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Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you so very much. Search your hearts dear ones and find the love within each moment. In each choice you make, you choose to move towards or away from love. Love dear ones begins with self. Love means choosing healthy actions, words, and deeds that honor the truth of your spirit.

Gloria Wendroff
God said: Look at difficulties in a new way. Think not of them as problems. Think of them as questions to find answers to. Think of them as bells ringing in Heaven, telling you that there is a call for your imagination. Consider how good problems were to Einstein. If there were not questions unanswered, what would there have been for him to solve? Of course, at the same time, nothing has to be solved. Life only has to be lived and loved. In life, you have to be working at something, beloveds. There has to be something you focus on. Solving problems is a good thing to focus on. This is not focusing on the problem. This is creative thinking.   Sometimes you feel you are up against a brick wall. Then suddenly a new way appears! The brick wall is no longer there, or you found a way to go around it or over it or under it or through it. The wall opened in some way, and you are no longer blocked by it. The problem disappeared.
Esther and Jerry Hicks
Hear this - oh, you're gonna like this, and whether you do or not, WE do. In the same way that it wasn't thinking about cancer that made you sick. It was worrying about this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this in a stream that's moving really fast, that made you sick. So it's not thinking about money money money money money money money that's gonna bring you money.
Karen Bishop
We are being hit once again by a blast of light energy like I have never felt before. It is literally knocking the planet off its rocker and out of its groove. During the last week-end of January, we experienced the same, and now here we are with round two. Because we are so connected to the earth herself, many who are especially sensitive can feel this blast of energy to a great degree. But in any case, no matter who you are, it will most likely manifest according to how you are wired and how you are connected.
Celia Fenn
When you get to work in the Higher Dimensions, you find that Spirit is very playful. In the old days, in the old 3D energy, you would get your "orders" and do your work. Now, I find it to be more like a game or an adventure, as the synchronicities and the "clues" unfold. In the last ten days or so, I was privileged to be able to work with Spirit and other Lightworkers to seed two "Temples of Light" in my area. I was guided to share these images with you, so that you can feel the energy through the vibrations of the images.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2266 The Splendor of Love

God said: Ego is a symbol of your not knowing Who you are. Bereft of your true Identity, you build a false one. From your mistaken sense of isolation, you build an image of yourself that is called ego. Ego is very tremulous. The stronger-seeming, the weaker it is. It is so sensitive, it is impossible to live in joy with ego present. Ego is grasping and can never be satisfied, for it is always looking for satisfaction rather than to give it. When you know your True Identity, you can only give love instead of looking for it to be given to you. Pay more attention to losing ego than you do to losing weight. Actually, don’t pay attention to ego at all. Don’t give it the time of day. Rather let your attention float to Me. >From littleness to Greatness, you will float. You will march. Here is the secret to happiness in life, and I am giving it to you. Step over the head of ego, and you will know the Godhead.
Esther and Jerry Hicks

Do you like taking thought beyond that which it has been before? Do you want to set aside everything that you have come to know and believe, all at once, and just jump into a whole new understanding? Well, if that is your desire, you are really going about it the hard way. And it also implies that what you have is not working— when it is.

Steve Rother

Steve Rother > The Physical Shift

We tell you that the energy of home is here now. You have summoned it here to be around you every step of the way. It is yours because you set your intent for it to happen, and now it is yours this day. Most of you still have difficulties seeing yourself living in your passion and doing something that you love to do each day. But we tell you that, in most cases, you already have a part of it in your lives. Sometimes it is what you do for a living, or maybe just a part of what you do each day. Sometimes it is something that you get to do once in a while. Whatever it is that defines your passion, that is the part that will define your sacred contract and that is here right now. That is the part that you came here to do-that is your unique contract. No one else can do that contract the same way that you can. That is your unique way of bringing heaven and the vibrations of home to Earth for you to walk in every day. The magic is yours.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2265 Well-Versed in Love

God said: Involve yourself in what matters to you. That seems so obvious, and yet you often go along with what doesn’t feed your inner Being. Move yourself along, beloveds. Follow your star. This is not telling you to be self-centered. This is tell you to be more Self-centered, if even only a little. You don’t want to wander too far away from the significance of your Being. Your Being is an essential gift I gave you. Do not forsake it. Embrace. You are a person, and you are a Divine Light. You are both. Do not give up one for the other. You live in the world. You make your peace with it. And yet you also live in a Divine World that is already made of peace. Have the gentle intention that you will embrace your Divinity. Have the intention that you will see it more, and that, at quiet times, you will favor it.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2263 God’s love

God said: When tears come, let them come. Tears free you. Just the way laughter does. There is no need to restrain tears. When they come, they come. Let them. They serve their purpose. What I say is not to be construed as advice to make crying a hobby. Allow tears, and let them go. Tears are also meant to dry. Tears follow grief, and grief comes and goes. Do not encourage grief. It is not a badge to wear. Tears are not to be constant any more than laughter is. Tears are an outlet, not a resource. You have more choices than sad or happy. There is much in between. You have many rooms in your house, not just two. No longer think that you must have either sadness or happiness. Because you may not feel happy this moment doesn’t mean you have to be sad. You just have to be, beloveds. When you think that you are My instruments, how can you be sad? How sad can you be?


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