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Steve Rother

Steve Rother > Beacons of Light November 2020: Intersection Of Time

I join you this day because your time has intersected again. You’re moving at an incredible pace. Although we know that there are difficulties, it’s working. There are challenges or energy rubs that you experience as you are coming back together. 

Judith Coates

Oakbridge University > The Coin

You have been having quite a week of it, a lot of energy in this geographical/ geopolitical area, a lot of energy that has been happy and a lot of energy that has been not so happy and a lot of energy that has been questioning, a lot of energy waiting to behold...

Shanta Gabriel

This message from Archangel Gabriel suggests a useful practice that allows us to create a time frame in which we cease judging ourselves. Give yourself a fast from negative thoughts about yourself.

Kate Spreckley

This has been a year of powerful and intense energy, which has significantly enhanced our awareness and expanded our consciousness. Many profound changes have occurred as much of what we previously perceived as reality has come up for revision.

Brenda Hoffman

Brenda Hoffman > Not Losing it, Changing it

You are likely experiencing emotional ups and downs because you are changing in ways you never have before while of the earth. Perhaps you think such information is merely a cover for the chaos happening in your outer world. 

Cheryl Richardson

Cheryl Richardson > Going for the Gold

For more years than I care to remember, I’ve celebrated my birthday by making a list of ten intentions for the upcoming year. It was a ritual inspired by my friend Jules back in my early twenties.

Kate Spreckley

There are incredible benefits to the period we are currently moving through. These benefits include the opportunity for us to redefine who we are and how we live. We have the opportunity to be a part of a new world, a new reality where...

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > Giving up Is Giving In

Today the angels talk about various ways we can be the peace, the light, and the love this earth needs. I'll talk about how giving up control of those things we can't change is peace, and how we can do it more easily.

Kelly M. Beard

Karmic Tools > Weekly Forecast: November 15 – 21, 2020

This Scorpio New Moon is really powerful for *seeding* your deepest, soul-level desires. This is an annual opportunity to return to the Infinite Void (conception point) and set some completely new intentions.

Kate Spreckley

With yesterday’s New Moon the urge to find purpose and meaning in our lives is building as the energies continue to push us forward. New Moons are a good time to plant seeds for the future.


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