Divine Timing And Claiming Your Personal Power

Divine timing is of the utmost importance in your lives and in your world today. Throughout your day you will find many instances where you have choices to make and you may make these choices in haste, from the ego and the personality, or you may make these choices from your Sacred Heart Center. Choose to make your daily choices from your Sacred Heart Center. Take a moment and do not allow yourselves to be rushed.

Connect in with your inner wisdom, and your Sacred Heart, and listen. Listen to the small voice within you. This is your higher guidance, the guidance of your God Self. This guidance is the guidance that will keep you on the highest path. It will direct you to make the highest choice, choices which will ultimately build upon your growth and your successes that you so desire to create. Acting in haste and on impulse, are actions of the ego self, causing you to make decisions, that may not be for your highest good and the highest good of all.

We encourage you to continue to listen. Listen and connect in, as you find the balance which will allow you to flow within the River of Life, to flow in Divine harmony with the universe. When you move too quickly, you become out of harmony, and when you move too slowly, you will also find your Self out of balance. Find the middle path in alignment with your divine Self, and begin to flow with the River of Life. It is as if you gently row, with the currents of a river, moving perfectly with the flow. When you row too hard and fast, you may find that you lose direction with the river and are buffeted by the currents. When you row too slowly, you may find that you are left behind and must begin the process of reentering the flow of the river and redirecting your movements. Listen to your inner wisdom Dear Ones; it will not lead you astray. Take the time needed and notice the flow of your daily lives and spend time meditating on the flow of your overall activities and lives.

Spend time in meditation, as your begin to hold your personal power, and listen to your own inner guidance. We ask you to begin the process of connecting with the Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters are a group consciousness, a group consciousness which you each aspire to integrate into your consciousness. Ask to connect with this group consciousness and bring this into your awareness. As you begin to be comfortable with the essence of the group consciousness, ask them to reveal to you Divine information which will assist you on your spiritual path.

You may ask for Divine information for humanity and for the blueprint for the Golden Age which humanity and the earth are entering. You may greatly assist all humanity as you attune to the Divine plan as it is meant to unfold. Listen, and be open to receive. Practice; write down the information that comes to you. Listen to the inner wisdom which is revealed to you. You each have this capability within you. It is another expression of holding and claiming your personal power as you listen to your own inner guidance rather than the guidance of others. Your guidance, Beloved Ones, is the guidance which will lead you to the heights of your spiritual path. You have the ability to speak to the Ascended Masters and gain this wisdom they are so willing to share with you. This is their service and their purpose, to assist you on your spiritual path as you return to balance and harmony. Claim this gift that is being given to each of you.

Each of you resonates with the vibrations of particular Ascended Masters. Once you are fully attuned to the group vibration of the Ascended Masters, begin to focus on the vibrations of the Ascended Masters which you resonate with. Choose one Ascended Master, and meditate and connect with their vibration. Feel it, resonate with it, and ask questions of the Ascended Master. Be ready to write down information you receive. Be ready to receive the answers however they may come to you, be it in meditation, through new thought forms, through the voices of those around you, through the written word.

Claim your personal power, Beloved Ones. It is of utmost importance for your growth, and for your success, in all your endeavors. Do not give your power to God, as God does not want your personal power. God wants you to claim the qualities, virtues and attributes of the Seven Rays. Claiming your personal power is foremost in learning to master these Rays, as you become the personality of God. You are asked to attune to God’s Will, and surrender to God’s Will, but you are asked to claim your personal power in service to the Divine.

Pay great attention as to the phenomenon of claiming your personal power in service to the ego. You must notice your thoughts and actions, and bring them always to your heart center in service of the Divine, holding your personal power in service of the Divine. This Dear Ones, is a most important aspect of the path to self realization. Be vigilant, as there are those who believe they have mastered the ego, only to fall back on the spiritual path, as they become susceptible to the ego, once again. As new lessons and spiritual tests continue to be presented, the stakes become higher as you move into your realm of service. You will be challenged anew with lessons, to see if you have mastered the ability to remain in your truth and integrity, and your highest guidance and inner wisdom. You will continue to be tested to see if you will remain attuned to God’s Will. We ask you to be very aware, and remain diligent as you continue to release all lower aspects of the ego. As you do this, you will find that the information you receive through spirit and the masters will also have clarity consistent with the higher realms, rather than tainted by the workings of the ego.

We of the higher realms are here with you in Love and Joy, ready to assist you in every moment. Call on us, Beloved Ones. There is much wisdom ready for you to tap into. Allow us to assist you in this process, as you claim your personal power and return to the balance and harmony, peace and prosperity, and the joy and Love of the Sacred Heart which is your Divine birthright.

I am Sananda.


eaprin 19th June 2010 6:07 pm

Thank you Michellle for the message from Sananda. I have been asking for guidance when my Guides come around recently, and I honestly believe this message from Sananda was my answer. I have worked with
and read a lot of the Ascended Masters material a few years back when I was going through some heavy duty spiritual growth and initiations. And now I feel very strongly that I am in need of in-depth support and alignment for my souls purpose. I AM going to tap into the ,"Divine Timing And Claim My Personal Power".

Thank you so much, and God bless you for this message.



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Medical Intuitive and Quantum Practitioner, Michelle is a vibrational healer, practices healing touch, and also works within the human matrix.  She is a messenger for Archangel Michael, Jeshua and also receives wisdom through the Akashic Records, and is a disciple of the Kriya Yoga spiritual lineage.


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