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Lee Carroll

Kryon > Coming Discoveries

We have discussed the metaphor of a factory that cannot stop. After some time, it starts to be dysfunctional, and those operating it start a process of greed and lack of integrity. It becomes so bad that it becomes badly inefficient, yet, nobody can stop it. It’s too big. 

Brenda Hoffman

Brenda Hoffman > Wake Up and Accept Your Power

Since you can create what you need when you need it, there is no fear you cannot overcome. You are the power of you. No one can take away that power or your independence.

Harold W. Becker

The Love Foundation > Living Joyful Lives

Love is who we are and joy is our innate and natural way of being. At our core, we are truly magnificent creators of infinite potential. With every breath, the cooperative components of our lives synchronize to the rhythm of our heartbeat...

Kate Spreckley

As we stand at this juncture in our human history, we are required to take time integrate our experiences, to let go of that which we have outgrown and discover a deeper understanding of who we are and what we as a human race require for our continued existence.

Shanta Gabriel

Shanta Gabriel > Create a Boundless Reality

As long as life is unfolding moment to moment in constant change, you may feel as though you have lost your grounded presence on Earth. This can be disconcerting when you believe you need that solid foundation to function...

Kelly M. Beard

Karmic Tools > Weekly Forecast: October 10 – 16, 2021

10/10 completes the annual retrograde and as long as Saturn is in its home sign of Capricorn, it activates a tremendous amount of stabilizing energy that you can direct consciously on your own behalf. In general, you can look to any area of your life...

Kate Spreckley

With this weekend’s 10:10 portal opening and Saturn moving direct, after 5 months of retrograde, there’s a significant shift in the incoming energies. So much of this year has been about recalibrating and upgrading ourselves and our lives. 

Dana Mrkich

As topsy turvy as the world is right now, October will at least bring with it a feeling of moving on to the next chapter of your/our current story. It’s like we’ve been trudging up this latest hill for months, not exactly sure what lies on the other side.

Diana Cooper

Diana Cooper > The Earth Star Chakra

Many years ago when my fifth dimensional chakras started to come in and I first became aware of the Earth Star chakra, I used to sense it as black and white below my feet. Months later my impression was that it was dark grey and then gradually...

Cheryl Richardson

Cheryl Richardson > Time for a Change

As I continue my training as a professional lounger, I thought I’d share a blog I wrote about change. Although I’m getting better at “adaptation” I have to admit that adjusting to post-shutdown life has been tricky...


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