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Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2189 Think of Heaven

God said: When you have a decision to make, know that what you decide is not monumental. Here is some monumental advice, however: Do not make decisions from fear, nor make decisions to prove that you are not afraid. Do not try to prove anything. Do not be afraid in the first place. And do not promulgate fear. Be careful about warning others about what you fear. Fear promotes fear. Remember the story about the little red hen who sincerely thought the sky was falling. Do not be a fear-monger. Do not listen to other people’s fears. Do not make them your own. You know that fear is contagious. Everything is contagious, beloveds. What do you want to spread? Spread wealth, health, happiness, love, confidence. Do not spread disaster.
Neale Donald Walsch
Goals are interesting. They can show the way or they can get in the way, depending upon how we use them. For years "goal setting" has been touted as the pathway to higher accomplishment. Personal Planners were developed, and in the '80s People of Power were seen carrying them around wherever they went. These were thick, diary-type books, often leather bound, with little tabs for Every Human Thought, Stray Notation, or Activity. Budgeting of one's time was seen as another tool with which to produce Optimum Output and Maximum Effectiveness. A few years later personal computers became ever more personal, getting smaller and smaller and finally fitting into the palm of one's hand. The Big Fat Leather Books went by the wayside as fast as they'd come upon the scene, replaced by Palm Pilots, Handheld PCs, Blackberrys, Bluetooths, and Huckleberrys. (I just made that last one up, in case you rush out looking for it!)
Gloria Wendroff
God said: Conflicts come because of struggle between the heart and mind. There is a tug of war going on because you want to do everything right. And you want everyone else to do things right. Only you don’t always know what is right, even when you think you do. Please don’t worry so much about being correct. You don’t have to be right. If you have to be right, you hesitate in life. You are here to live it. When you pick apples from a tree, you just have to pick. You can’t decide ahead of time which ones will have worms and which ones won’t. So, in life, you make choices. You simply do not have all the information necessary to make premiere decisions. Your mind does not have all the information. You heart may know, yet your heart has been so subjugated to the mind that it may be hard for you to know what your heart is saying.
Carolyn Ann O'Riley

Welcome! My Beautiful Beings of Light another gathering moment has arrived for this monthly message. We are so delighted that you have joined us. It is with much pleasure that this Messenger visits you each month. Your growing brilliance never ceases to amaze.

Carrie Hart

Quado > Lift yourself into the cosmic swirl

Life offers so much more than you have ever imagined.  Life offers energies which no one can articulate and understand, but which are there, tangible and real, forces that influence you every moment of every day.  Life offers great serendipities and connections, great arcing connections which reach across lifetimes, centuries, tying together the lines of fortune and fate.  Life offers grand patterns, swirling sequences, as well as dots of individuality. There is so much happening, and yet you feel limited, you feel trapped and small, you worry about the smallest details which will not even happen, in all likelihood. Open up your mind.  Open up your vistas.  Lift yourself up out of these mundane energies and up into the cosmic swirl.  Lift yourself up into the levels at which life truly happens, where the light is bright and the love glows strongly, where the shadows of fear and doubt are but vague memories.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2187 God’s Will

God said: You are not a secret agent of God. At the same time, you are not the tour guide. You serve at My behest. Remember, you may leave clues, but they are My clues that you leave. They are not yours. You can leave My clues silently or in the open. In any case, My clues – the clues to Me -- are there for others to discover on their own. I must be everyone’s unique discovery. You cannot discover Me for another. Let your life lead. Be a reminder of Me, not something that someone has to go around or be overwhelmed by, or follow.
Ronna Herman
Beloved masters, many of you are wondering why you are having so much difficulty remembering the mundane, everyday “facts of life,” and why it seems to take so much effort to stay grounded in the physical reality you have created throughout your many past lifetimes. As you draw forth and integrate more and more Creator Light, in the process of returning to a multi-dimensional state of Being, many changes are taking place within your “inner reality” as well as in your physical world of existence. You are releasing many old out-moded concepts as you replace them with higher, more expansive and empowering thought forms. You are healing and transmuting painful memories or “cells of consciousness” from your many past lifetimes which were stored within your DNA and throughout your multiple-body system, physical, mental, emotional and etheric.
Celia Fenn

Dearest ones, as you move into the month of November, you will become increasingly aware of the power of the energy coming through the 11:11stargate. And this is the time when you will become increasingly aware of the power and the purpose of your new multi-dimensional bodies.

Yael and Doug Powell
In the center of the hologram of Creation there lies the heart, the living Christ, the central light, the magnet of My Love, that by its glorious presence, by its magnetic quality of Love draws around it all the particles of living light and makes of them a single cohesive whole. It makes of them a living dance of life that is full of harmony because it is answering the central call of Love. In the hologram of Creation every particle is felt. Every particle of Love magnetizes around it its own hologram, its sphere of influence around the center point, the flame, the spark of living Love that once again becomes the magnet of a hologram, a living sphere of life.
Celia Fenn
This channel was given in response to a Lightworker who was experiencing severe "Ascension Symptoms". "That which you call "Ascension Symptoms", are the physical imbalances that occur when a being becomes fully Multi-dimensional, but is unable to hold their center or keep their balance, when the Cosmic energies become very strong. Now, the energies of the Rising New Earth will continue to be strong, and until ascended humans learn to hold their balance in these energies, they will continue to experience the "ascension symptoms". So, what we will say to you now is, we hope, a way of guiding you and leading you to such a place where you will be able to move through future stargates and energy vortexes, without losing your balance to such an extent that you become ill and disoriented, as you have in the past.


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