The Love Of The Sacred Heart

In each moment of each day, it is most important for you to keep your attention on and within your Sacred Heart.  Each moment is of the utmost importance in time.  Each moment is a moment of the Now and that is the only moment that has any significance in all of Creation.  This moment of the Now is the only moment where you have the power to be and live and do that which you wish to create.  This moment of the Now is the All That Is, the Divine moment, the Elixir of Life

You may also know that the Elixir of Life is Love, and that Love is the All That Is.  This love is within you, within your Sacred Heart.  Focus on this Love; make it your entire focus, each and every moment.  When you find your thoughts and your mind wandering, return to the Love of the Sacred Heart.  You may do this by choosing an affirmation, or a mantra which resonates with you.  You may choose to use the word love, as a mantra.  When your thoughts wander, your may bring your attention back to your Sacred Heart, by repeating the word love, over and over again, in your conscious mind.  This will instantly bring your attention back into your Sacred Heart. 

You may choose such mantras as Aum, peace, joy, Om Shanti.  You may simply say the word God.  These are mantras of the highest vibration which will lift you up, away from the lower thoughts which penetrate your daily existences.  Do not despair; it takes practice to train the mind to follow this procedure.  As you find your thoughts drifting away, simply bring them back with the affirmation of love, or the mantra you have chosen.  You may like to vary your mantras and affirmations, but you will find it most effective if you use one continually for the period of at least a week. This solidifies the thought form within the Sacred Heart and Mind and you will instantly come back to that vibration. 

You will find this technique most effective as you go through your day and encounter situations which are not of the vibration of love.  As you practice holding this vibration and with your conscious thoughts, returning yourself to this vibration at will, you will be able to hold this frequency, this vibration, more easily and soon you will Be Love, in all of the Now moments.

It is of the greatest importance at this time to realize and hold the vibration of Love..  More and more of you are beginning to understand that Love is indeed, all there is, it is the All That Is.  It is you, it is each person your encounter each day in your daily lives, it is every animal, it is the plant kingdom, it is the mineral kingdom, it is everywhere and everything.  It is all aquatic life, it is every grain of sand.  It is the All.  There is nothing else.  Meditate in the quietness of Love in your Sacred Heart and you will begin to understand the expansiveness of Love.

You have heard much dialog as to the increased vibrations which are now being showered upon your beloved earth.  These vibrations are those of Love and you may access these vibrations through your Sacred Heart and the purity of your thoughts.  Thoughts of lower vibrations and negativity will deny your access to the highest vibration of Love.  You must keep your thoughts pure and your heart fully open to receive this gift that humanity is now being given.  Hold your intentions pure and you will be showered with these blessed vibrations of Love, and the All That Is will permeate every facet of your being.  

I am with you always in the Love of The All That Is.



simon 15th December 2009 1:07 pm

I'm new to this, Pardon my ignorance, but, Who Ordained you? I am under the impression this is a journey to find the truth in ones self,;forgiving ones self, trusting in ones self, to love ALL For Love is all there is. So my question is, How do you know when you have risen above all others to be Ordained by Another who must have done so before you in order to ordain you? To me according to my past experiences, anyone who is ordained needs to be a member of some group or cult please en-lighten me.

bettina 15th December 2009 5:54 pm

To Simon: there is nothing wrong in admitting you are learning. We all are. :) If you are looking for more information on Michelle, or Jeshua (as I couldn't tell who you were directing your question to) enter either name in the search of this site. I found a wonderful article on Jeshua,

as I wasn't sure who he was either--Yet I was looking for information on the Christ Consciousness. :) Good luck. Be blessed.

k 15th December 2009 8:49 pm

Oh Simon, thank you!! I am glad I am not the only skeptic and seeker, wondering how this is really real. I do not know about all of this either, but I still read and comment in my own skeptical way. I guess we are each on our own path and we all see things differently based on our own experiences. But, I know no one has all the answers and we each need to examine every message posted to determine if it seems to resonate with what is inside of us. That light inside of us tells us what is true and we know when we read something that it is or is not our truth. So, we all keep open minds and grasp what is revealed to us, because it is not really the messages that are the bottom line, but what we precieve in the messages that resonates with what we can see and understand in relationship to our own experiences. Thank you for questioning, it is only through questioning that we really get the answers we seek.

k 15th December 2009 9:11 pm

Simon, when you are as old as I am, you can read people and their photos. I read some on the messages, but avoid the ones that do not seem to have the right aura to their photos. Being a skeptic, if a contributor has pasted the photo review and I read their message, but, if it does not seem to be the truth to me, I do not read their contributions anymore. I have become very selective as to what I allow into my experience. I really love skeptics and I very much enjoyed your post. We should not ever take what is dished out to us as the whole truth and we should not ever think we have the whole truth. It is the seeker who always questions and searches who will have the truth in the end. Now, being an old person, I will suggest a few texts that will ease a troubled mind in their need to know the truth. The Emerald Tablet is my bible and inspiration, the Kore Kosmou and the Pistis Sophia will give insight and help with understanding. If you seek you will find. Listen to music, David Arkenstone, Gandalf, 2002, Liquid Mind,etc. Keep you mind open and always question. I am sending you love.

leigh 16th December 2009 2:18 am

Greetings Simon

when you love one self , then you love all . we are all one whether we understand it or not . whether we accept it or not . each one of us walks our own path . on this path there is no need to be ordained . no one is higher than another . when you love one self then you will love all . this is a journey in to one self . to find and explore the kingdom with in one self . there is no need for judgement of one self or of an- other - self . as above so below . there are many energies gallexies and intelligent life forces , all coming from one great central source . we all need to find our own truth and we need to use discerment when reading or istening to channeled messages . each step leads us to a greater understanding of self . the energy of the christ jeshua is a beautiful gentle loving energy that helps us to keep the pure energy flowing threw us in a day to day , moment to moment way .

wishing you love and light on your journey in to self en light ment

simon 16th December 2009 11:20 am

Love To ALL of You and I Thank You for the Kind words. k, I too, am advancing in years, and what you wrote, I felt as it were myself speaking..everyting you mentioned I lived it. May be we're on a parallel path, after all, Are We Not ONE?


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