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Greetings! When the moon reaches its maximum northern or southern declination, it has what is called a lunar “standstill” similar to that of the sun near solstice. The lunar standstills occur every 18.6 years and were widely known, respected and harmonized with by the ancients. We are currently in what I would call “standstill” energy. To eliminate confusion, I'm not saying that we are currently in the lunar 18.6 year cycle……. I am just using this as an example of how our current energy feels. It is like the space in between spaces, the perfect temperature of no temperature, the space of bliss and contentment, the space of no movement. The space where the pendulum has stopped, if only briefly before it again begins movement. If you are not currently having this experience, you can experience this energy if you choose to…….I will tell you how further along.

The tide is out. The energies are still. There is nothing. Very little if any movement, stillness, emptiness, perhaps sadness, dead batteries, feeling drained, depleted, wanting to cry, perhaps hopelessness, and maybe wondering where in the world we are now.

Greetings! It's about whatever is inside of us.....that pretty much sums it up.....

We are again being bombarded with higher vibrating energies, and June 13th brought in yet another round. This latest surge supported us in moving through a bit more of any of the roadblock energies that were before us from old creations of the 3D world.

Our transition from the old to the new continues on, and even though it may be producing fear and uncertainty within many, I can assure you that all is in divine and perfect order. 

Greetings! And yet the ascension process continues, but with much more fervor, intensity and rapidity that we have experienced thus far. As we are elevated higher and higher, the veil is lifted and much is revealed. There are more opportunities than ever before for clarity. As the cloudiness dissipates, we are beginning to finally see what we could not see before. As our vibration reaches these higher frequencies, the lower vibrations of the old have become virtually intolerable. If you are finding yourself unable to go out, unable to participate in your usual activities, and unable to be in the presence of individuals with “issues”, you are only ascending. There is nothing wrong with you.
Greetings!     September's energy brought in a topsy, turvy, difficult to align anything energy, with chaos, confusion, and the old tossed salad theme, but this happens from time to time, and as always, we will persevere! The lunar eclipse supported us going deep and examining what we truly wanted. During that time, I had several dreams where I was throwing things out, right and left. When we re-emerged, we were facing a solar eclipse and an equinox, which help to support us in bringing in the New. A new beginning, then, was definitely on the horizon. During the end of September, much was supporting us in leaving one space, and arriving at an entirely New one. For me, I felt that I had been lifted up from an old reality and creation, and plopped down in an entirely New and different one, with a whole New purpose.
Greetings! There is exciting news to share! Hold onto your hats as August will bring in some incredible and unusual energy. For the past month, I have been feeling very intense energy of "the end", no particular future for our planet, "everything has stopped", and "where are we going?". Things I had created thus far no longer fit and were of no interest to me. (I am currently in the process of buying a house and began to wonder why I was buying it!) Not much seemed to matter anymore, and I began to wonder what I was doing here. I felt it was time to go back home. It was a very strange and different energy with a sense of "finality". Here is the good news: August will bring in some very pivotal energy. The world AS WE KNOW IT will be ending. It's over. We get to go home, but home will be here. It is as if a decision has finally been made, and we will be doing an about face in a totally new direction.
Greetings!     March 9th brought in some incredible energy, and I don’t think I have been the same since. With each new energy surge that arrives through our spiritual evolutionary process, a theme comes along with it. So then, we integrate a particular theme within and without, as it arrives within the blueprint of each and every surge and shift. This totally awesome energy that has most recently arrived is carrying a theme that is difficult to describe. For some time, I have been reporting that March will bring in some incredible and amazing energies, and boy, are they ever here. And this most recent energy arriving on the 9th, then, can only be described as something I have never really seen or experienced before. There is a reason that these new energies of March are difficult to describe within a human reference, and again, this is because we have never experienced them before in the 3D reality.
Greetings!   As so much of the old is beginning to rapidly fall away before our eyes, it can almost feel as if the ground is shaking, rumbling and moving beneath our feet. As we are all so very connected through the same Source energy, we as human beings and the Earth herself are all tied in together. We are, as always, one and the same. During the period preceding, during and after the Tsunami occurrence in the Asian lands, I felt my body and being personally releasing a great chunk of density. As we are all one, we may have felt in our own unique ways, this massive release generating from the needed alignment with the New higher frequencies we are now in.
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