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Celia Fenn

This article or channel was originally given as an individual channel for a client. Archangel Michael asked me to publish it as an article, with the client's permission. He felt that the information given here is important for all humans who are going through the "completion" phase of the Ascension process right now.

Yael and Doug Powell
It is another dawn, not only of a new day but the dawning of a new awareness of life and its meaning ? a new awareness of perspective and of the luminous nature of your being. Today I open you into a great expanse of the living light and I show you that your being is Love and that this is that which you truly are. You are the living fires of Creation, fully conscious, fully Love, granted by your place at the center of the great OM, the ability to expand or contract according to the Will of Love.
Yael and Doug Powell
As Jesus stood that day in the river, the day when John the Baptist acknowledged him, what happened then was that the living Spirit came and rent the body in two and freed his magnificent heart. It freed him to be only Love, pure God consciousness and heart with no limiting points of perception anywhere at all. In other words, even though he was here in service, he suddenly became aware that service was moving through him from the fountainhead of life from the Moment of Creation, and that the phenomena of the physical world would totally dissolve and he would not lose his place, his perception or his ability to serve, but rather he would be free to see every heart for what it is and every life and living breath as the breathing loving whole.
Ann Albers

My dear friends we love you so very much. Pray for the earth. She loves you so very much. The earth is alive. She is a spirit you walk upon. She is much more resiliant than you might imagine and yet like any good mother would be ever so grateful for a little love and gratitude from those she supports so unselfishly. And then dear ones after you offer up your prayers for this very beautiful spirit that does indeed support all of you, allow her spirit to nurture you in return.

Karen Bishop
Greetings!     With the higher frequencies of light now at our fingertips, much is happening, and most of it is dependent upon where you are energetically, and what you are choosing to connect to or make your priority. I love these energies, because we can manifest almost immediately. I have had so much manifesting for me, that I can barely keep up with myself. Have a casual desire, and it seems to show up within 24 hours. And the supports that are arriving for our desires are arriving at record speed and in monumental amounts. Things we have been wanting for a long time seem to suddenly be arriving. Almost as if having a magic wand or a personal genie, the supports from the higher realms cannot seem to do enough for us.
Neale Donald Walsch
The Second Major Step on the Path to Self Awareness is Enlargement.   The 3 minor steps leading to Enlargement are: stopping, starting, and sustaining. My experience has been that once Contentment is achieved, the soul yearns for more of that experience.   It wishes to have a larger encounter with, and a grander expression of, the True Self. This feeling arises not out of a lack of contentment, but rather, out of an appreciation of it.   The word "appreciation" is used here as a double helix.   That is, two meanings are intended to be used at once.   1. The first, most common, definition of "appreciation" is: a show of gratitude, as in: He expressed his deep appreciation. 2. The second definition of "appreciation" is: an enlargement or increase, as in: There was a significant appreciation in the property's value.
Ann Albers

My dear friends we love you so very much. Trust that God is in charge and you are indeed alive at some very exciting times. Each of you chose to incarnate at this time upon your planet earth because it is a time like no other, a time that has been predicted, a time whereupon change is rapid and seemingly out of control, and yet dear ones, God is in control.

Shelly Dressel
Nama Sika; Venia Benya.  I am the One; I am the Whole. I greet you beloved family.  Welcome to our time together.  This has been an interesting evening with those of you on the call waiting and with us beginning!  (For some reason, I called 3 times and although it said I was in the room, I was not connected to the others who were online.) What we are going to do as we experience the energies tonight is allow each of you to feel the shift in energies that occur around you. 
Steve Rother

Lightworker > God With a Little 'g'

From Steve: The message that follows is one of the most powerful and direct messages that I recall hearing from the group. They lay out in plain words how many of our belief systems originated and how they can now change to allow us to move to the next level. I am aware that many will not agree with what is said below as it strikes at the heart of many religions and clearly rewrites history as we have known it. Still, it clearly offers direction for changing the road of humanity ahead that will work. It can help us develop the mindset of the empowered human. It's important that we not give our power away by getting wrapped up in conspiracy or drama or who is to blame for what, but rather take solid action to change our world today.
Karen Bishop
Greetings! (For anyone who may have missed it, there is a message for July 10th in the archives as well.) July 11 th opened another energetic doorway, and thus, the higher frequency knob has been turned up once again. These higher energies may have been felt for some as early as the 10 th , but the none-the-less, they are ever present now and will continue on. Physical symptoms during the onset? Severe nausea, vomiting for some, and intestinal activity with diarrhea. Hot flashes or extreme heat and perspiration. Exhaustion. Weakness. Spaciness. Shortness of breath. The ever familiar “I feel as though I have been run over by a truck,” body pain. Coughing and congestion. Back pain. Ah…releasing once again.


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