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Our spiritual evolutionary process is progressing ever forward with many varied and diverse manifestations....and still a wild ride at times! 

Present, past and continuous themes of how the energies might possibly affect us are (depending on where you are on your own particular journey): 

Greetings! When the moon reaches its maximum northern or southern declination, it has what is called a lunar “standstill” similar to that of the sun near solstice. The lunar standstills occur every 18.6 years and were widely known, respected and harmonized with by the ancients. We are currently in what I would call “standstill” energy. To eliminate confusion, I'm not saying that we are currently in the lunar 18.6 year cycle……. I am just using this as an example of how our current energy feels. It is like the space in between spaces, the perfect temperature of no temperature, the space of bliss and contentment, the space of no movement. The space where the pendulum has stopped, if only briefly before it again begins movement. If you are not currently having this experience, you can experience this energy if you choose to…….I will tell you how further along.

It has been a long time in writing, as I have been going through quite a transition. Once the decision was made to physically move to a new area, it involved leaving much behind…people and situations which I did not expect. But now I am connected again to the internet and to a very new space.

Whats up on Planet Earth > The Ascension of September 11th

Greetings!     September's energy brought in a topsy, turvy, difficult to align anything energy, with chaos, confusion, and the old tossed salad theme, but this happens from time to time, and as always, we will persevere! The lunar eclipse supported us going deep and examining what we truly wanted. During that time, I had several dreams where I was throwing things out, right and left. When we re-emerged, we were facing a solar eclipse and an equinox, which help to support us in bringing in the New. A new beginning, then, was definitely on the horizon. During the end of September, much was supporting us in leaving one space, and arriving at an entirely New one. For me, I felt that I had been lifted up from an old reality and creation, and plopped down in an entirely New and different one, with a whole New purpose.
Greetings! We're here. We have arrived. We have completed the next phase into the higher realms. Wow! What a quick, intense and phenomenal journey, and most assuredly, a very different place to be than what we have yet experienced. There is so much light here that it literally is hurting my eyes. It is brilliant, bright and full of joy, love and a very distinct absence of any density. Almost a shock to the system!   The election brought in a very quick, intense and deep manifestation of darker, denser energies that needed to be brought to the surface. We experienced this as a purging of attacking, and what almost what felt like venomous and angry energy. It was deep, but quick. Loved ones snapped at us, e-mails attacked us, and so on while releasing and experiencing this phase. Thank goodness it was so short!
Greetings! And yet the ascension process continues, but with much more fervor, intensity and rapidity that we have experienced thus far. As we are elevated higher and higher, the veil is lifted and much is revealed. There are more opportunities than ever before for clarity. As the cloudiness dissipates, we are beginning to finally see what we could not see before. As our vibration reaches these higher frequencies, the lower vibrations of the old have become virtually intolerable. If you are finding yourself unable to go out, unable to participate in your usual activities, and unable to be in the presence of individuals with “issues”, you are only ascending. There is nothing wrong with you.
Greetings! The intense energies of the past two weeks have finally subsided. As the higher frequency dial was turned further and further to the right, we finally adjusted to and integrated these New and higher frequencies.  One thing that these higher frequencies served to accomplish was a last bit of purging and releasing of the denser energies, but they also created an environment of instant manifestation. In regard to the purging of the last (well, not quite the last) bit of darker and denser energies, this manifested in several ways. Many experienced wild, strange, and confusing dreams that had a bit of horror to them. And in the physical, North Korea decided to launch some missiles. Even though they did not go anywhere, this darker and denser energy was activated and began moving.
Greetings! On March 10 th I awoke in California with great clarity and an extreme urgency involving messages regarding a now arriving energy that would sweep the planet with a great cleansing. As messages go, this was one of the most clear and intense that I had yet experienced. Even to the point that I relayed it to family members, which I rarely do. Then it dissipated for several days, and finally arrived around the 21 st of March. BUT, it arrived energetically and not in the physical. I hesitated for awhile in reporting this information, as it was getting VERY OLD receiving information at times that never manifested. I wanted to be sure.
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