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Steve Rother

Lightworker > Divine Discontent

A new year has just begun.  The potenital is enormous for what can unfold.  You would think that everyone would be ready to jump into action.  But thats not the general feeling right now with Lightworkers.  There is a strange feeling in the air.  Self doubt, money trouble, hopelessness and a general confusion seem to hang in the air all around us.  There is a heavy energy that many are feeling right now.  The Group says it is actually the precussor to big change.  They call it the Divine Discontent. Big GROUP hugs Steve Rother Greetings from Home.
Karen Bishop
Greetings!   As so much of the old is beginning to rapidly fall away before our eyes, it can almost feel as if the ground is shaking, rumbling and moving beneath our feet. As we are all so very connected through the same Source energy, we as human beings and the Earth herself are all tied in together. We are, as always, one and the same. During the period preceding, during and after the Tsunami occurrence in the Asian lands, I felt my body and being personally releasing a great chunk of density. As we are all one, we may have felt in our own unique ways, this massive release generating from the needed alignment with the New higher frequencies we are now in.
Carrie Hart

Quado > Awareness

Quado’s Message: Today we will continue our Course in Creation, an aid to helping you create a life of joy, love and peace.  For this is exactly what you are made of, and what you will want to learn to express during your stay here on earth, during this precious life which is yours to expand upon and create as beautifully as you can. Today, I would ask you to be very aware of what you have within you.  Be aware of your mind, of your ego, of your thoughts.  Be very aware of your body and how it feels as well. Turn your awareness to the inside, and be one with how you are, how you have taught yourself to be in all of these years of your life.  Heighten your awareness of what is, and then gently begin to change it, begin to nudge yourself toward new ways of being.
Karen Bishop
Greetings!   As this year of 2005 will bring in many changes and transitions, there is much on the horizon. The “pressure” that the 12:12 energy brought in has created a need for release and cleansing, within and without. As this “pressure” is simply an increase in vibration and an “alignment” with the higher realms, all else is being “pushed out”. This necessary occurrence can happen in many ways. Sherri and I both had dreams last night where we were very angry at certain individuals regarding past behaviors and incidents. We both awoke in different cities if residence in quite a state of anger, but realized during the course of our daily conversation, that we were both releasing “old” energy from our individual lives. For the ascension process, dreams have always been an integral part of releasing as well as integrating.
Celia Fenn
Dearest Lightworkers and Human Angels of the Fifth-Dimensional Earth, you are truly blessed! It is time to gather all your energies and to begin creating the New Earth. It is time to open your hearts and to understand that the foundation of the New Earth, its founding energies, will be Compassion, Love and Creativity. As you connect with and manifest these energies, so the New Earth will be created through your work.
Celia Fenn
Dear ones, in these dark and difficult days we wish to bring you a message that may shine light into your darkness. So many of you who are lightworkers are struggling financially. You wonder what has happened to the abundance that you were taught to expect would be yours. Instead, many of you are tired and dispirited, your lives limited by financial necessity. The energy of economic flow on the planet is out of balance. The laws of universal energy flow no longer are able to work as they used to. But, we wish you to understand that in 2005 this situation will be corrected. It will be one of the miracles you will perceive as you look back on this time.
Shelly Dressel
Nama Sika,  Venia Benya          I AM the one, I AM the whole I greet you my beloved family! I rejoice with you at this time of the year upon the earth.  With our last group connection, it was a time of evaluating and releasing, setting forth energies for the New Year to come.  And now, just recently you stepped forth fully into this New Year and into this new energy that you have been generating, that you have been bringing into the earth plane and assisting in the evolution of the earth.  We will talk a great deal of many things this evening, in particular that which has happened upon the earth so recently.  There is more and more that is going on, and that is but a drop in the bucket in some aspects. 
Carolyn Ann O'Riley
Greetings & Salutations My Beautiful Beings Of light we meet yet again to share the energies of the most High and fill your hearts with love.


Carrie Hart

Quado > Self-Love

Quado’s Message: Today is the first day of the New Year, and a glorious and wonderful year it will be.  For you are going to create it.  You are going to create yourself and your own life.  You are going to create every moment within your life.  And you are going to create it from love. Today, I wish for you to set your resolutions aside, all of the goals and plans, and instead focus upon love.  I wish for you to focus completely on love, fill yourself with love, allow your vision to be completely filled with love. I wish for you to fill your body and your mind with love, so that everything within and without you has a rosy glow, a pink and beautiful glow of love.  When you do this, when you allow your life to be love, to be lived in love and seen in the rosy glow of love, then everything else will fall into place.
Ronna Herman
Beloved masters, never forget for a moment that each of you is a keeper of the Sacred Flame of Creator Light. Your radiance may be dim or blaze brilliantly, but you cannot extinguish the Life/Light within your Sacred Heart. You were designed to be a Bearer of Light which contained the refracted Rays of Creator Consciousness, and you were programmed to go forth and take part in the creation of the multi-universes and all therein. It was always intended that you would have access to all the virtues, attributes and qualities of the Supreme Creator and the ability to reach inward and outward in order to tap into the primordial life substance needed to manifest anything you could imagine or desire. Never forget that you are a Spark of the Divine and a beloved Sun (son or daughter) of the Supreme Creator and our Father/Mother God.


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