Soul Transitions April 2008 Vibe Report

April will be ushering in many openings to new pathways. What have you been wishing and praying for? Your prayers will begin to bear fruit, if they haven’t already. We see a great wave, a wall of energy moving forward, getting ready to break. This energy will move many onto their new pathways, and push those who are already on their new pathways further along – all is riding on the tide of your intentions.  

You may be feeling moments or even days of high energy, inspiration and positive joyful feeling, only to have it all drop off into a kind of doldrum. Understand in those moments that the energy is simply integrating and building momentum as you are being prepared to receive more of the high vibrational energies. There is a pulse to this flow, just like the blood flowing in your veins, there is a rhythm and pulse to the energetic currents. Call on your angels and guides to help you stay the course. 

Aches and pains, tiredness, no energy or inspiration, a feeling of disconnect, this is all part of the flow, so just be in the moment of now. Get out of your head and into your heart. Connect to the Oneness of all. Gather in your groups and generate the energy of love together. We have been saying that the changes in human destiny are happening at the grass roots level with each individual, and so when you gather with others of like hearts, laughing together or meditating together, you can consciously create a wave of light and love and send it out all around the earth – see it being amplified by all those who harmonize with the wave you are creating. In this way it grows and fills the aura of the Earth with love.   

In your meditation practice, draw in the high energies. Vision the energy from Spirit coming into your body like tiny sparkling lights, filling your entire body. Feel the nectar of warmth and well-being bathing you deliciously within and without. As you continue to evolve you will sustain such feelings for longer amounts of time. That’s the idea… as you rise into the energies, you open more and more and the energy fills you with the sweet nectar of love. As you release the old, you open a space for the new. 

Here’s a visualization for transforming negative thought patterns: Vision a field of violet light all around you at the edge of your aura. See within the light a violet net that catches all of your negative thoughts before they go out into the ethers. Here, the thoughts are infused with violet light of transformation. You add your compassion and commitment to your soul growth, infusing the thoughts with love and with your intentions for the Highest Good. You transform them into positive thoughts and then set them free. Our thoughts fly out into our future – creating our future through the energetic vibration they carry. Request your spirit guides to keep this net in place and help you to transform any negativity that you are generating. And so it is. 

During this time of transformation, it is essential to have physical exercise every day. Even if it’s only five minutes of stretching. This is important to keep the energy moving. You are processing very high energies very rapidly. Keep it flowing. 

You may notice an increased awareness of Spirit within you – an awareness of your spirit inhabiting a physical body. Feel your Self in your body… your essence, your Spirit… in this physical body in this physical existence called Life on Earth. Feel spirit permeating your body. Feel your connection to your body growing stronger. Feel the energy spreading out and see tributaries flowing out in all directions from your physical body. This feels like history – the physical history of your unique DNA – the pathway of your physical ancestry. There’s a golden and silvery thread flowing through it all… the Mystic Bloodline. Ponder that, if you will… 

The treasure is in our blood. The very bloodline of our chosen physicality goes far back in time through all the ages of humanity’s existence on Earth. We are the grail. We have the energy of the Christ within us, as well as the divine energy of spirit. 

The jewel is in our blood, in our DNA alight with the energy of Spirit. The higher energies are awakening the jewels within us.  

Let it shine, baby!

Let it Shine

Let it Shine

Let it Shine! 

Nancy Leilah Ward


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Nancy Leilah Ward

Leilah is an intuitive empath and seer and has been providing soul guidance for people worldwide since 2005. In 1981, when living in Brooklyn, NY, she experienced a spontaneous awakening, which led her onto a path of healing the pain of self-loathing, unworthiness, self-criticism, shame and guilt


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