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Greetings! (Several of you have written wanting more clarification on the meaning of store-fronts. I have written a brief section at the end of this energy alert for those of you who may be interested in what I frequently refer to as "our store-fronts.")

Greetings! Yes, the energy is building. New energy is arriving still, and creating feelings of stress. Even if you aren't having any stress in your life, these energies can create that pushing and pressure feeling all on their own. They are designed to move things up and out. And these kinds of energies are also the precursors for natural disasters. Physically, they can manifest as pressure headaches, pressure in the ears, neck and upper back stiffness, heart palpitations, a feeling of hyperventilating, sleeplessness even though you may be very tired, and even a need to eat often. Emotionally, they can manifest as edginess, snappiness, shortness of temper and tolerance, inability to focus and sit still, and even bewilderment. Just think of “pressure cooker” and you will understand the corresponding symptoms.
Greetings! Okay, okay, May was a very strange month, but there is always order and good reason for everything as it fits perfectly into the divine plan for the Shift of the Ages. May was, generally speaking, a strange month as it was the LAST month before we experience a very substantial shift, and then things will never be quite the same again. In May, we were “preparing” for what is to come. If you found yourself unusually busy, or dealing with situations that needed your attention, or “wrapping” up long-standing situations, or finalizing new ones, you were simply experiencing your manifested version of the energies that have been presented to us. In addition, you may have been “preparing” physically as well.
Greetings! Well, I'm not quite sure where to begin this time. Again, we are in “racing” energy and this is creating much for us, so the manifestations can vary. Generally speaking we are in “crashing” energy with feelings of being overwhelmed and most certainly that we can no longer do it all ourselves. We recently went through a period of “darkness” as we were preparing for the next stage and readying to enter a new “portal” to ever higher realms. Going through what feels like darkness is a natural part of the process. Then we found ourselves in a great mismatching stage with the energies, as we had begun to vibrate higher and differently, and the “outside” manifestations no longer fit. During this time, no matter what we did seemed to make a difference, as we were most certainly being “held back” until all was lined up again.
Greetings! The mid-point has been reached as of June 21 and now we are most certainly “turning” as we forge the way for the New Planet Earth to emerge in form. The balance is now wavering as so many have risen in vibration, along with our planet herself, creating this now much larger accumulation of light. The “whirlwind”, fast moving, over-stimulating, too much coming at us energies are still here, but serving a distinct purpose in this on-going process of human and planetary ascension, as they will assist in pushing us “OVER”. As the energies escalate in speed and intensity, they are bringing much to the surface for release, as always, only this time they are designed to bring much “to a head” as much needs to “crash”. So the current theme, then, is bringing things to a head in order for much to crash that can no longer survive in this New vibration and New world that is unfolding for us now.

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Some incredible new openings arrived for us on April 1st. Like a huge flower opening and readying to bloom, much was revealed to us and a very new doorway opened to allow an effortless and beautiful entry into a higher vibrating reality and world of our wildest dreams.

It has been a long time in writing, as I have been going through quite a transition. Once the decision was made to physically move to a new area, it involved leaving much behind…people and situations which I did not expect. But now I am connected again to the internet and to a very new space.

For over a month now, I have been unable to use my laptop. It would not allow any power to connect to it. A new battery, a new motherboard, and finally, the solution, a new power cord (apologies for the delayed energy alert this time…if you were wondering if perhaps you missed one, the last one was on March 26th . So a delay as well with Stepping Into The New Reality, but coming soon).
Greetings! Much to tell, and on a variety of subjects. It seems that it has been necessary to post a message every few days, as these higher energies we are now residing in are creating so many wonderful and exciting New ways of being! After spending six months integrating and aligning in so many ways, we are most certainly now existing in a higher vibrating reality, and it comes with its own set of rules and navigating instructions. I had a meeting recently with the non-physical realm, and they explained some things which I think would lend some clarity to where we now are. The Kings and Queens
Greetings! The amazing and magical energies of the higher realms finally arrived in October and they are creating much. Weeping, sobbing, wanting to jump out of our skin, feeling off balance with everything closing in and nowhere to go, along with acute loneliness and a strange disconnect, and even darkness, darkness and more darkness are some of the current manifestations of arriving in the higher realms, but there is good reason and all is in order as we continue on with this amazing process of this powerful Shift of the Ages. As I write this article, it is October 21, and miracles are occurring right and left as well. Our manifestation time is near immediate, and if we allow ourselves the luxury of receiving, so much will come our way.
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