Soul Transitions Vibe Report February 2009

This has been the coldest winter I can remember, here in the Northeast United States. Interestingly enough, I find myself drawn to working with the energy of the Sun. I took a sunbath the other day, laying on a blanket on the floor as the sun shone through a window. It felt so nurturing and I was aware of receiving some very powerful waves of energy. I have also been visualizing myself traveling right into the sun and asking for the stuff I’m ready to release to be burned away. I feel the fire elementals within the sun delighted that I’m there with them! Another visualization that came to me recently is to bring a beam of sunlight into the pineal gland in the center of my head. Many of One will speak about this as you read on. As I do this work, I know I must be prepared for the surfacing of old feelings as they come up to be released.

There may be feelings of overwhelm at times and we are all being counseled not to overdo it and place unreasonable demands on ourselves. This is a time of allowing as we learn to let go and be, instead of hold on and do. Many people are creating deeper connections with their soul and true purpose in their lives. There are all kinds of healing and energy modalities to assist in this process. As the planetary awakening grows, we’re seeing people turning from a rational, mind-oriented focus to a more circular, intuitive focus. Many people who haven’t ordinarily brought their attention to their relationship with their inner selves are turning to meditation to find peace and relaxation and a connection to their intuitive nature. This is the expansion of consciousness and a reflection of the high vibrational energies that are beaming through our universe. For example, my 84 year old mother has started going to a Qi Gong/meditation class, which she really enjoys! The Light is achieving critical mass.

The changes we are seeing in the “outer” world are disruptive and cause fear, for much of the old, as has been said before, is collapsing. This is a good thing and if you let it go, you will be in the flow. If you resist, you will cause difficulty and pain for yourselves. These changes are necessary in order for the new to be created. For, just as the old is dissolving, new growth is sprouting. Be on the lookout for new ideas, inventions and creations in all realms.


Many of One:

Transitions - much is falling away yet you are still here. It is time for Humanity to know themselves on a soul level. We have spoken of this before. You have released much and are opening up your energy field to receive your higher self fully into the core of your being. This is a window into the vastness of yourself. Many people are beginning to search more deeply into who and what they are and why they are here at this time. You will be finding that you cannot live what is no longer your truth. It is more and more difficult to do those things that you do not resonate with, whereas in the past you were able to live a little more superficially and tolerate situations that didn’t resonate with the rhythm of your heart.

All are being called to go more deeply into themselves and we wish to bring your attention to a place in the center of your head. Become aware of your third eye - the 6th chakra just above the center between your eyebrows. If you focus your attention there you will begin to feel a sensation - a pressure. Trace a line straight through your skull and then bring your attention to the side of your head behind your temples and trace another line through your skull. At the center, where the two lines cross is the pineal gland. The pineal gland resonates with the rhythm of the Universe and is activated by Light. Begin to see it now as a star within the center of your head. Focus on that star radiating light. This will begin to activate your inner sight.

Now turn your attention to the star of your solar system – your sun. The sun is receiving waves of energy which it radiates outward. Connect to a beam of light from your sun and bring it directly into your pineal gland. Making that connection will help you to open up to the vastness of your being. It will help to awaken you to the vastness of your soul and your connection to the Universe for, as you know, it is no accident that you are here on Earth at this time. Look to the sun with appreciation. Lie or sit in sunlight and soak in the energy of the light. This will help to open your intuitive knowing and your inner sight. Send appreciation to the sun for this perfect set-up between Earth and Sun, creating this place for Spirit to experience itself as Human Beings. The energy of the sun is sending powerful transformative beams to Earth. Another sun exercise is to vision yourself traveling into the sun and staying within its energy. Ask the sun’s energy to burn off all that you no longer need to carry on your journey.

The star inside your head and the awareness you bring to it and the light of the sun that you invite in will activate your connection to your purpose and will allow you to see the truth of your being and the oneness of all beings.

You are star travelers. If you wish to meet extraterrestrials, look in the mirror! There’s a vast knowingness inside of you that you are just beginning to tap into. You will witness more and more that you are creators of your journey. As you begin to trust the intuitive impulses you feel, you will find yourself navigating new pathways in every aspect of your life. The struggles that you see around you will take on a new meaning. As you detach from the drama you will begin to feel a sense of freedom. Challenges may arise when it is necessary for you to function in the third dimensional world but as you detach more and more you will not get caught in drama. A gentle, inner knowing will dawn and you will not be able to hide from the truth of yourself. You will know what it is that you need to do to become fully empowered. As you do so, you will begin to witness the manifestation of that which you are vibrating with more rapidly and more clearly.

Many of you are finding that you are able to shift from feeling tone to feeling tone as you turn your focus from that which brings you fear to that which brings you happiness. This is a practice. You will still have moments where heavier feelings come into your being. This is due to the high vibrating energy bringing up feelings and thoughts which don’t resonate with your truth. You will recognize these feelings as “old” and you will begin to say “no” to them. “I do not want to feel this anymore . . .” “I do not want to create this in my life anymore.” And as you make those statements and find a moment to sit within those feelings and to focus on your breathing and bringing yourself into the moment of now, you can tune into your heart and your mind will become still. At times it will feel like a struggle because the mind likes to tell stories – the mind tells the stories of your past because that is all it knows. As you sit within the moment of now and cultivate the inner smile you will be able to shift out of the heavier feeling tones into a lighter . . . is-ness. And the more you do this the more you will find creative inspirations rising within you. If you take those inspirations and put them into action you will create more energy and more happiness and vitality and it will grow exponentially. And so we wish to say that when you go back into the heavier moments, you are simply releasing that which is not yourself. You will know that you are focused in the lighter realm more and more and so do not fear that you are creating more negativity… you are simply letting the old density go and you will find that you will be able to quickly move out of density.

Many of you are here on missions - to shift those denser feelings and live within the lighter tones. As you do this, you bring more light and love onto the planet and you are amplifying and radiating that light into the atmosphere of the earth thereby assisting the planetary dimensional shift. We wish for you to know deeply that Spirit and Earth need you here to do this. To help create … to help bring the Earth and Humanity to the next level of evolution.

These are indeed the times you have been waiting for. And as you begin to see much falling away, creating chaos, creating more fear, we wish for you to celebrate these changes. We wish for you to become less attached to what might be happening in the future. We wish for you to find delight in the changes that are occurring and to know that whatever changes are happening in your lives it is for a greater unfoldment of the empowerment of humanity. You are on a path towards your sovereignty. And in that new world, you will collaborate together and co-create in a healthy, organic way, a world of peace and joy. For this is your birthright and this is what you came here to do.

We also wish for you to know that the prayers and comfort and love that you send out to people of the word who are suffering… it is very helpful, it is very… blessed. It is very beautiful indeed. Your thoughts go out into the world, each and every thought you think. They don’t just disappear… they are energy and they hold the seeds of creation within them. So if you have negative thoughts, you can send out beams of light to transform them when you are ready to do so.

These are times of miracles and wonder.

Focusing on the sun and the pineal gland and the star light shining there will also help you to open your minds, to open your energy fields to receive new visions and inspiration and it will bring in a new feeling of who you are. It will bring in a stronger feeling tone to your energetic signature. Within this process it is important to bring your focus into your heart, away from your mind. The incessant talking in your head will begin to decrease as you embody a deeper knowing. As you tune into the center of the core of your being and send your grounding chord down into the earth, you will be able to flush out that which you no longer wish to carry. The thoughts that you no longer wish to have can be released instantly.

You will begin to see, as well, many more people in your world questioning who they are - beginning to look inward. Many people are being forced into this focus because aspects of their lives that they identified with are falling away – they are losing their identity. Many of you who are reading this are the Wayshowers for those who are beginning to awaken. Many of you are teachers. It is time to step into your purpose in that way. Teaching takes many forms. Teaching is not necessarily a job or standing in front of groups of people, sharing what you’ve learned, it is also simply living and being your truth and speaking openly about your awakening experience.

We also wish to remind you that there is no judgment! Humans are the cruelest judges of themselves. It is essential to bring yourself into a space of loving yourself and not criticizing yourself. This is where it begins. Love yourselves enough to receive direction, information and guidance from your Higher Self and from your Spirit Guides, the non physical beings that have been assigned to you or hired by you to assist you in this journey. These are relationships that were set up before you came into the physical. You come from much more open spaces. Coming onto the Earth plane in the density… it is very different here than where you come from.

Remembrance of who you are happens when you leave this body. The remembrance of who you are and why you are here. That remembrance will begin to happen to you without you leaving your physical body. This is the Awakening that is happening. It is a very wondrous time to be on Earth. When you feel fear, you get sucked into a dense vortex and you think, “this is all there is” and then you feel the fear of being afraid and it grows and grows until something happens – a light goes on within you – a reminder that you are afraid of something that doesn’t exist and you have to bring yourself back to yourself, back to your NOW where you can change the focus of your attention instantly. Your ability to make this shift will happen more swiftly as you realize you are letting go of that which is no longer in your vibrational vortex. As you observe what is happening the connection to the drama dissolves.

For this month of February, there is much restructuring and rearranging going on. We see this on an energetic level as some things breaking down and disappearing and new things rising and growing up. Do not get too caught up as to what is happening in the world of government. There will be new ideas, and road blocks and ways of getting around. And that struggle will be happening for awhile. Do not get too caught up in the news that you hear or read. Do not take it into your emotional body. Remain as an observer… Detach yourself and continue to raise the vibrational frequency within you, for that is how you, every one of you, are changing the world from within. Again we say observe what is happening on the governmental level but do not feed into the dense thought forms and frustrations. Keep the inner smile within you and keep focusing in the light and radiating your truth.

Sending out a feeling tone of what you want this world to feel like and focusing on waves of joy and freedom will help to take you beyond the struggles of the past. For what you will be seeing is the new establishing itself as the old falls away. There will be resistance. Continue to hold that space of glory and grace and know that by doing so; it will take you beyond the struggles and drama of the present time. Trust. Trust your intuition, trust that up ahead is a peaceful world where creativity abounds as all people begin to realize that they are creating their future in every moment and they will begin to play with that and see results and this is how you move into your empowerment.

It is with great joy that we serve you and come to you at this time with this message.

In love, in courage, enjoy, inspire…

Nancy Leilah Ward


Many of One

“You cannot experience something you are not the frequency of.”~ Bashar



Ron L. 8th February 2009 1:13 pm

Right on, Nancy! It is so true. As a general comment, I wonder if other people feel a deep connection to the channelers like I do. These same thoughts are constantly - and I seriously mean constantly - rolling across the landscape of my mind. And yet, when I try to share this info with others they laugh and think I'm crazy! And at the same time, there are those who seriously ask my opinion because they know I always have something to say that is very different from anyone else they know. Personally, I like to use my 6th chakra awareness to see the god/goddess in others, and realize they just don't realize who they really are. Love, light, and awareness to all. Ron

alise 8th February 2009 6:06 pm

Ugh!!! Same thing here. I have been very thankful about all these wonderful channelers. I feel that they have helped me a lot... in my job - and now in my unemployment;) - in my privat life and in my 'strange' emotions... Now I'm thinking very positive about these huge chances in our world even if they're quite frightening. Now it's time to make "The Imagine" (by John Lennon) true. Man's got to do what man's got to do!!!!:) And we'll have to do all the best we can - and it's fun!!!!

Peace and love

Jenny 10th February 2009 3:17 pm


Thank you so much for this message - especially when I read the bit about the sun and connecting with it it was amazing because I have been doing this for quite a while now! It's great!


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