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Have you been cleaning out your closets of late? Re-arranging those file cabinets? Going through your old storage places? Getting rid of all those old cd’s you no longer listen to? Throwing out things you have not been utilizing for awhile and feel are no longer a fit for you now?


Whats up on Planet Earth > The Great Fall and Finding Our Heaven


The higher vibrating energies are still upon us since we arrived in this new space, but it may not feel like it, for several reasons.

We are still integrating and adjusting to a new space in a higher realms reality, and one manifestation that is hitting us squarely in the face is the collision of masculine and feminine energies.

Greetings! The manifestations of the August energy are ever present and in so many forms! As we knew was coming, there was an unusual amount of movement and activity this month. From health situations, to the manifestations of our dreams, to the dramatic changes for our planet that have finally arrived in form, I don't know where to begin! As mentioned in past newsletters, we have reached critical mass of light. We are now, literally, a planet of light. This higher vibration we are in is causing all kinds of excitement and movement. Anything of a lower and denser vibration will slowly disappear. The darker/denser energies are actually considered already energetically gone, but now just playing out in form.
Greetings! October 2004 has been, I believe, the most powerful and influential month so far on our journey of ascension into a New World and New way of being. Being on the road from Asheville, NC to Flagstaff, Arizona for the past week or so, there is much to tell and catch up on. October 15 brought in a distinctive energy of “The Day Of Reckoning”. As we had allowed MUCH time for all to make their individual decisions as to whether they would stay and experience the New World and New way of being, or move on to another reality, many felt that we were waiting forever! As the summer months (here in the US) carried a distinctive energy of “waiting” and no movement, October carries just the opposite energy.
Greetings! It has come time for me to ask for twice/yearly voluntary contributions for the production of What's Up On Planet Earth? Contributing $10 (or whatever you feel guided to contribute) every six months will greatly assist in bringing you three to four time sensitive energy alerts per month, for about $1.60 per month. If you feel you have benefited from What's Up On Planet Earth? , and would like to contribute, please make your contribution through the information at the bottom of the page. Your support is deeply heartfelt and greatly appreciated!  
Greetings! We're here. We have arrived. We have completed the next phase into the higher realms. Wow! What a quick, intense and phenomenal journey, and most assuredly, a very different place to be than what we have yet experienced. There is so much light here that it literally is hurting my eyes. It is brilliant, bright and full of joy, love and a very distinct absence of any density. Almost a shock to the system!   The election brought in a very quick, intense and deep manifestation of darker, denser energies that needed to be brought to the surface. We experienced this as a purging of attacking, and what almost what felt like venomous and angry energy. It was deep, but quick. Loved ones snapped at us, e-mails attacked us, and so on while releasing and experiencing this phase. Thank goodness it was so short!
Greetings! As the process continues for our readiness into the next phase where we will create and manifest the New, we find ourselves in a mode of tiredness, lethargy, little motivation, no passion, and a surrender energy. All is in divine right order, as this phase is a necessary prerequisite for our “jump” into the New, soon to arrive. We are wanting and needing much rest now, as we will need these energy reserves we are building when the manifestations of the New begin. At the highest levels, our bodies know what they are doing, as this has been the pattern for some time now…..a sort of need and desire for “hibernation” right before a New burst of energy due to arrive. We are preparing to “reboot” within ourselves and the planet.
Greetings! We are on the eve of what appears to be a most incredible and spectacular event. After just experiencing a very extreme and forceful culmination of the denser/lower vibrational energies, we are now poised for just the opposite. 11/11 opens an incredible stargate. Never before have we had access to the higher realms that will be accessible through this opening. This opening and event will give us an opportunity to connect with much higher realms and much higher dimensions. This "alignment" has been set to unfold for eons of time, and all that we have experienced thus far has led us up to this point. We planned it that way a very long time ago. We knew this time would arrive when we would be ready.
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