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Beloved ones, My precious heart, I call you now to rest in Me, to open your lives to the truth of this Love and to the ecstatic joy of giving. How I wish that I could truly show you how deeply the ego has reversed the truth of Love and in how many ways it turns everything into getting something for itself.

Circle of Light > God Power and the Will of Love

I Am here with you. I Am all beauty, all movement, all life and I Am all power. I Am the pinnacle of the Moment of Creation containing all the energy of Creation itself vibrating at such a phenomenal rate that it becomes the glorious and massive explosion that creates the conscious cosmos and the relationship of all life.

Circle of Light > Drinking the Light Three Times a Day

Dearest ones, come and let this Light bathe you many times every day. As you feel it filling you up and bringing to you this deep and endless peace, you will come to realize that this Light is more important to you than food. It is more important to you than all the things your mind lays before you that you must do and be and accomplish to be whole.

Circle of Light > Living from the Real

There is only Love and the Will of Love makes itself known as you. You are here, beloved ones, being My focal point on Earth because you are here to be the demonstration that there is only one thing and it is Love. Love and consciousness are the interacting principles of All That Is, and that everything is a reflection of consciousness and heart or ego-mind and heart.

Circle of Light > Accept the Gifts of Love

It is time to accept Love’s gifts and it is time, thus, to step into the New World, because what has been accomplished has been a shift in foundational heart’s beliefs. In opening to Love as you have raised your vibration and bathed your hearts again and again in the glory of My Love, for all humankind important heart’s beliefs have been opened, recognized and brought back to Love. Thus, does the light penetrate your entire being including life on Earth and all heart’s beliefs. Most of all, the message is that, beloved ones, you are done, and you are ready to accept the gifts of Love. Therefore, all your attention now can be placed on what you are receiving and you have room in your heart, beloved ones, to hold this.

Circle of Light > Real Surrender

Today I speak to you about surrender but this time, beloved ones, it is a surrender that is far different from the surrender you have experienced before. Until now surrender has meant the surrender of the personal will into the Will of God. Now I call you to an expansion of Love – a surrender into the All-ness, the Real, that completely transcends the person, and you become only Love living here. So I ask you to release it all, especially the ego mind -- to lift until you truly feel the expansion of your being-ness, and our communion becomes so complete that you only move when this Love moves you, and only this Love I Am speaks as you. All that you are is an open and waiting heart, ready every moment for the living spirit to fill and to respond in each Now Moment in the perfection of Love -- to respond as only Love can respond, only you as God. Only you as My open heart that allows Love to give itself as you. Only you as the conduit for Love on Earth.

Dearest Spirit Family,

It is Christmas eve and I am thinking of all of you and feeling so much gratitude for each and every one of you that I had to reach out and write.

Thank you for joining me, joining us at Circle of Light, heart-to-heart, as we lift this world back to Love. Thank you for your prayers, your meditations, for keeping your focus on what is truly Real. And thank you most of all for believing in Love and for your faith in God. It is knowing that we share this devotion -- that our focus is on the Real outcome -- that lets me know we are Spirit Family and that my heart is always yours.

The Entrainment of Hearts To the Bridge World of Love Through Our Magnetic Hearts

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