Soul Transitions January 2008 Vibe Report

The year 2008 is a 1 year – a year of new beginnings. In the last several years we have cleared much energy that we no longer need and are now prepared to navigate new energies of higher vibration than ever before. This New Year is a year for opening to deeply loving ourselves. Self love and acceptance is our next step to healing and evolution.   

We are vibrating at high frequencies in a very dense place. It is essential to connect with ourselves at a soul level. This is your energetic signature - the feeling of the vibration that is you. Open to your soul – allow your soul’s expression to flow through you. Know who you are. Now is the time of awakening, of acceleration. The more of the higher vibration we can hold, the more we will raise the vibration of energy on Earth. 

We come to you in light and splendor for a very auspicious time is at hand. You may not realize it but you all have come so far and are now ready to reap the rewards of your arduous journey. You have been honest with yourselves in addressing feelings that have arisen from the past, feelings that have come up for clearing and indeed you have cleared much residual energy. The feelings that re-occur are part of your energetic matrix and it is how you respond to the situations that awaken the feelings that matters now. Do you allow yourselves to get lured in and manipulated into fear, or do you acknowledge, breathe, and move on? You will notice that you are able to do the latter more and more effortlessly. The old energies do not have anywhere to connect or magnetize to you because you have released the feelings that corresponded to the hook – the electromagnetic frequency that allowed the connections to be made has been disabled and you have turned away from the energies that held you in thrall.  

The unconscious enslavement to fear has been, and is still being diffused. As this process continues, feelings of panic may arise. This is part of the release of fear. The darkness is losing its grip and panic is a last-ditch attempt to hold you in fear. The energy that feeds the forces of darkness, which otherwise have no energy of their own, is fear. If and when you feel fear or panic rise within, you may notice a detachment and, if you follow that, you will be able to float, as it were, in the energy and observe it transmuting from fear into pure energy and then you will feel a surge as the energy ramps up inside you. Instead of giving the energy away in fear, you will turn the fear into a powerful, pure energy of love, joy, bliss that will grow and expand. Breathe deeply, and rejoice as newly transformed waves of energy take you up on swells of – dare we say – ecstasy. Yes, if you allow the rising tide of consciousness shifting to surround and fill you, you will feel surges of something that is beyond words – we say ecstasy but we do not wish for you to get stuck on a word. Allow the feelings to surge and flow, you will notice a strange kind of detachment as you move from thinking into feeling. Remember you are moving the energy from the thinking mind into the heart. 

At this time in the month of January, you may be busy fulfilling plans, working on projects, beginning to work towards long held goals and intentions and at the same time you may feel a lull, a pause in the energy. You are busy and yet…there’s a feeling that ‘nothing is happening.’ We see this as if you are in a trough between great swells of energy. There is no danger that you will be capsized or a wave will break on you. Find the still-point and continue on your way, make your ‘to do’ list, make your intension list, be clear on what it is you wish to do and feel the feeling of what you want to bring into your life. It is all about feeling now. The feeling is sent out from your heart, paving, as it were, the path of light before you. For, indeed, this is what you are creating – your heart path – the path you follow that will bring the most joy to you. And towards the end of the month when your little boat begins to be taken up on the rising energy, you will be taken higher than you have before. Breathe, laugh, say ‘woah!’ and trust in the Universe, in Divine Guidance to carry you to where it is most harmonious and beneficial for you to be. There will be surprises and openings and connections throughout this year of 2008 that will affirm your desires and goals. Serendipity, synchronicity, opening and expanding into fractals of joy and adventure, that is your birthright. Look into your heart, what is your heart’s desire? Believe in whatever is revealed to you. Believe that if you can think it and feel it, you can create it. For this is the time when you will realize at deeper and deeper levels that you are the Creator of your life within the world that you co-create with others.  

In the coming months many new connections will be made. People will be drawn to their soul groups. More and more, people will be gravitating to living in community and to seeing the community they live in from a heart-feeling level. Also many on-line communities will be expanding. We will be writing more about this in the future. The power of people who are linked together through their hearts is miraculous. People united in a singular focus – an energetic vibration – create a matrix of energy that has the power to expand and link with other groups of people that have the same focus of love. This happens in the energies all throughout the world. And this is happening on the internet in forums, chat rooms, blogs and websites. People are connecting in the ethers. This is how you will deepen your intuitive and telepathic abilities, and as you grow into joyful living, you are creating the new earth.  

Connecting with the feeling of joy and acknowledging what that is for you and what you need to move towards in order to open more and more into this feeling is what is needed at this time.  Many people have no idea what it is that they need to do to that would bring them joy. Abandon thinking about what it might be and open to trusting Spirit and the Universe to guide you and to open doorways for you. Find the feeling and allow it to simply be inside you. Absolute trust will lead you in the direction that matches the vibration of your heart. Pray, ask for help, tell Spirit that you trust you will be guided to the people and places that harmonize with the vibration of love that you are feeling inside and amplifying outward.  

We have been speaking for so long about the rising vibration of energies that are coming out in pulsating waves through the Universe. It is an outpouring of love from the center of All That Is, the beginning, the Alpha of this Creation. 

This energy that is wafting around and through you is opening people’s hearts. There are many who have not been paying attention and are not understanding what is happening to them as they feel like they are being cracked open. Restlessness, wanting to change, feeling fear, reaching out, pulling back, you will be witnessing rather erratic behavior in some people. Many will no longer be able to be in situations, jobs, relationships that do not match their love vibration. You may also find yourselves in situations that quickly and deeply bring up issues for you that need to be felt and accepted. In the acceptance comes release. 

So be brave, connect with your love vibration and start to open to the new feeling of expanded love within you. Gather together to talk, meditate and radiate good feelings. Send your light out into the world, send it to those who don’t understand what is going on, the ones who seem to be flailing in life, send compassion to them so that they soften and relax into themselves and start being real and listening to their hearts.  

The changes that need to be made will come about at the grass roots level.


Right on… 

Nancy Leilah Ward

and Many of One



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Nancy Leilah Ward

Leilah is an intuitive empath and seer and has been providing soul guidance for people worldwide since 2005. In 1981, when living in Brooklyn, NY, she experienced a spontaneous awakening, which led her onto a path of healing the pain of self-loathing, unworthiness, self-criticism, shame and guilt


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