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Gloria Wendroff
God said: Beautiful beautiful is the world I gave you. You are the Sleeping Beauty who has yet to awaken to the pulse of the universe and its indescribable beauty. It is yourself you are waiting to wake up to. Wake up now. The poisoned apple has lost its potency. Sit up now and spit it out. No longer is there any excuse for not loving the universe. It is a universe of life. No longer is there any excuse for not partaking in the beauty of life. Now you step over all the negative, for why would you, a Sleeping Beauty now awakened, walk through negativity? You wear a diamond-studded gown and a tiara of immense proportions. One of such beauty as you no longer dallies with the brambles and thorns or comments on them. You have too much beauty to attend to. No longer do you let even the slightest negativity scramble your thoughts.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2315 The Scenery

God said: There is always good reason to feel sad. You can turn to sadness anytime you want. You can find occasion for it. But why would you? Turn to cheer instead. Why let sadness weigh more than happiness and pull you down? Let happiness lift you. Favor happiness. Suffering in the world does not need your collaboration. It has done very well without you. It is not true that when you cry, you cry alone. Many cry with you, even though they may think they cry alone. You bring tears more easily than you do laughter. You are good at warming up tears and heartache.  It is happiness that cries for your support. Happiness needs you in its camp. To emphasize the positive is an old song. This is nothing new. Lay out a carpet for happiness to walk on. Roll out the barrel of laughter. Put away the handkerchiefs. Congregate to joy.
Lynette Leckie-Clark

My love and greetings to you.

I wish to express to you that we here, all of us including the Karmic council, the Galactic federation and other Light beings are aware of your inner and outer turmoil as you begin to experience the great shift in mankind's evolutionary process. Those of you who are aware of the Light, no matter how small the spark, will be aware of the change in energy and the change on the planet itself.

Esther and Jerry Hicks

Abraham: The Attraction of Abraham

Question: I would like very much to know the relationship in consciousness between Abraham and other channelled entities like Ramtha.

Karen Bishop
Greetings!     The cosmic events of March, along with other supporting energies, have now propelled us into very new spaces indeed. This immense movement that has just taken place can manifest as follows: A loss of a sense of place, which is very typical of the ascension process. Usually, the “no sense of place” feeling comes in regular intervals, as we are moved out of one energetic spot and into another. This time, we have literally moved into one totally new role for ourselves, and it can bring great feelings of confusion indeed.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2313 We Had a Dream

God said: We had a dream, you and I. It was a dream of Oneness, and Our dream came true. And it remains true. Our Oneness is the basis of your life. Without Our Oneness, life in the world would not exist. It is a dance of life you dance. You have whisked yourself off the stage of Heaven onto the stage of Earth. Earth life is temporary. It is an escapade. Our Oneness is Eternal. Our Oneness is inevitable. Long live Oneness. That’s all there is! It is beyond life, and yet life is made of it. It is not that Oneness endures. Life is Oneness Itself. You walk your fingers through the telephone book of life, become immersed in the telephone book, perhaps forgetting that the telephone book comes from somewhere, and is not all that exists. There is a Publisher as well as the published. Some numbers are unlisted, yet they exist.
Gloria Wendroff
God said: This is the springtime of your life. Whatever stage of relative life you find yourself in, this is its springtime. This is when you bloom. And why not, beloveds? Why not? This is also the summer of your life when you reap everything that has been planted, the perennials and the annuals, and the hundred-year old trees. In the summertime of your life, there is great yield. You pick the crop. There is so much flourishing, you give much of it away. There is enough zucchini for all. I bless this Earth, and I bless you. And what are autumn and winter but renewal? They are the wave as it pulls back ready to leap over the water it comes from. This is the pulling back of the bow. In reality, there is one season, and it rolls itself around. What seems interminable is always rolling around. It is a turning of the wheel. It is a millwheel, turning the waves of wheat into flour, and the water is sparkling.
Carrie Hart

Quado > What Now?

The best way to discover the answer is to ask the right question.  And the question to ask is not “Why?”  The question to ask is not “When?”  The question to ask is not “What Next?”  The question to ask, and the only question to ask, is “What Now?” For within the question “What Now” is contained all the rest.  At the highest and widest, you are connected to all that is.  You know the past that contains the "Why," but you know it as a deep feeling and understanding.  To try to give words to this deep understanding is to bring in your analytical mind, and this mind loves creating puzzles and problems equally as much as it loves solving them.  So when you ask "Why," you will be presented with excuses and rationalizations that your active mind has made up as well as more and more problems and puzzles to solve.  “Why did I do that?” is so much less useful than, "What shall I do now?"
Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you so very much. As you go about the process of manifesting your dreams you will come to realize that you receive guidance when it is time to act, or guidance when it is time to go within. The guidance will come in the form of a desire to do something, to rest, to contact a friend, or talk to a stranger. Guidance is so simple, dear ones, that you often miss.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2311 In Service to God

God said: If you feel gloomy, you are thinking about yourself too much. Do not think you are an exception to this rule. No matter what is going on, no matter what upset, loss, pain, ennui you are experiencing, your reference point is off-center.  My children are not centered when they think of themselves so much. So much is overmuch. Refrain from asking yourself the question: “How do I feel today?”  It is not the question to ask yourself. Say to yourself instead: “Today I branch out in my life. How I feel is not a matter of concern. No matter how I may feel, I am here to serve. Whatever I have to grumble about, scream about, grieve over, I rise above. I am not here on Earth for myself. I am here to serve, and serve I will. As I look for opportunities to serve, I will find them. I will not ignore even one opportunity.


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