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It has been a long time in writing, as I have been going through quite a transition. Once the decision was made to physically move to a new area, it involved leaving much behind…people and situations which I did not expect. But now I am connected again to the internet and to a very new space.

2007 was a rocky and challenging year for many…especially the latter six month period after the solstice. And now, another solstice is due to arrive, marking the final point of this deep transitional and preparatory period.

At the time I wrote the last energy alert, my daughter Ari was in the hospital with complications involving her pregnancy with twins. Not due until the end of August, there was a strong possibility that they would need to arrive right then, and they were very small indeed.

Integrating the feminine is strongly upon us now, as we prepare for what is ahead. More about this and how it is affecting us can be found further along in this posting, but first, how did we get to this space in the first place?

Whats up on Planet Earth > Steve Irwin

Hearing about the death of Steve Irwin was shocking news for me. So full of life and purpose…how could we ever live without him? And how could he suddenly be gone? For the first day after hearing the news, I felt an immense sense of loss, and then was finally able to align with the higher reason and purpose for it all. As always, losing this vibrant and incredible human being, was in divine and perfect order, and so I felt compelled to write a brief message about his passing, as it involved so many important and divinely orchestrated interactions, and also provided a vital message for where we are in our evolutionary process.   Why was there such an immense sense of loss? Steve Irwin embodied a tremendous amount of higher vibrating energy. He had it down…he really got it. But most importantly, he was really being it.  
Greetings! As we leap once again into the higher realms and higher dimensions, much is occurring on a physical level that truly supports our new higher vibrational reality. As many new portals are opening very rapidly now with the advent of the March 5, 2005 original blueprint for the planet Earth being restored once again, there will be old portals (such as Sedona, Arizona) that will now be matching the overall vibration of the planet, while many New portals of higher dimensional living will and are now being opened. A great cleansing through water has recently occurred in the Gulf Coast of the United States . Areas with a considerable gap in vibration from the lower to the higher vibrations are being affected the most severely. Areas where higher dimensional portals are being respected (i.e. ways of living with a more higher vibrational consciousness) will be untouched during these times of adjustment.
Greetings!     The energy has finally shifted, and we should be feeling more ease, peace, and certainly a gentler climate indeed. And this is when many more supports will finally begin arriving as well. Much sifting and sorting has occurred…what no longer fits us is seemingly departing in a sudden and sometimes surprising way, as we are being matched with what now fits us…so what now fits us is now in our very immediate space.

There is much excitement in the air in the higher realms as the event of November 11, 2005 draws near. The non-physical beings are celebrating…..the trumpets are sounding in jubilation…..there is joy and accomplishment in the air. A landmark has been reached…….a phase has been completed…….and the “qualifications” have been met that will make this monumentous event of 11:11 like no other 11:11 before.

Greetings! The “fever has broken” as we have finally pushed through the door and into some clearer, lighter and easier energy. As of last night, we broke through the barrier of the energy build-up, and are now free to move forward. When we reached critical mass, we arrived in much greater numbers into the higher realms and higher dimensions. This resulted in many exciting and unusual experiences of higher vibrational reality for the initial leap, but as always, what soon followed was the “roadblock energy” and the “darkness”.

As 2007 draws to an end, there is much to recap and explain, as well as much to report about the energies and occurrences yet to come for 2008…all so very exciting and as always, so perfectly and divinely orchestrated.

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