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We are currently in the process of “going through the tunnel” to the “other side,” in the midst of the birth canal, or in a massive transition, whichever definition you choose.

Greetings! “I feel like the rug has been pulled out from under me.” “What was all that New Age stuff about anyway? Why was I even into that?” “I don't give a ____ about anything anymore. What is the point of anything anyway?” “Wow. Am I ever lost!” “There is nothing to hold onto anymore! I feel like I am on a tightwire with no net!” “Where the hell am I? I feel like I am floating in space!” “Who am I and what am I doing here?” “Is it time to go home now?” “I just want a regular life. No more ‘spiritual' stuff.” “Nothing seems to have any meaning anymore.” “Where did everything and everybody go?” “ Is it over?

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Seven years ago, I began writing about the experiences of ascension. At that time, there were a rare few having these strange, seemingly unexplainable symptoms and experiences. Most individuals were still going about their lives as if nothing had changed. But as time went on, many, many more came on board. In this way, much to my surprise, my audience grew.

Greetings! February was a month of detoxing…no question about it. Detoxing, or aligning, or adjusting, or whichever term suits you best were all very prevalent. Reaching the higher realms en masse created a time for great adjustment to a New way and to very New frequencies. Anything not in alignment with our highest selves and our highest soul purpose had the opportunity to leave, if we only chose to go this route. So then, our bodies needed to let go of older, denser energies as well. And as the pattern continues as it has for several years now, we release in order to allow “room” to receive more light. And in this process we become clearer, the illusions become evident, and we are able to connect to Source in a far better and easier way.
Greetings! The light is most assuredly shining upon us now, and much is being revealed and brought to the surface. With the opening of the 11:11 stargate, anything not “real” (i.e. connected to Source or embodying a higher vibration) is becoming increasingly evident. Misperceptions, the way we thought things were or “should” and had to be, and basically anything that was being kept alive and held up by lower and denser energy is being revealed and left behind. As we continue to drop situations that no longer serve us as we transition forward, we are also being asked to return to the “old” to wrap things up, and going “back there” can almost feel smothering, tortuous and gut wrenching……but when we are done….oh the freedom!
Greetings! In October we found ourselves in another pivotal earmark for ascension. Many were again given the opportunity to decide if they would stay or go…….to decide at soul levels if they wanted to evolve and support this Shift Of The Ages, or move into other realities to better serve their soul's evolution.
Part I

I have been away in North Carolina for the past week or so, connecting with my new twin grandbabies who were born very suddenly on June 12th and still in intensive care, so it has been a bit longer than usual in between energy alerts.

As we are progressively integrating the New Energy, many changes are on the horizon. At a higher level, whether we were consciously aware of it or not, we have devised a New Plan for moving forward. Our souls have gotten together and agreed to move forward in a more “aggressive” fashion, desiring a quicker manifestation of the New, with less interference from the Old.


We are currently in the throes of experiencing this new and higher dimension (through our arrival from integrating the full unity of the whole), and it is creating some wild and intense experiences and symptoms. Right now, we are at the “border,” or crossover point. Spinning, vertigo, and dizziness are common symptoms of a transition into a higher dimension. What is occurring when we experience spinning or vertigo, is an alignment with our Merkabah, or light body…the vehicle that gets us here. We are now fully in a higher dimension, so we must fully adjust to this new space. And at times, it can feel intense as we have to now embody the new “us” along with the new energies.
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