely what is occurring for most of us now, and I am telling you this story to let you know that if you are in intense transition and cleansing, THERE IS AN END (at least to this particular phase, and this was an unusually intense and pivotal one).
Greetings!   The recent opening into the higher realms has created many interesting manifestations. This opening that has occurred has left a feeling of “wide open” with an almost endless sense of continuous realities and higher realms. As the “lid” or veil has been taken off, so to speak, it changes and creates many new experiences for us. Within a now higher-realm-way-of-being with much less density and boundaries to cross, we are finding that we can go many places energetically that were difficult before. How has this manifested in our day to day lives? You may be having experiences regarding “boundaries” as they are now being crossed so easily.
Greetings! The New energies are integrating now and becoming our reality. This is an exciting time and there is much to tell. Aligning with these energies can place us in what feels like “Heaven”, and we are receiving much assistance with our own individual alignments. The past few weeks have been very intense with this integration process, as it has brought up any and all imbalances within (especially ones we thought we were done with!), and is pushing us higher and higher at what feels like catastrophic speed. For me, regaining my footing was quite a challenge, especially since there was no re –gaining, as all was New!
Greetings!     In this New vibrational space we are now residing in, it can, at times, feel as though we are nowhere. Like a ship bobbing along with no anchor, or perhaps feeling as though there is nothing firm to hold onto, or maybe simply a general sense of no direction or place to ground to…we may be wondering what life is really going to be like in the higher realms. If you are one who is feeling like a bobbing apple in a tub, or floating about in a limbo land, it is simply because you have successfully dis-connected from the old world or lower vibrating reality and are now residing elsewhere.
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