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Ann Albers

My dear friends we love you so very much. Trust that God is in charge and you are indeed alive at some very exciting times. Each of you chose to incarnate at this time upon your planet earth because it is a time like no other, a time that has been predicted, a time whereupon change is rapid and seemingly out of control, and yet dear ones, God is in control.

Shelly Dressel
Nama Sika; Venia Benya.  I am the One; I am the Whole. I greet you beloved family.  Welcome to our time together.  This has been an interesting evening with those of you on the call waiting and with us beginning!  (For some reason, I called 3 times and although it said I was in the room, I was not connected to the others who were online.) What we are going to do as we experience the energies tonight is allow each of you to feel the shift in energies that occur around you. 
Steve Rother

Lightworker > God With a Little 'g'

From Steve: The message that follows is one of the most powerful and direct messages that I recall hearing from the group. They lay out in plain words how many of our belief systems originated and how they can now change to allow us to move to the next level. I am aware that many will not agree with what is said below as it strikes at the heart of many religions and clearly rewrites history as we have known it. Still, it clearly offers direction for changing the road of humanity ahead that will work. It can help us develop the mindset of the empowered human. It's important that we not give our power away by getting wrapped up in conspiracy or drama or who is to blame for what, but rather take solid action to change our world today.
Karen Bishop
Greetings! (For anyone who may have missed it, there is a message for July 10th in the archives as well.) July 11 th opened another energetic doorway, and thus, the higher frequency knob has been turned up once again. These higher energies may have been felt for some as early as the 10 th , but the none-the-less, they are ever present now and will continue on. Physical symptoms during the onset? Severe nausea, vomiting for some, and intestinal activity with diarrhea. Hot flashes or extreme heat and perspiration. Exhaustion. Weakness. Spaciness. Shortness of breath. The ever familiar “I feel as though I have been run over by a truck,” body pain. Coughing and congestion. Back pain. Ah…releasing once again.
Yael and Doug Powell

Circle of Light > God Only Loves

Beloved ones, I Am calling you into a tender relationship with Me ? into a new Love, an expanded power, a greater joy, one in which your humanness is effortlessly transformed into the living Christ, the celebration of My Love. I ask you to remember this word ? effortlessly. The upliftment of your human life is now happening. Now you are relating to life in the human drama as a fascinating testament to the ingenuity of the human imagination, as you let every part of every story give you cause to rejoice -- rejoice in the storyteller?s power. Rejoice in the tool of the amazing little mind. And as you honor it, it will give to you its allegiance and become the wings that take you, like the phoenix, into the new life of the Spirit.
Karen Bishop
Greetings! The intense energies of the past two weeks have finally subsided. As the higher frequency dial was turned further and further to the right, we finally adjusted to and integrated these New and higher frequencies.  One thing that these higher frequencies served to accomplish was a last bit of purging and releasing of the denser energies, but they also created an environment of instant manifestation. In regard to the purging of the last (well, not quite the last) bit of darker and denser energies, this manifested in several ways. Many experienced wild, strange, and confusing dreams that had a bit of horror to them. And in the physical, North Korea decided to launch some missiles. Even though they did not go anywhere, this darker and denser energy was activated and began moving.
Lee Carroll
Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. It's a precious time here, tonight. I want my partner settled down, because the emotion of this moment might be too much for him, for there will be a message. But beyond that, there's something waiting to happen that may seem miraculous to some of you. There are those here who will leave differently than they came and all of the preparation of the day is centered on this moment.
Ann Albers

My dear friends we love you so very much. My dear friends we love you so very much. There is within each of your hearts a desire to rest for you work so very hard. And yet many of you feel that rest is unproductive and that you are never going to get things done if you allow yourselves the time to play. Play dear ones, in balance, is sacred. Play frees your mind and elevates your spirit. Play gets your mind out of the way, enlivens your heart, and gives God a little room to work in your lives.

Celia Fenn
Dearest Lightworkers, as you enter into this new cycle of Love and Light that will be so powerful in its Healing Radiance, you will begin to experience greater inner joy as the Angelic Soul families find each other and begin to create Networks and Communities of Light. And indeed, these will be powerful. Many of you have felt isolated and lonely in recent months, as you have let go of your past attachments and you have waited for the new to manifest into form. Well, now it begins. Many new doors will open for you as Lightworkers come together to begin creating the forms and structures and the bridges of Light and Compassion that will create New Earth society.
Neale Donald Walsch
Contentment is most often reached by the five-step process of abandonment, requirement, resentment, argument and discernment that we have discussed here in the past two issues of the Weekly Bulletin.   On the road to Contentment it is possible to stop at any step along the way, and to remain stuck there. When this happens, that is as far as a person journeys along the path of personal and spiritual development in this lifetime.  


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