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The higher vibrating energies are still upon us since we arrived in this new space, but it may not feel like it, for several reasons.

Things remain mostly the same, as we are still settling in to a very new existence and reality which will complete for the most part in January (referring to the settling in and on-going changes).

During the week-end of August 13-14, we made a great ascension leap. Many were given the opportunity to exit the Old World and begin a New residence in the higher realms. But first, let me lay the foundation with a brief explanation of how we got to this point, before I elaborate more fully on what is now occurring.

Greetings! There is so much going on! We are certainly in exciting and eventful times! Much is moving out and much is moving in, resulting in a sense of great activity, overwhelm and stress. Again, the activity in the Middle East is just the darkness imploding upon itself, representing only a small percentage of the overall energy of the planet. It is only the residue of the lower vibrational energy at the top (in the limelight so to speak) as it is moving out. Each time I attend my meditation group, the same images come in. They show that everything is already in place, everything is OK and as it should be, and there is nothing to change, fix or move. We have already reached critical mass of light. By far, there is considerably more light, well-being and higher vibrational energy present and moving. The light has "taken over" so to speak. All is well.
Greetings! The manifestations of the August energy are ever present and in so many forms! As we knew was coming, there was an unusual amount of movement and activity this month. From health situations, to the manifestations of our dreams, to the dramatic changes for our planet that have finally arrived in form, I don't know where to begin! As mentioned in past newsletters, we have reached critical mass of light. We are now, literally, a planet of light. This higher vibration we are in is causing all kinds of excitement and movement. Anything of a lower and denser vibration will slowly disappear. The darker/denser energies are actually considered already energetically gone, but now just playing out in form.
Greetings!    Some interesting energy is here, and I can only describe it as “overload” energy. It is tied in with the beginning arrival and preparation for the higher energies that will be arriving in July and August. These current energies are intense. They can make one feel as though everything is “tight.” It can be hard to breathe. Your heart can feel overtaxed or have palpitations. You may feel as though you drank too much caffeine, even when you had none! It can be difficult to sleep. You may feel stressed and unable to relax. You may be dreaming a lot at night. Can't seem to let go and unwind…can't seem to exhale all the way. At the lower levels it will manifest as being very busy with a lot going on…more than your normal load. One more thing after another to do and get done. And when you try and relax and let go, nothing happens. Pressure and tightness remains. Waking up early and falling asleep late.
For over a month now, I have been unable to use my laptop. It would not allow any power to connect to it. A new battery, a new motherboard, and finally, the solution, a new power cord (apologies for the delayed energy alert this time…if you were wondering if perhaps you missed one, the last one was on March 26th . So a delay as well with Stepping Into The New Reality, but coming soon).
Steve Irwin's passing is still sending reverberating energy around the globe, and he could not have departed at a more perfect time, as you will see through this latest message. I don't believe I have recovered yet myself…I still feel such a great loss. And the eclipses are contributing to this New space we are in as well; so you see, all is aligning and unfolding perfectly.
Greetings! October 22 brought in the peak of another turning point energy. This energy asked us, “Which way will you go? What are you willing to let go of? What have you had ENOUGH of? Are you ready to leap off the cliff and fall into the higher realms?”. This turning point was just one of many in the on-going see-saw process of our evolution into the higher realms. We have been in this type of energetic turning point before…….it basically symbolizes choices that all souls must make in regard to staying and becoming a part of the higher realms, or staying behind as some may not yet be ready, or perhaps some have chosen to leave the planet through physical death in lieu of ascending through the body.
Only two days since the last alert, and it's already time for a new message. So much is occurring in these monumental times!   We have finally broken though the barrier, and what an intense process it has been. The past week provided us opportunities for incredible expansion, and through this opening, we were then able to push through the final vestiges of some lower vibrating energy that has been around for eons of time.  
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