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Beloved Ones,

At this time, it is appropriate to let you know that I have taken the name Sananda, in the higher realms. The name Sananda reflects the spiritual progression and the growth and wisdom and initiations I have since accomplished in my return to the higher realms. It is an honoring of who I am now. The Jesus, the Jeshua, you know of the past, is my essence which you are familiar with, the essence which incarnated 2000 years ago upon your planet. You must understand that spiritual growth is an ongoing, never ending process. It is one of complete joy, of Love, of service, a process which will fulfill you in your quest for the Oneness you each so desire. This spiritual growth is being sought by each of you at a planetary level at this time.

There are a few of you who have surpassed the planetary level of growth and are now seeking to attain your solar initiations. It is within the reach of each of you. You must first understand that there is much greater spiritual growth beyond the planetary level. Once you achieve planetary ascension, there is solar ascension, galactic ascension, universal, and multi universal ascension. Once you have achieved these levels of initiation, you then proceed to cosmic levels of awareness and initiation. To proceed in this process you must become balanced, and integrate each level of initiation. No soul will be allowed to proceed past a certain level of initiation without integrating, balancing and harmonizing the four bodies, and all aspects of each initiation which are required. This is why you are being asked continually, Beloved Ones, to focus on balancing your four bodies, bringing your physical, your emotional, your mental and your spiritual bodies, into a balanced, whole, integrated consciousness. This, you must first achieve, as you progress along this sacred journey of life, and strive to attain your mastery.

Many of you struggle with your ego desire body, and find yourselves in the lower mental and emotional planes. Be loving and gentle with yourselves, Beloved Ones. As you notice your thoughts and emotions, use affirmations, release all that does not serve you, replacing thoughts of your lower desire body with thoughts which serve your highest good and the highest good of all, you will make great strides in raising your consciousness. Many of you have achieved a high level of spiritual growth, yet still struggle with your lower emotions, fear, and the lower desires of the physical body. You must find the balance, integrating the higher aspects of all seven chakras, all seven rays, and release the lower aspects of the seven chakras and the seven rays. Focus your attention in this direction, Dear Ones. Strive to bring all aspects of your Self into harmony and balance.

The pendulum swings wide in the third and fourth dimensions. It must be your desire to bring the pendulum into the center, in balance and harmony. You will find the pendulum stops swinging when it returns to the center. This, Beloved Ones, is your Sacred Heart, bringing you into complete Oneness with the All That Is, your God Self. This is the Love, the joy, the wisdom, the peace and the flow of the River of Life which each of you seek. This is God within you, and you are One, you are God. You have come home to this knowing, this knowledge, which becomes wisdom, as you release all lower aspects of your Self and become and Be the higher aspects of your Self.

There are those of you who believe that it becomes easy as you move into the higher levels of initiation, and as you pass into solar level initiations and beyond. Certain aspects do become easier, as you release lower desires, fear, and emotions of the ego. You will find that you will flow in the River of Life as you move into the higher emotions, into the Love of your Sacred Heart, and you once more have the Adamantine Particles available to you for the creation of your heart’s desires. These Adamantine Particles are the foundation of all creation and the Elixir of Life, freely available to you when you are the essence of Love, and are creating for the highest good of all creation. As you progress into the higher initiations, you will find that much is expected, as much is given. You will be expected to live in impeccability, in truth, integrity and the Love of your Sacred Heart. Spiritual gifts will be given as you show your capacity to maintain the higher levels of initiation. There will be new spiritual tests as you progress along the path of cosmic initiations and ascension. For this is the path, Beloved Ones, it is a path, which is straight and narrow, leading you back to the Source, the Creator, to God, of which you are. This is the journey you have embarked upon, and it will take you much farther than your planetary ascension with your beloved Mother Earth.

There is much to do, to bring your beloved Mother Earth back to the pristine planet she once was. Most of you will stay to assist in this transformation, and there are those of you who will be complete with this lifetime, and assist through the higher realms to bring earth into her magnificent splendor she will once again achieve. Each of you have a divine blueprint which will guide you in your choice as to how you will assist in completing this sacred journey you are about to conclude in the third dimension.

Stay focused in the Love of your Sacred Heart, Beloved Ones, and never waiver, as you continue to lift your Selves above and release the lower vibrations of the ego desire body.

I am here with you, in the Love of your Sacred Heart.

I am Sananda.


johneblums 14th May 2010 8:29 am

SAN-AN-DA Son (of the Root/genesis: God-dess AN)
of "DA-LA-MAT-IA", an alternative name for Paradise, and the origin of the word GRA-DAL-AI-LAMA.

DonH SA 15th May 2010 2:11 am

Dear Sananda & Michelle, I have problems with the term “higher” used herein. Surely it is hierarchical. Being an extraction/part of the One Source, I cannot see anything ‘higher’ than me, earth, the sun, man, the 4th dimension, other living terras, etc. It goes on and on. Via own receivals & in a huge number of transmissions I have read that these hierarchical terms do not really exist ie higher/lower, good/bad, elected/doomed, etc.
Is’nt it time for you & us to find alternative terms? Instead of “higher” let’s use further, etc. The so termed “Higher Self” could be referred to as “Home Self”; the “Higher” in yr message could be replaced by ‘Further Developed”. Etc.
In this Sananda message the old paradigm ‘lower’ & ‘higher’ are just used too much. Let us adapt to the new paradigm. Please.

DonH SA 15th May 2010 2:16 am

J, the "An' therein (in San-AN-da) bothers me...An-u, the ex King of Nibiru/Annunaki, our "God-the-Father".
Were there two Jesus's (Yeshuas) in our 4th Dimension? one being an alleged fake. And how many are there now?

k 15th May 2010 6:24 pm

It is interesting that some of the messages seem like the author is projecting thier own ego issues on to the readers. We all do this to a degree as it is our perception of our world based on our own issues. To be of service suggests that there is bad in the world that we have to fix, when really everything is designed according to God's will and how does a human fix an illusion of his own making?.... Only by fixing himself. Then our perception tends to change and we see through the illusion of pain and suffering and know that all is good and does not need to be fixed. We are all here in this dream to learn our own lessons and know that everyone has their own path according to God's will not ours regardless of how much we want to serve and help. Hermes in the Corpus Hermeticum said.. "The greatest bad there is, is not to know God's Good." We can look at our world and see the bad, but when we do we are choosing to remain in duality. When we choose faith in God's goodness and Divine plan we let go of our need to control or feed our ego by doing what we think is good.

DonH SA 16th May 2010 1:05 am

K, yr contribution forces one to read it & re-read. Fab. I am still wondering why this Sananda (note NOT Yeshua/Jesua) would suddenly stray off track, differing from previous-channeled guidance, & why the over doing of old paradigm terms, as if “HIGHER” is very important to this Sananda. Something in the message does not quite ring the church bell.
Once, some time ago, while facing in strayed, opposing ego another, on UTube, whom I saw as a black monster, I received the following as part from a message from the dimensions: “Remember, as when any human channels, they tune into their own thought form, held in their own DNA, be it from the light or the dark. Be cautious when any soul promises miracles in one’s life or evolution.”
You know, reading the various channels diligently, one could say ANYTHING GOES, old & new paradigm, high & low, God & Creator (this still the great, planned confusion, esp if THE ONE is to find space herein), etc.
I & we need clarity herein & why channeled messages differ so vastly.

mifasolasi 16th May 2010 10:00 am

..and so it is...
Thank You!!!

DonH SA 16th May 2010 12:35 pm

From this channeled message: “…use affirmations,…”.
Tobias (I have questions & huge concern here) or one of his counterparts, on Crimson, warned against using affirmations. Now San-AN-da recommends it. Whose word & guidance do we take? And why two opposing recommendations?
This being only one example. Many can be cited. What I deduce from it is no unanimity in guidance, nor total unity in the dimensions. This spells to me that Armageddon (the huge differences coming to the fore in battle for all) is not overcome, it still remains a choice…and it will still happen.
I so wish man can/may be spared this and that the message “all is one and all” coming from the dimensions may be accepted as fact in all. But to no avail.
Let us (the blind ants of the universe) weep!

DonH SA 16th May 2010 2:16 pm

What I am trying to point out to is the THE WARS IN “HEAVEN”, as well as the basic, waring principle, have not been resolved in our 4th dimension & in the dimensions (and even if it could be resolved in our changing 4th dimension, it is of little use without the dimensions following suit); so they will keep flaring up until the point of full-out war, the final conflict, for which them Darkies have their man/spirit in place & on his way…Hi, Tobias…or shall I call you by your more known/recent name under our people? I do not think this SanANda is the leader-to-be of them Light/religious ones. No An-u-s to be this. Who will it be? Any suggestions?


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