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Greetings! We're waiting.   We are ready and waiting.   Many of us are “over” ready. Like anxious loved ones in an obstetrics waiting room, we are at the tail end of the ups and downs of the birthing process.   As in a human birth, right before the glorious moment, we wonder, “is this baby ever going to be born?”.   We may feel edgy, irritable, tired and overdone from the whole process.   We may wonder if all the pains of labor are worth it.   “I didn't realize it would be this difficult”, we may ask ourselves, while in the throws of this birth process.   I remember saying during my labor with my daughter,“I changed my mind”…..
Greetings! On March 10 th I awoke in California with great clarity and an extreme urgency involving messages regarding a now arriving energy that would sweep the planet with a great cleansing. As messages go, this was one of the most clear and intense that I had yet experienced. Even to the point that I relayed it to family members, which I rarely do. Then it dissipated for several days, and finally arrived around the 21 st of March. BUT, it arrived energetically and not in the physical. I hesitated for awhile in reporting this information, as it was getting VERY OLD receiving information at times that never manifested. I wanted to be sure.

We have reached a level of higher frequency, are fully engulfed by it now, and it is creating some fun and interesting symptoms.

Greetings!     Intensity abounds as March arrives with some powerful and pushing energies. The higher we begin to vibrate as a planet and as individuals, the more magnified everything becomes. When the energies increase in this way, it can feel as though much is pushing down upon us, thus creating bloating, intestinal difficulties, stress, spaciness with difficulty concentrating or remembering much, vision problems, deep periods of sleeping, and exhaustion. March is going to be a real kicker, and our precious little ones seem to feel these energies the most. Things are most certainly being re-calibrated now….being re-arranged for this adjustment. The stock market here in the US with its recent substantial drop and movement, much in our individual lives, and even more on the very near horizon are manifestations in the physical. We are moving into new territory and as always, this calls for some maneuvering and re-aligning.
Greetings! The process continues on as we prepare for the summer months of great change, manifestation and abundance, and, of course, the never-ending process of ascension continues on as well. If we are to be ready to manifest and create the New World at the highest levels, we must first be the highest levels ourselves. This first half of 2006 has been all about preparing ourselves to be in this space. Although many of us “crossed over” into a higher dimension in December and most notably in January, we then had to “match” where we were at all levels. The ascension process will always continue, but its intensity is being felt much more during these first 6 months.
Greetings! There has been much occurring energetically in the past few days. This message, then, will be more lengthy than usual. So if some of it doesn't quite peak your interest, there may be other parts further along that do, as it is multifaceted. We have just experienced a big turn around and it is affecting us in great, deep, and beautiful ways. In the January 1 st message, I mentioned that this would be the year of manifestation as well as the year of the humanitarian. And both are finally arriving. We have come to higher levels of vibration and purpose in the past few months and days. These New and higher ways were specifically “set up” at our highest levels to train us and allow us to now embody more of our New roles.

2007 was a rocky and challenging year for many…especially the latter six month period after the solstice. And now, another solstice is due to arrive, marking the final point of this deep transitional and preparatory period.

"Below is a list of new ways of being that usually arrive when we begin to reside in a new and higher vibrating reality. Many of these greatly surprised me as they were so much simpler and better than I could have ever imagined. The old rules and ways we were told of the higher realms were derived from
Greetings! The last week of April finally brought in the turning point we have been wishing for… what a long haul it has been! But the longer the haul, the much bigger the rewards and more glorious the outcomes. A friend of mine likens it to an engine stalling; never really getting going, but certainly trying. But oh so surely the pieces are arriving in due order. And during the end of April, things really began to shift. And all in preparation for our New roles. So much loss and disconnecting, but all in preparation for a very New connecting to very New people, places, roles and supports. This last phase since January was a real doozy, but it was also so very vital for where we are headed and for where we are finally beginning to arrive.

Although this rarely occurs, it has been much longer than usual in between energy alerts this time. The last energy alert was posted on April 3rd. I was blessed a few weeks ago to acquire my dream land here in the red rocks of the same local area of New Mexico where I have been living, and blessed as well to

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