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The deep digging bulldozer is still working its way forward, as we excavate more and more of the parts of ourselves that need tweaking, releasing, and examining.

Through all of this deep movement, there is a theme present, and a sure and certain purpose.

Greetings! Yes, the energy is building. New energy is arriving still, and creating feelings of stress. Even if you aren't having any stress in your life, these energies can create that pushing and pressure feeling all on their own. They are designed to move things up and out. And these kinds of energies are also the precursors for natural disasters. Physically, they can manifest as pressure headaches, pressure in the ears, neck and upper back stiffness, heart palpitations, a feeling of hyperventilating, sleeplessness even though you may be very tired, and even a need to eat often. Emotionally, they can manifest as edginess, snappiness, shortness of temper and tolerance, inability to focus and sit still, and even bewilderment. Just think of “pressure cooker” and you will understand the corresponding symptoms.
Steve Irwin's passing is still sending reverberating energy around the globe, and he could not have departed at a more perfect time, as you will see through this latest message. I don't believe I have recovered yet myself…I still feel such a great loss. And the eclipses are contributing to this New space we are in as well; so you see, all is aligning and unfolding perfectly.

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Greetings!     The bottleneck energy is beginning to dissipate, and what a difference it is making! An energetic shift occurred on Sunday, August 27th, and we are now once again able to experience a more free flowing and peaceful energy. Sleeping patterns are shifting into more peaceful ones…and you may feel like sleeping in the daytime hours as well, as this shift can create so much peace and tiredness, that sleeping and resting is all you may want to do! With so much flurry and movement since the beginning of July, I do believe we deserve a rest! As we continue to migrate with like-minded and similar energies, our “herds” are still growing as well. You may have recently acquired a new family member, whether in human or animal form, and this pattern will continue on as we build our families more and more. And what a glorious feeling it is.
Greetings! Energetically, it may seem that we are in a “lull”. A very strong burst came in on March 10, lending clarity and what felt like forward movement, and then it abruptly halted. The evolutionary pattern we usually experience is a big “blast” of energy arriving which contains a newer and higher vibrational blueprint which then marks its spot. At first the new energy feels great, all seems to flow, we gain clarity and success in our endeavors, and may feel like “finally” things have arrived. What is happening is that at this point of the arrival of a higher frequency, we are “in” a higher frequency. Much feels great because this is how it is “supposed” to be and will eventually be.
Greetings! March has brought in some intense energy. As if two hands are pushing, pushing on our backs, moving us forward, we are being propelled into “preparation” energy. We have integrated much of the New energy brought in by the Concordance (until the next phase!), and now we are readying ourselves and the planet for the manifestations of this integration.

“Zero point” is the best description for our current evolutionary status. We are poised at a point where we are exactly “in between” with what feels like no supports or no energy in either direction, but perfectly poised to lurch ahead very soon into a very New reality.

Greetings! There has been much occurring energetically in the past few days. This message, then, will be more lengthy than usual. So if some of it doesn't quite peak your interest, there may be other parts further along that do, as it is multifaceted. We have just experienced a big turn around and it is affecting us in great, deep, and beautiful ways. In the January 1 st message, I mentioned that this would be the year of manifestation as well as the year of the humanitarian. And both are finally arriving. We have come to higher levels of vibration and purpose in the past few months and days. These New and higher ways were specifically “set up” at our highest levels to train us and allow us to now embody more of our New roles.

We are teetering on the very threshold of a new phase…a new phase of forward movement, but most importantly, of rapid and magical manifestation. The past few weeks we were completing a phase of arriving in our new spaces. This involved much change, arriving in the new, re-arranging and organizing, and a very new nesting as well.

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