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Carrie Hart
Today is a day to be who you are in all ways, to express all that is unique about yourself, to shine out with your differences and be glad. How fortunate you are to be you, to be the person you are in all ways.  How fortunate you are to have this sense of humor, this laugh, this smile.  How wonderful to have this heart full of love and joy. I see you.  I know you.  And what I see and know is a person who is full of goodness and love, a person who shines strongly with light, a person who has some very unique and wonderful gifts to give the world.  This is what I see in you. I know your heart of love.  I know that you have tried so hard to be the best person you can and that you are sometimes disappointed in yourself and your life.  But still, you are full of courage.  Still you are full of love.  And still you go on, walking your path, shining out and doing your very best to make your way in the world.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2262 Written in the Sky

God said: The world often calls to the lowest common denominator, but now call yourself to the highest common denominator, and answer that call. There is a great pull in the world to what is not valuable. It is not for you to be entrapped. It is for you to set the world higher. You are steering the universe, beloveds. It is not for you to accept a shanty boat that sinks. It is not for you to be pulled by the undertow. When there is something you know is unworthy of you, and you are attracted to it, you like to believe that it is curiosity attracting you. It is the reptilian past calling to you. You don’t have to listen. Rather be curious for higher vibrations. Be curious for what benefits you and the world.
Celia Fenn
Dearest Lightworkers, as we discussed with you last month, your planet has entered a chaotic and stressful time. The recent intense electromagnetic Solar activity of December and the transit of Comet McNaught in January has created deep turbulence that is being expressed as feelings of panic and anxiety and depression in many people. You will find, dearest ones, that as the month progresses and as you move towards the period of Mercury retrograde, before the Equinox and the eclipses of March, these feelings of anxiety and panic will increase among many people. There will be increased anxiety around the perceived threat of "global warming" and increased anger at events in the Middle East.
Karen Bishop
Greetings!     We are still in the most awesome of times. We are now residing in a most incredible energy that allows for special connections, miracles to occur, and the realization of our every dreams….. the dreams that we have held dear for our entire lives. It is time for our purposes to finally begin manifesting. The road is now perfectly clear. There will never again be any resistance, roadblocks, or denser and darker energies prohibiting us from creating what we came to create. And in this way, the very new planet Earth is just around the corner……at last. And as always, we are going through the steps necessary to support us in getting where we have always known we would be going. Mercury turns retrograde on the 13 th , but these planetary influences can usually be felt during times before and after the actual dates.
Shelly Dressel
I send you light and love as you are moving through your days~~~
This channel was very cool to for a couple of different reasons. First of all, the Goddess assists us in working with energy. Actually shaping it, rearranging it, shuffling it; then seeing how it will always re-align. This of course is then something we can do with the energy around us in life.
Carrie Hart

Quado > The promise of love and life is here and now

Do not think that because you love to do something that you must do it all of the time, that it must be the complete focus for your life.  Do not think that because you love to do something that it will necessarily be the primary source of income for you as you make your way in the world. There are those for whom this is true and there are those for whom it is not.  But yours is not to judge if one way to live is better than another.  Yours is simply to live, to live each day in the fullest way possible, embracing the joys as they come, learning to face the challenges with calm and composure, digging deep for courage and finding it in a place of deep self-love and acceptance.
Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2262 The Rising Star

God said: Turn in the direction of your closeness with Me. Your spirituality will rise and captivate you. Take more notice of Me. Perhaps you run away from Me. In theory, you can evade Me, but it is not as if you really can, for I pursue you. I will have you enjoin yourself with Me. We will marry, beloveds. We have been betrothed since the beginning of time. You betrothed yourself to Me. You know I am your One and Only. You may dodge away from this thought, but you cannot escape it. When all is said and done, there is you and there is I, and that’s the magnitude of what is. On this you can rely.
Kate Spreckley

Spirit Pathways > Entering into the Heart - Full Moon February 2007

The Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo offers us the opportunity of rapid and radical transformation heralding a time of drastic change and growth.
Neale Donald Walsch
For the largest portion of the Earth's inhabitants the word abundance , as most people now use it, has little meaning. More meaningful to them is the word survival . Yet, no human being should have to worry about day-to-day survival. That should be guaranteed, as should the basic human dignity of sufficient food, clothing and shelter. Why we, as humans, do not share more freely of all that we have (a tiny percentage of the world's people holds a massive percentage of the world's wealth and resources) is no mystery. It is not because we are bad or selfish people. It is because most of us believe in Lack. That is, we believe--even those of us with a great deal (perhaps, especially those with a great deal) believe--that, if we are not watchful, there may not be "enough to go around." This leads to a not unimportant question. When is "enough" enough?
Gloria Wendroff
God said: When you get tense, you worry. When you worry, you get tense. Cast off worry and tension both. They are tightness. They hold onto fear. Worry and tenseness act as if you can control all of life. You can influence, but not control. Fear not. In any case, life will play itself out. What has been started will take its course. What has been started will finish. Be easy with life rather than fretting about what has happened or might happen. Imagine yourself in a hammock with Me. Let’s have a conversation. Let’s look up at the tree above and beyond that to the sky and beyond that to an image of Heaven so serene that you, too, can only be serene. Why would anyone choose worry over serenity? But is that not what you have done and perhaps are doing right now?


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