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Whats up on Planet Earth > Your Last Energy Alert

Seven years ago, I began writing about the experiences of ascension. At that time, there were a rare few having these strange, seemingly unexplainable symptoms and experiences. Most individuals were still going about their lives as if nothing had changed. But as time went on, many, many more came on board. In this way, much to my surprise, my audience grew.

TRUST, TRUST, AND trust some more." This could easily be one of the most pivotal mantras of the ascension process. Going through this many times confusing process can create feelings of bewilderment and perhaps leave one wondering if everything and anything is in divine right order at all.

Whats up on Planet Earth > Tapping Into A New Beginning

Things are shifting and sorting, all in readiness for a move forward the second half of October.

There are various stages to this latest phase of re-connecting, and some of us may be here while others are there, but all in divine and perfect order, as always.

The tide is out. The energies are still. There is nothing. Very little if any movement, stillness, emptiness, perhaps sadness, dead batteries, feeling drained, depleted, wanting to cry, perhaps hopelessness, and maybe wondering where in the world we are now.

Greetings! The 11 th of any month always opens a portal to the higher realms (or a higher dimensional reality than the one we are currently in), and an 11 month only serves to offer us a double whammy. Just as experiencing many 11:11's in our lives at a certain time, such as seeing these numbers on a digital clock, in an address, or even on the license plate of the car in front of us, these numbers are the gates or pillars that open to a higher vibration. When I see these numbers, I usually think: “Oh, goody! How can I go through these gates and enter the higher realms in ways in my life? What is this opportunity offering me?” And it is the same with this day of November 11 th . These gates open and then they close again, and it is during this special and unique time that we can access something higher, and then take it back with us to our current reality.
Part II 

More symptoms...but lots of wonderful things are arriving now and due to soon arrive as well! We are really getting over the hump now, so some of these symptoms may have already passed for some of you, or perhaps never occurred at all. 

Greetings! The door has slammed shut. It is about either being here or there. If you are one who is here, you cannot go back. When you try, things do not line up…….nothing works out……..much seems empty, wrong, ugly and misplaced. You do not belong there anymore. You are therefore, basically not welcome. This is only because you have a New home. A home in the higher realms. When the door slammed shut after your arrival in your New home, some of your life may have been left behind. But this was your old life. Some very important and pivotal people who had been very present thus far in your life may suddenly seem very far away, as if they are about to board a train to some other world or perhaps some other reality. Or they may even be due to arrive where you now are, but just at a later date.
Part I

I have been away in North Carolina for the past week or so, connecting with my new twin grandbabies who were born very suddenly on June 12th and still in intensive care, so it has been a bit longer than usual in between energy alerts.

Greetings!     If you have been feeling for the past few days as though you are out of body, floating somewhere unfamiliar, feeling connected to nothing, even yourself, or even as if the bottom has just fallen out from beneath you, you are not alone. Add to this some sleepless nights, nausea, dizziness, along with perhaps not knowing exactly where you are, panic, desperation, and some fear, and you will have a recipe for our current energetic space. Are our hopes and dreams ever going to manifest? How will we ever create what our hearts desire? Where are our supports? Where in the heck are we anyway? Is anything real? I can assure you that nothing is out of order, and things, as always, are right where they need to be.
Greetings! When the moon reaches its maximum northern or southern declination, it has what is called a lunar “standstill” similar to that of the sun near solstice. The lunar standstills occur every 18.6 years and were widely known, respected and harmonized with by the ancients. We are currently in what I would call “standstill” energy. To eliminate confusion, I'm not saying that we are currently in the lunar 18.6 year cycle……. I am just using this as an example of how our current energy feels. It is like the space in between spaces, the perfect temperature of no temperature, the space of bliss and contentment, the space of no movement. The space where the pendulum has stopped, if only briefly before it again begins movement. If you are not currently having this experience, you can experience this energy if you choose to…….I will tell you how further along.
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