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Greetings! The April issue of What’s Up? is currently in the web designer’s hands, ready to be released very shortly, but in the meantime, I received an incredibly exciting and exhilarating vision that I am compelled and thrilled to share with all of you.
Greetings!     Lately, it can feel as though we have experienced a beautiful spring shower. Fresh and clean, with a feeling of new . With so much being washed away during the end of September, and processing it through October, we are now poised for that very new to arrive. Whether we were consciously aware of it or not, we dropped a big chunk of our shadows during this time. This could have manifested as feeling a dark presence around us, being called on the carpet for our unintentional behaviors that we have embodied up until now, or perhaps even just feeling “off” or icky for awhile. And while we are purging, as always, we can become tired, achy, and even feel like something toxic is in our system as it readies itself for departure.
Greetings! The March 21 equinox brought in the precursor for the big April energy and is pushing, activating and really moving things along. Out of the lull, the energies have begun moving us ahead once again. The soon to come energies of April are very similar to the equinox energies that arrived in September, 2004 and especially into October and November. Although I know very little of planetary movements, the equinoxes always bring in forward movement and the solstices deeper purging and integrating. As the New World energies began their overlay on December 12, 2004, it was then that we began a larger sweep and deeper preparation for the creation of this New never before created planet Earth. The energies and time had arrived, and now the “placemat” had to become aligned and ready.
Greetings! The light is most assuredly shining upon us now, and much is being revealed and brought to the surface. With the opening of the 11:11 stargate, anything not “real” (i.e. connected to Source or embodying a higher vibration) is becoming increasingly evident. Misperceptions, the way we thought things were or “should” and had to be, and basically anything that was being kept alive and held up by lower and denser energy is being revealed and left behind. As we continue to drop situations that no longer serve us as we transition forward, we are also being asked to return to the “old” to wrap things up, and going “back there” can almost feel smothering, tortuous and gut wrenching……but when we are done….oh the freedom!
Greetings! As we progress through this extraordinary time of transition in the physical, much is occurring. The strange and frequent dreams persist, a great “push” to move to New locations, and again, those interesting physical and emotional sensations…   With the great “sadness” increasing, it is almost as if we are mourning. This past week brought in periods if intense sadness and grieving, as we are beginning to feel at some levels, the great losses (as we seem to emotionally interpret them) that are yet to come. For me, these feelings seemed to occur only every other day, and again, with intent and focus on the New, could evaporate in a few minutes.
The energies of the higher realms are pushing us still, and can be felt in a variety of ways. Like a hand escorting us to higher ground, higher experiences, and still very new spaces, at times we may feel as though an energetic cord is dragging us along, keeping us on track and making sure we are where we were always meant to be.

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We are still being turned inside out in various ways, as the aligning process for the higher realms is completing its latest phase.

Each and every living thing is going through this process, and we will not move forward completely, until enough of the masses have had an opportunity to get on board this amazing train.

We are currently in the process of “going through the tunnel” to the “other side,” in the midst of the birth canal, or in a massive transition, whichever definition you choose.

The energies are finally shifting as we near the most condensed and pivotal point of the shift, which is the equinox of Sunday, September 23. Feelings of vulnerability may be present for some of us, or perhaps just a feeling that something monumental is about to occur.

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