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Gloria Wendroff
God said: You are a like a yellow buttercup that grows in the field. Like a buttercup, you catch the sun, and you reflect it. Like every buttercup in the field, you are sweet and dear to Me. I note you waving in the breeze. My hand passes over you, and I send you blessings. The buttercup in the field notes My blessing. You, however, may be too busy, involved with other things.
Celia Fenn
Dearest Lightworkers, this is indeed a powerful time. You have entered into the closing phases of this cycle of transformation and change, and you are emerging fully as the "Masters of Light" that you truly are. You are seeing yourselves fully as the Galactic and Cosmic beings that you are, Human Angels who are privileged to live and experience on the material plane of Earth life. And what an adventure of Light this is! As we said last month, as your consciousness shifts to embrace this new sense of who you are, you will cross the quantum threshold and begin to see what is real and true and what is only illusion.
Carrie Hart

Quado > Connect and follow

I would wish for you that you be completely attuned to the flow of life around you.  I would wish for you that you be so attuned to the flow that you do not even hesitate to change direction and follow that feeling, as long as it flows deeply, as long as it is connected and true. And what you need to do is train yourself to recognize the signals.  You need to train yourself through establishing connection and through experimentation.  Learn to connect and follow.
Neale Donald Walsch
Mourning is a wonderful thing. At least, for me it is, and I hope that it is for you. I experience that mourning brings out my humanity and places me deeply in touch with it. It connects me, thus, to my divinity, because when I am deeply, deeply in touch with my humanity, and with all that it means to be fully human, I find that I feel deeply in touch with my divinity as well. To be fully human feels to me to be the same as being truly divine.  I experience that there is a place of holiness where our divinity and humanity meet, and that in this place of wholeness our True Nature is revealed. Crying is the other side of laughter, and makes it possible. Tears are the connector between the two. We have tears in our eyes when we cry and when we laugh, because our tears do not know the difference. They only know Divinity, you see. They are the fullness of emotion, spilling out as Life Itself, expressed profoundly. And that is divinity.
Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you all so very much. God guides you dear ones to express the talents and gifts that you have in this world by making a contribution through joy. You are not meant to be slaves to drudgery. You are meant to live inspired lives. Tap into what inspires you dear ones and there you will find the path to your most joyful life.

Carrie Hart

Quado > Like a cat ready to spring

There are periods in your life when there is specific action for you to take, and this action lies clearly in front of you.  The opportunities glisten before you and you can almost feel and taste the things that might be when you complete what you need to do.  There are times when the crossroads lie before you and you have major choices to make, each of which might take you to new places in your journey. And there are other times when you can feel something approaching, but do not know what it is.  You can feel it and it feels like opportunity, it feels like possibility, but it has not yet emerged for you to make your choices or take your action.
Carrie Hart

Quado > Keep a calm and steady hand on the tiller

Today I wish for you to see your life as a flowing continuum of being, not as a problem to be solved.  Finding out your purpose and the path to a fulfilling life is not a problem for you to take on, a lifetime project for you to forge your way through.  It simply is, day to day, moment to moment, in the way you view your life, in the choices that you make, and in the way you accept and respond to the challenges that present themselves. When you find yourself riding the flow and you feel that what you are doing is right for you, this is the moment to allow it to be, to dip deeply into its energy and expand upon it, yes, but not to take it over and convert it into one of your projects.
Karen Bishop
Greetings!     As I sit at the airport waiting for a flight, with time to reflect on a week in “3D reality,” much is made clear…and most of it is reflective of the ever growing gap that is now occurring in regard to the differences in vibration and dimensional levels. And strangely enough, much of where we reside is dependent upon choice and focus of thought. A change in focus, thought, and ways of being, can instantly place us in a New and different vibrating reality. Currently, there is a theme in regard to an insecurity and feeling of being “unnoticed,” or even perhaps disregarded. The reason for this, is not that we are unimportant and not cared about, but that we are basically not being “seen,” as we are residing higher than others and our vibration is literally somewhere else. This is a manifestation of the gap . I have never noticed it more than I did recently while traveling and spending a week in a more mainstream reality.
Neale Donald Walsch
Nothing is evil lest thinking make it so. Shakespeare wrote that, and this past week the world has been proving it. Again. There was another big brouhaha this past week -- this time over something that Pope Benedict XVI said recently. Some people have perceived his remarks as an insult to Islam, and thus, as damaging. The Pope's comments were damaging...but not because they were an insult to Islam. His words were, in fact, historically accurate. They were damaging for another reason altogether. For the past week many Muslims throughout the world have been angrily protesting. I believe that for most of them, this behavior is a learned response. Yet for Highly Evolved Beings -- which we humans say that we are -- anger that leads to violence (and, once again, this anger has) is neither the appropriate response, nor the most beneficial.
Carrie Hart

Quado > It may be time to dream anew

Today I wish to speak of change, and how you would do well to open yourself to the flow of life as it evolves. There are days when you feel that things have changed.  There is a different energy.  And yet, you had your plans, you had things you were working toward, and even though they have suddenly lost their energy and drive, you continue to pursue them.  You continue because you have a fixed idea of the way things should be.  I would ask you to be open to the idea of dropping those parts of your life that have lost their energy, at least for a time, and opening yourself to new energies, ideas and flows that are more active and full of vibrancy.


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