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Esther and Jerry Hicks
The only reason that you don't allow your natural Well-being is that you have experiences--presented by others, presented by your own life experience, presented by your own conclusions--that cause you to offer vibrations that do not allow the Well-being that is natural to you. That is the only reason that you do not allow. Little ones allow. In other words, we think that you get a little older in your thinking when you think about the newborn that comes forth, because they appear to be so dependent. And, in fact, they need your physical support. But then, when your assumption is that you've got it all figured out, and you decide that you've lived the struggle that you now want to protect them from--what you do is perpetuate an activation of the struggle.
Gloria Wendroff
God said: The dividing line between happiness and sadness is a very fine line. Happiness and sadness are right next to each other, just the way Godwriting and ordinary writing are right next to each other. Side by side. There is hardly  any distance at all. That’s why they’re so easy. In both cases, you have awareness, and you lean your awareness to the left, or you lean your awareness to the right.  In each case, you favor a certain awareness. Each is a direction you take. Have an intent to go in the direction you favor. You can stand closer to happiness. You can sit with it, carry it with you like a purse.
Karen Bishop
Greetings!     March 9th brought in some incredible energy, and I don’t think I have been the same since. With each new energy surge that arrives through our spiritual evolutionary process, a theme comes along with it. So then, we integrate a particular theme within and without, as it arrives within the blueprint of each and every surge and shift. This totally awesome energy that has most recently arrived is carrying a theme that is difficult to describe. For some time, I have been reporting that March will bring in some incredible and amazing energies, and boy, are they ever here. And this most recent energy arriving on the 9th, then, can only be described as something I have never really seen or experienced before. There is a reason that these new energies of March are difficult to describe within a human reference, and again, this is because we have never experienced them before in the 3D reality.
Celia Fenn
Dearest Lightworkers, you have indeed reached an exciting and wonderful time in your transformation process. As you have opened yourselves to receive the Cosmic Fire of the Solar Divine Feminine energy transmitted from the Galactic Sun, you have accelerated your transformation, and as a Collective you are now ready to receive into your inner being and consciousness the rebirth of your Divine Masculine energy. You are rebirthing your inner masculine energy at a higher level of consciousness. Now, dearest souls, many of you have dreamed recently of water and of the ocean. Sometimes these dreams are beautiful, and sometimes they are threatening, depending on how you react to these stirrings of the Masculine energy within. You are connecting with the deep changes that are occurring within the element of WATER on your planet. These are both literal and physical, as well as spiritual and archetypal. These forces and energies are all moving together.
Gloria Wendroff
God said: I bequeathed you to the Universe, and now you bequeath yourself. I gave a gift, and so it is given. I handed you over, and now you serve. What a blessing it is to serve. I serve you. And now you serve others. You serve others in service to Me, and so you serve. I gave you in service, beloveds. I gave My heart to the world. I gave it freely. I gave it in the form of you. I did not make conditions when I gave you to the world nor did I make concessions. There was nothing to concede. You might say that the need for you to give love is a condition, and that’s partly true in that love is a condition for your happiness. And yet, as I gave you life and presented you to the world, I also gave you the freedom of choice. You can love now, or you can love later. Whatever you do or not do, I do not hold it against you. I don’t hold anything against you, beloveds. I hold everything for you.
Esther and Jerry Hicks
 You are much more than you see here in your physical body, for while you are, indeed, a wondrous physical creator, you exist, simultaneously, in another dimension. There is a part of you, a Non-Physical part of you - we call it your Inner Being - that exists right now while you are here in this physical body.
Gloria Wendroff
God said: When you press against something, when you resist, whatever you press against is strengthened. But the fact is, you are not a marshmallow, and there are things for you to resist. When you state your point of view, that is often seen as resistance. And it may be resistance. On the other hand, it may be your place to speak up, you are being resisted. Even so, there is a beautiful side to resistance, and that is that there is caring. Is it not wonderful that people care? And often as much as you. Yet let not the caring be for a matter of principle. Let it not be a matter of ego that holds on and resists, refusing to be surmounted. Let it be strength then for the common good.
Carrie Hart

Quado > Your Future

There are some larger patterns of which you are a part, some intentions of your soul, if you will, that influence your life greatly.  And within this, at your birth, you were granted the gift of free will, to make your individual choices along the way.  But none of these choices are likely to take you completely outside the circle of the larger scope of your life and intentions.  And so, you are making smaller choices within a larger choice that was made by you and for you before your birth. In this way, you can enjoy the perfection of your life at all times, knowing that you are always within the embrace of the beauty and wonder intended for you.  And if you will allow yourself to walk easily and gently through life, or even run freely, or better yet, soar with delight, you will find the most joyful path across your terrain.
Ann Albers

Ann Albers > Own What You Want

My dear friends, we love you so very much. There exist within each one of you authentic dreams and desires which God has planted in your hearts. Deep down each one of you wants to experience the love of God made manifest in many different ways - perhaps through financial security, perhaps through relationship, perhaps through an inner condition such as peace of mind. 

Gloria Wendroff
God said: How beautiful is life when you love. That is enough, just to love, to radiate it, to let love go, soar, encompass the Universe. And yet, when you give love, it has already come back to you. It is done. The love you give will inevitably come back to you, and, yes, a thousandfold. You may protest that is not the case for you, but wait, beloveds, wait. All the love you have given is winding its way back to you, and it will reach you. Anticipation for a return for your love given is not a reason to give love. Give love innocently. Give it for the joy of itself. It is ultimately for your own heart that you give. Give only according to your joy. Giving from sense of duty is wrapping ties around another. Love is not meant to be sacrifice by any measure. Sacrifice diminishes the one you sacrifice for, and it diminishes you. You may think it raises you to a high level, but sacrifice – a sense of sacrifice -- is not sacred. It is not holy.


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