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There is wonderful news to report regarding the total solar eclipse and new moon. I believe that it will have a positive and important impact on many of us on the planet who are here to serve, assist in the spiritual evolution of the planet, and thus result in a great support for continuing on with all of our special contributions, gifts, and

Greetings! Much to tell, and on a variety of subjects. It seems that it has been necessary to post a message every few days, as these higher energies we are now residing in are creating so many wonderful and exciting New ways of being! After spending six months integrating and aligning in so many ways, we are most certainly now existing in a higher vibrating reality, and it comes with its own set of rules and navigating instructions. I had a meeting recently with the non-physical realm, and they explained some things which I think would lend some clarity to where we now are. The Kings and Queens

The planet is continuing its process of turning inside out as it strives to align with a higher vibration or with new ways of living and being within a very new reality.

As 2007 draws to an end, there is much to recap and explain, as well as much to report about the energies and occurrences yet to come for 2008…all so very exciting and as always, so perfectly and divinely orchestrated.

Greetings!     Openings and opportunities abound, as we have reached a new land and new territory. If you are one who is fairly tuned in at a soul level, you may have felt that something had been completed….that one huge project was finished and we could now move forward. One huge project has been completed indeed, as a massive number of the population has been embraced and we are now all aboard, on the same page and in the same space, as never before.
Greetings!     March 10 brought in moving ahead energy. The timeline was ready and on Thursday the energetic steps began to move us ahead with more rapid speed. When the energies bump up in this way, it creates a variety of results. Dizziness, vertigo and a spinning sensation can be felt as we are literally spinning into the next dimension with the help of the cosmos. “Mer-Ka-Ba means the Spirit / Body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of Light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports Spirit / Body from one dimension to another .” And this is precisely what is going on. As the energies continue to “bump up” and assist in our movement into the higher realms, all is captured within this newer vibration and must align. This new blast that occurred on March 10 th will begin the process of Earth aligning by creating a “release” of old energies geographically.
Greetings! As a sadness fills the air, along with an emptiness and still, a deep pressure and tension, we may feel like crying buckets of tears. Not knowing where we are or where we may be headed, or perhaps just a feeling of being lost and disoriented, as if our foundation had totally disappeared and something has most certainly changed, we are being rocked from our foundations of the Old World . We may feel as if we have no sense of place, don't know who we are or what we “should” be doing, or really what in the world is going on.
Greetings! We are in some powerful energy now that is most assuredly releasing much of what we refer to as “darkness”. I do not speak of darkness very often as what we focus on becomes our reality and draws more of it to us, as well as supporting any victim consciousness we may be carrying. But this is, as always, dependent upon our definitions of “darkness” and most certainly our relationship to it as well. And in addition, we are residing in energies that have basically integrated the polarity consciousness now, as we have risen above the old realities of dark/light and right/wrong. So on that note, let's begin again. For the past few days, and most notably last evening, we experienced a great release or upsurgence of darkness. This is all part of our emergence into a New World and into a New Human.

We are teetering on the very threshold of a new phase…a new phase of forward movement, but most importantly, of rapid and magical manifestation. The past few weeks we were completing a phase of arriving in our new spaces. This involved much change, arriving in the new, re-arranging and organizing, and a very new nesting as well.

Greetings!   We have reached another milestone and gone over a hurdle in our evolutionary process. As this process is on-going and differs from individual to individual, some will find themselves in one place and some in another. The “first wavers” or those who have been experiencing the ascension process for the longest, will then, experience this very “New” place first, but know that it will snowball and eventually capture everyone who has chosen to reach the higher realms in the physical. The steps are divinely orchestrated by all ; the non-physical beings of the higher realms, the planets and by us, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. All energy is connected and is one. Currently, the New “layers” are being formed, as there is always order in the universe.
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