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Shelly Dressel

Nama Sika Venia Benya I AM the One; I AM the Whole

Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you all so very much. Celebrate the great awakening period that is occurring now upon your planet earth. The events you see on your news are not so different from events that have occurred throughout human history. There have always been wars. There has always been corruption. There have always been human manipulations, and there have always been earth changes.

Carrie Hart

Quado > Angel Energy Charge

There are so many of you are who are tired, who are exhausted from the pressures of your lives, from keeping so many balls in the air, from just getting by.  And so today, we will see if we can find some help for you and ease the exhaustion in your bones. Too often your energy is dissipated across time, taken away by the regrets and blame you are dragging along behind you and the heavy burden of worry you are carrying on your back.  Right here, right now, let go of the future, whether in worry or in dreams.  For sometimes even those dreams can be as exhausting as your worries, for they are still pulling you out of now.  And right here, right now, is the only place of energy, the only place of action, the only place that is real.
Karen Bishop

Whats up on Planet Earth > Basking

Greetings!     The bottleneck energy is beginning to dissipate, and what a difference it is making! An energetic shift occurred on Sunday, August 27th, and we are now once again able to experience a more free flowing and peaceful energy. Sleeping patterns are shifting into more peaceful ones…and you may feel like sleeping in the daytime hours as well, as this shift can create so much peace and tiredness, that sleeping and resting is all you may want to do! With so much flurry and movement since the beginning of July, I do believe we deserve a rest! As we continue to migrate with like-minded and similar energies, our “herds” are still growing as well. You may have recently acquired a new family member, whether in human or animal form, and this pattern will continue on as we build our families more and more. And what a glorious feeling it is.
Carrie Hart

Quado > Angel Circle of Love & Gratitude

Today would be an excellent day to establish a strong relationship with your guardian angel.  Lie with your eyes closed, breathe in deeply and then open your heart.  Open it wide and then let it fill up with love.  Feel the love.  Feel it filling you completely.  And then, fill your heart with gratitude, so that you are now full of love, full of gratitude, full of the wonder of your and beauty of your life. And now, sense the angel above you.  There may be several angels above you, but today let the primary guardian angel come forward, the angel whose job it is to protect you and to bring you the serendipitous wonders that you sense in your life and that surround each step you take.  You may be surprised at the size and power of this angel, if you have never before consciously connected.
Ronna Herman
Beloved masters, allow us to give you a brief overview as to the “state of humanity and the Earth” from our perspective. Imagine that you are viewing your planet with our visual capabilities from one of the great Light Cities high above the Earth. We see the greatest and the most minuscule solid forms and structures, but we also see and sense the vibrational patterns and colors radiated forth by every animate and inanimate object on Earth. We constantly observe and monitor the changing patterns within the Earth, the oceans, and the atmosphere/aura of the Earth, as well as the activities of your sun and the elements of nature. We see the areas, both large and small, that are beginning to radiate the brighter, harmonious colors/vibrations of the seven planes of the fifth dimension and the archetypal vibrational patterns of the sixth dimension. These are the places which are beginning to firmly anchor the radiant gifts of Love/Light from the Celestial Cities of Light.
Neale Donald Walsch
"Wanting" something is not a good thing to do, because it produces the experience of "not having" what you choose. Let me explain. Your every thought, word and deed is creative. Now, if you have a thought of "wanting" something, you will produce that thought in your experience. That is, you will see that very thought made manifest in your reality. Therefore, if you think "I want" something, that is the experience you will have: the experience of wanting it! On the other hand, if you think "I have" something, then that is the experience you will bring yourself: the experience of having it. Do you understand? Words are very important. Thoughts are creative. That's why I always say, I choose, rather than "I want." Choosing something is a much more forceful statement. It is a directive. It is a calling forth.
Carolyn Ann O'Riley

Greetings & Peace be with you My Beautiful Beings Of Light, we meet again do we not?

The Creator has asked that you be gifted with a very special Pink Love Rain Shower within this moment in NOW.

Carrie Hart

Quado > Pinstripes over your gypsy soul

Your family and your society have laid out a wardrobe for you, clothing for the ways they think it acceptable that you be and act.  There are outfits for work, outfits for your role in your parental family and the family you have created yourself, outfits for you to wear to church, outfits for the art class and dance studio.  Some of these are very restricting and make you feel very constrained.  And none of them allow you to be all of the things you are.  For you are a great and joyous gypsy soul, bursting with colorful and bright talents and skills, creative ideas sparkling out all over you, deeply held beliefs shining within, fun explorations wrapped like bright scarves around you.  You are so many things, there is no way that a wardrobe created by society, even by truly wonderful and creative parts of society, is likely to fit exactly who you are.
Yael and Doug Powell
What I want you to feel, each of you, beloved ones, is what is true about life, for once you understand what is true about life – which means, what is true about Me, about Love – then everything falls into place and you are free. You are free from the dream of the ego mind, but most of all free to be ecstasy and to experience every living Now Moment as the glory of Making Love, for that is the living truth. Every moment in the Real is ever, always and only the great and glorious LoveMaking, and as you become aware of this, and join the holy union, then the tremoring ecstasy, the pulsing of life comes to be experienced through you in every Now Moment.


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