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Greetings! (For anyone who may have missed it, there is a message for July 10th in the archives as well.) July 11 th opened another energetic doorway, and thus, the higher frequency knob has been turned up once again. These higher energies may have been felt for some as early as the 10 th , but the none-the-less, they are ever present now and will continue on. Physical symptoms during the onset? Severe nausea, vomiting for some, and intestinal activity with diarrhea. Hot flashes or extreme heat and perspiration. Exhaustion. Weakness. Spaciness. Shortness of breath. The ever familiar “I feel as though I have been run over by a truck,” body pain. Coughing and congestion. Back pain. Ah…releasing once again.
Greetings!     We are teetering on the threshold of the arrival of more new energy and movement, due to make its' connection through the portal of November 11 th . If you have recently been cleaning out your closets, your office, your car, or even your garage, you are simply subconsciously preparing for the arrival of some very new things, and for the arrival of a very new space. Cleaning your home, re-arranging it, and sprucing it up, are manifestations of the same. We reached a new plateau in vibration in July, and although at times it may feel as though we are no longer there, I can assure you that we are. With the surges of instant manifestation energy that arrived in July, we then moved into much in the way of cosmic support for more movement in September. After these cosmic events unfolded, October then brought in opportunities for many new connections.

At the time I wrote the last energy alert, my daughter Ari was in the hospital with complications involving her pregnancy with twins. Not due until the end of August, there was a strong possibility that they would need to arrive right then, and they were very small indeed.

Greetings!     The Solstice Pain We have just completed an amazing cleansing and re-calibration, and now we are poised to move onward after this most recent “wrap up.” Solstices place us in energy where we have the opportunity to reach far and go deep, and this most recent solstice of December 21 was a very intense one. The days surrounding it, whether before or after, brought in some interesting manifestations, and the holidays only added to (while actually supporting) this process. Emotionally, these energies elicited what I can only describe as deep pain . It was a painful feeling relating to all that has not yet changed. It was a deep pain that cried out for all the suffering and for all the ways of lower vibration that were so barely tolerable. It was a deep pain that wondered if anything would ever change. And it hurt. The energies were going deep and magnifying what was left of the old.

Acute darkness has surrounded us of late, with the greatest intensity on or about Saturday, October 27th. There is good reason for this, which I will explain further on, but for those of you who are sensitives and tuned in more than most, it may have been a very uncomfortable ride.

During the week-end of August 13-14, we made a great ascension leap. Many were given the opportunity to exit the Old World and begin a New residence in the higher realms. But first, let me lay the foundation with a brief explanation of how we got to this point, before I elaborate more fully on what is now occurring.

Greetings!     We are currently experiencing an interesting combination of energies. There is much in the way of energy being “out,” but there is also much in the way of energy being “in” as well. The energy that feels out, is in relation to support of sorts…finances, anything being there for us or arriving when it should, or even working as it should. We can even feel as though we have a dead battery, are emotionally or physically exhausted, and have nothing to draw upon. Missed appointments, things or people not showing up for us, or even just a feeling of nothing “being there,” as if in a strange void or space of no space. 
Greetings! The last week of April finally brought in the turning point we have been wishing for… what a long haul it has been! But the longer the haul, the much bigger the rewards and more glorious the outcomes. A friend of mine likens it to an engine stalling; never really getting going, but certainly trying. But oh so surely the pieces are arriving in due order. And during the end of April, things really began to shift. And all in preparation for our New roles. So much loss and disconnecting, but all in preparation for a very New connecting to very New people, places, roles and supports. This last phase since January was a real doozy, but it was also so very vital for where we are headed and for where we are finally beginning to arrive.
Greetings!     While September had several cosmic events that supported a move forward, as mentioned in the last energy alert, October will be the month of cementing them in. When energy shifts and movements occur, they are simply opportunities of support and guidance. and again, in this way, we can choose to take them or not. And many times we may not even be in a space to move with them. Each and every one of us is unique and different, while at the same time we are as one. Our spiritual evolutionary process involves on-going supports in the form of energy shifts. We can take the current ride, or simply wait for the next opportunity. We may not all be ready at the same time, therefore some of us are in one place while others may be in another. If we choose to wait, the nudges will increase in frequency until we are ready and more of a match for them. But eventually, even though some of us are here while others are there, we will all end up in the same space.
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