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With August being a month for much celestial activity, there will be a meteor shower on August 12th. With a bit of a window around its arrival, the evening of the 12th of August and the morning of the 13th of August will bring forth the maximum of the Perseid meteor shower. Up to 80 shooting stars may be visible each hour! And then on August 16th,

We just completed a big purge, and thus, we are now in a lull. The lunar eclipse and full moon supported us in really seeing who we are, in allowing us to go into that scary and seemingly dark space, and now we are out and on the other side. 

Greetings! As the process continues for our readiness into the next phase where we will create and manifest the New, we find ourselves in a mode of tiredness, lethargy, little motivation, no passion, and a surrender energy. All is in divine right order, as this phase is a necessary prerequisite for our “jump” into the New, soon to arrive. We are wanting and needing much rest now, as we will need these energy reserves we are building when the manifestations of the New begin. At the highest levels, our bodies know what they are doing, as this has been the pattern for some time now…..a sort of need and desire for “hibernation” right before a New burst of energy due to arrive. We are preparing to “reboot” within ourselves and the planet.
Greetings! The door has slammed shut. It is about either being here or there. If you are one who is here, you cannot go back. When you try, things do not line up…….nothing works out……..much seems empty, wrong, ugly and misplaced. You do not belong there anymore. You are therefore, basically not welcome. This is only because you have a New home. A home in the higher realms. When the door slammed shut after your arrival in your New home, some of your life may have been left behind. But this was your old life. Some very important and pivotal people who had been very present thus far in your life may suddenly seem very far away, as if they are about to board a train to some other world or perhaps some other reality. Or they may even be due to arrive where you now are, but just at a later date.

We have finally reached the pivotal point of critical mass and this is creating “the big release.” Enough of the masses have now had time to choose, change, and expand, and thus, we now have the opportunity to reside fully on the “other side.” Our waiting and also our so called work of holding the space for the masses is now over.

Greetings! This message is perhaps what I believe to be the most important and pivotal of any message I have written before. With so much continually occurring in regard to this amazing Shift Of The Ages, we are always moving forward, even though at times it may not feel this way. March 7 brought in a tremendous shift. Like most pivotal points, it could be felt a bit during a window just prior to this date, but the most noticeable thrust was on March 7. Like some monumentous earth rumbling beneath our feet, things at very deep levels were most assuredly moving. Deep, deep moving . Very deep moving . And this movement is absolutely necessary and a very important part for what is to come.
Greetings! As this latest “bump up” in energy tunes us up even higher, it is creating much in its wake. For several months I have been seeing February as a month of great movement……..a time when “everything” begins to happen. This latest energy then, has come to support, create and push us ahead in many ways. When we move “up” into a higher realm, all must follow and match this new vibration. This is a substantial jump, and as it is meant to affect the physical, which is always the last to integrate, many are feeling its affects.

We are currently in the process of “going through the tunnel” to the “other side,” in the midst of the birth canal, or in a massive transition, whichever definition you choose.

Greetings! As the energies bump up exponentially and in a rapid fire pattern, there has also been a delay in the plan for the geographical Earth changes. Although the intense energies and phases are rapidly occurring now, the intent is to allow as many as possible to “bump up” into the higher realms before there occurs a big sweep and removal of the Old. Many are still in the throws of geographically relocating and many are still experiencing and aligning with the energies of the New as they are “arriving” in the higher realms. April will be a pivotal month as there appears to be a plan in place for many to be in their “spot” the first week of April.
Greetings! We're waiting.   We are ready and waiting.   Many of us are “over” ready. Like anxious loved ones in an obstetrics waiting room, we are at the tail end of the ups and downs of the birthing process.   As in a human birth, right before the glorious moment, we wonder, “is this baby ever going to be born?”.   We may feel edgy, irritable, tired and overdone from the whole process.   We may wonder if all the pains of labor are worth it.   “I didn't realize it would be this difficult”, we may ask ourselves, while in the throws of this birth process.   I remember saying during my labor with my daughter,“I changed my mind”…..
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