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Greetings!     Last night I returned home from a trip to California …my mother has a heart condition and had to be hospitalized for a heart procedure. And this brings me to an explanation of Page Two , as it was a perfect example of a new arrival into the higher realms. During our spiritual evolutionary process, or ascension process, we will have many re-births. Some will be small, and others will literally place us on the other side. The smaller re-births are representative of an accumulation of higher energy…all occurring in divine and perfect order as they serve to bring us to a critical mass within ourselves, which eventually leads up to a much bigger leap or re-birth.

The solstice is doing its job well, and it can be felt in a variety of ways. Masculine solstice energies go deep…like a rotor rooter machine, they dig deep down into whatever is left within us, and trudge it up for evaluation and release.

Is anyone minding the store? Are things completely out of control? Why are some of us feeling vulnerable, fearful, lost without a rudder, with chaos abounding and perhaps wondering what in the world is going on? Has it become near impossible to put even a toe out there without having a strange and uncomfortable experience? Do we need to keep

Whats up on Planet Earth > Keys To The Other Side

Some incredible new openings arrived for us on April 1st. Like a huge flower opening and readying to bloom, much was revealed to us and a very new doorway opened to allow an effortless and beautiful entry into a higher vibrating reality and world of our wildest dreams.

Greetings! It's about whatever is inside of us.....that pretty much sums it up.....
Greetings!     Head Colds and Body Stiffness If you've been feeling like you have a head cold, or even a full body sinus ache, with stiffness and pressure, you are most likely participating in yet another purging or transmutation process. December brought in some “old” energy, and as lightworkers usually do, many are transmuting this denser energy through themselves in order for it to be released. Our spiritual evolutionary process involves integrating and embodying much more of the feminine energies. With the holidays at hand, much of the feminine is at the forefront…with nurturing, support (giving), and unity energy. In this regard, the old masculine energy is becoming blatantly evident, creating a very low tolerance for it. I am not referring to men and women here, but simply the old masculine energy verses the new feminine energy.
Greetings!     With the higher frequencies of light now at our fingertips, much is happening, and most of it is dependent upon where you are energetically, and what you are choosing to connect to or make your priority. I love these energies, because we can manifest almost immediately. I have had so much manifesting for me, that I can barely keep up with myself. Have a casual desire, and it seems to show up within 24 hours. And the supports that are arriving for our desires are arriving at record speed and in monumental amounts. Things we have been wanting for a long time seem to suddenly be arriving. Almost as if having a magic wand or a personal genie, the supports from the higher realms cannot seem to do enough for us.

We have reached a level of higher frequency, are fully engulfed by it now, and it is creating some fun and interesting symptoms.

Greetings!     Can you feel the change in the air? Does something feel somehow different, lighter, more flowing, as if things are going to be OK forever more? Do you feel as though you are in an entirely New space that you have never been in before? Is it as though the world was now your palette, ready for who knows what? Do the possibilities seem endless, if you could only figure out what you wanted to do next? Do you feel the merging as well?
Greetings! As the energies continue to shift very rapidly now, we are experiencing yet another interesting phase. December 12 (12:12) brought in the opportunity to integrate with the higher energies of the New World that arrived on 11:11. The onset of these New energies that supported our integration certainly felt wonderful, as we were pushed forward into the New and as the New was revealed to us. What immediately followed then was one big incredible halt. “Am I going backward in time?” you may have wondered. What happened to that crystal clear, bright and shiny energy of the New? “Why has everything stopped,” or “I must have been impulsive making all these plans when it now appears that nothing has changed!”. I can assure you that these feelings (if you are indeed experiencing them) are only temporary because this is what is occurring at the highest levels:
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