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Greetings! Immediately after the solar eclipse we began a forward movement. Although gentle at first, it is rapidly accelerating to the point of WOW! As of last night, April 5, this energy is knocking our socks off. Some of you may be thinking, “I don't feel anything,” and others may be barely walking and talking. This is a short message this time, as I am one who is barely walking and talking.
Greetings! Turbulence surrounds us as we continue making our way through this particular phase of our journey into the New World. What may feel like a roller coaster ride, with excessive stress, pressure and a whirlwind of movement is the divine placement of all being put into its rightful niche. As all of the “Old” is finally and REALLY, honestly REALLY being removed in form in the physical, and beginning to show up now in our physical reality, we are, as always, right on track.
Greetings! As we make this transition into the New World, into this New energy of unconditional love and compassion, we are being “re-birthed”. As we are entering a whole New reality and a whole New world, we, ourselves, will also be a whole New us. It is a New way of being, a New life, a New phase, and a New experience. The past will never be again, the suffering and pain will never be again, the person we thought we were and the way we vibrated will never be again. The Old has been washed clean, has been cleansed, has been released and let go……...Home is here as never before. The New us and the New World are emerging from beneath the rubble.
Greetings! Feelings of tiredness and fatigue while barely being able to keep our eyes open, along with the still existing sadness are the current energies we are experiencing now, and for good reason. Bouts of diarrhea, body aches and allergy symptoms are prevalent as well. We are releasing and cleansing at a very deep level. The spring equinox brought in the New, and the summer solstice is now beginning to manifest these incredible New energies. This New energy of the mother, of the feminine, of the New World, and of the Venus Transit is now our New way of being. As so much love begins to permeate throughout us and our world, there is much to move and change.
The Spring Equinox brought in an energy with the most powerful punch I have yet to experience, and with good reason. GREAT change and a lot of New were its earmark. Creating great stress within many, some of us felt we were reaching a breaking point. As this feeling of stress continues, it serves a divine purpose. We are being ushered into a state of surrender, giving up and letting go. These energies need to be this intense in order to create a specific vortex within us.
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