Mirri Rocks

Mirri Rocks

Mirri is a multidimensional artist and empowerment facilitator, who is specialized in working with children, teachers and parents. She loves to explore life through different art forms.  She feels herself like a kid that loves to play all day.  Wherever she goes she loves to share that playfulness. It's her passion to create an empowering safe space for the new children.  Mirri developed Creative Empowerment Coaching: a playful healing modality for children and teens together with Elleke. She combines her passions: children, playing, facilitating, writing, designing and theatre in her work. Mirri  lives in Holland, and loves to walk in the forest. She feels connected to the new children.

? Mirri offers Energy Activations* and Multidimensional Soul Pictures.  Multidimensional Soul Pictures are a special way to experience your whole self on a soul level in a visual Energy Impression and in a written channeling. You can visit New Energy Art here:  http://mirrirocks.com

? It's Mirri's passion to work with multidimensionality and children. She's working on the leading edge, offering new insights every month. You can get an Empowerment Boost and visit Creative Empowerment Coaching here: http://newchildren.net

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