March 31, 2020 Message from Leilah and The Vastness of Being

Greetings dear friends,

In December 2019, what I am calling “the before time,” I was contemplating neutrality and how to stay centred in neutrality within the polarizing fields that are so turbulent and chaotic at this time. In my contemplation, I asked for a perspective from the Vastness of Being and felt my old friend Seth pop in.* I recognize Seth’s energy signature and he showed up with a message which I’ll share below. But first I want to talk about empathy.

If you’re empathic then I’m sure you’re aware that you feel the ever changing vibrations in the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. Fear, grief, sadness, anxiety are all feelings that can suddenly show up when we’re just going along doing whatever we’re doing. Most of you reading this are probably pretty adept at recognizing when a feeling shows up in this way, and realize you’re picking up on feelings in the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. This clarity is a result of all the clearing of beliefs, programs, and coping mechanisms due to trauma that you have been doing for many years. Congratulations on your dedication to love and healing of the wounds of humanity as they have shown up in your personal life experience.

Now, more than ever before, we are open to this connection as people all over the world are in isolation in their homes, to decrease the spread of the Covid 19 virus. This pandemic is revealing to us how connected we really are – and not just in the way of contagion, but in the way that people all over the world are staying home and finding ways to connect with one another in spite of being in isolation. With the absence of all the distractions of doing that usually pull us this way and that in our lives, people are beginning to feel the energetic connection we have with one another that transcends time and space.

Fear, despair, grief, love and compassion are radiating out into the ethers around Earth. In this etheric realm, there is a grid of light which flows around the Earth – it isn’t a grid of squares, but of sacred geometric patterns. I realize many of you are aware of this grid and tune into it in your meditations and are helping to stabilize Humanity by sending love and comfort into the grid. This grid is in the 5th dimensional field and connects further into the “higher” dimensions. We humans are evolving into this field of 5D awareness. Tuning in to this grid of light and consciousness is where we meet in the non-physical and we can share energy and strengthen the frequency of love, compassion and unity around the planet by sending these energies into the grid.

I feel this grid is actually created by our consciousness and we affect the frequency of this grid through our feelings and intentions. We aren’t alone or separate, although we’ve been taught that we are, and we may feel like we are at times. However, we also know that we pick up on the fear, anxiety and grief in the collective. When this happens, it is most helpful to allow those feelings to be. Bring the feeling into the sacred space in our hearts and hold it with compassion and just be with it, allowing compassion to radiate. Doing this sends comfort and softness back into the collective and, just as we can share fear, we can also share compassion and love. And just think, someone, somewhere will receive the comfort that we’re giving. The collective field needs comfort and compassion now more than ever.

 Sometimes, I have felt the collective feeling rise in me and it matches my own feelings. I’ve had some tearful days lately, feeling very open emotionally. When that happens, I feel I’m helping to process the energy of the feeling in the collective and I’m also open to receiving the compassion and love that others are radiating into the grid. Eventually the feeling transforms into neutrality, which is what I was contemplating way back in the before time. So, here are some excerpts from a conversation I had with Seth on December 11 and 12, 2019.

Seth speaks here in italics. I began by asking about the feeling I had that something big was about to happen.

There is a breakdown happening, a societal shift. Many people are calling it a “reset.” Indeed, what many of you have been working towards for so long is about to occur, but hasn’t life on Earth always been churning with change and resets? We share a vision of a river of humanity – energetically – we see moments of swirling vortices that create changes and yet the river continually flows in the same place, does it not?

Exactly – these “changes” just seem to rearrange situations but haven’t really brought any change energetically of freedom for Humanity. I mean, no matter the rearrangement, there has always been a great deal of fear and people being oppressed, starved and killed and the same ones “on top”. Although in many ways there has been change as far as new “toys” and technology, but it feels so much like simply a rearrangement of the same old thing. Tell me this time is going to be different. I can’t take this anymore. So many lifetimes…

[Upon rereading this, I’m getting a vision of a river of light with these vortices of energies being stirred up like energetic tornadoes, and they also look like wounds. Then they subside and the river flows on and then there’s another vortex and then there are smaller vortices all around. We are currently in a vortex of transformation.]

There are many probabilities and it cannot be said which way the tide will turn. A united Humanity will spiral up out of this chaotic loop. A Humanity that experiences unity with all of life on the individuated level will rise out of the repetitive agony that it has been magnetized into for thousands of years.

A personal experience of awakening into a knowing of being connected to all life on Earth and the cosmos could bring us Humans into a unity of consciousness. Into a knowing that we are really connected – not just words, but a true knowing.  We are one another, we are the earth, the plants, animals, all of life, the cosmos. I long for this unity, it feels like home to me.

And there is a great probability that this could occur in this timeline and would spiral Humanity up out of time itself. Focus on this, feel into it as if it is already happening. Know that it is a choice already made. Find the pathway of light within that will lead you into this deeper, expansive awakening. It will take you beyond judgment about anything that is occurring in your timeline.

Becoming a neutral witness will open pathways of deeper perception, enabling you to ride energetic currents to vistas of amazing beauty and oneness. Those of you who are able to do this will leave behind energetic streamers of light so that others can find their way into this new beginning. It is no longer your task to bring others with you. To wait until all are ready to make this leap. No, now is the time to untether yourself from the density and rise into this expansion. Feel the joy and freedom of this mission. You will be creating an opening for others to follow.

It is this pathway that the United Humanity will take to enter into Galactic, multidimensional partnership with other beings and tribes that are currently the stuff of fantastic stories and folk lore. Feel your hearts expanding with this vision. This is Humanity graduating into a new way of being along with the sentient being that is planet Earth. You see how the experience of unity with all of life includes, of course, Earth herself. From the micro to the macro, your experience expands. Contemplate this, feel into it, the beauty, the immensity. This is the most beautiful path that is laid out for Humanity and Earth to experience.

And so those of you who are ready, who have been clearing your personal soul memories and energy (karma) and who have been clearing the karma of your ancestors, know that your time has come to rise. In this rising, you release the stories, the right and wrong polarities, you begin to experience unity in BEing. There are many already in this stream of light and neutrality. You will feel the unity as you join the flow. For the moment, your individual soul signature remains within its unique sound and light frequency, adding to the harmony of the whole of One Humanity. As this coherence is experienced, you will also be in the frequency of Source light and the Earth, embodying all.

Thank you Seth and the Vastness of Being.

Thank you to all who read this for being here on planet Earth at this time – we are in the shift – this is what we’ve been waiting for and what we came here for. I am honoured to walk this Earth with all of you.

Shine on,


* In the 1970s and 80s Seth, a non physical person wrote several books in collaboration with Jane Roberts and Robert Butts, who lived in Elmira, New York. I highly recommend those books for anyone who is seeking an understanding of the nature of reality. Seth, Jane and Robert started showing up in sessions with me in November of 2018. Usually we meet in an old stone cottage in Scotland somewhere. There is a large hearth and a blazing fire. We sit in comfy chairs and sip tea, or beer – Seth is fond of his beer! Seth created this room – “We might as well be comfortable,” he says!


IC2ITUC 13th April 2020 7:38 pm

I LOVE and MISS Seth's Messages. I was reading Jane's book 'SETH SPEAKS' ( I think that was it's name-it was MANY years ago for me ) and I was so fascinated with the material in it that I started "This Life's Focus" Higher Spiritual Quest. If I remember correctly, in the book he said that even the plants in a household of a pregnant woman, the Plants know the sex of the baby before the instruments of the time could tell. Also a VERY life changing thing For Me was when he said something like "When you (we humans) see what you think is a "lowly spider" and you want to squash it ( I can't remember his term exactly) you don't realize that Spider has the knowledge of his purpose and connection to God ". After reading that I will not "kill" most insects but I put them outside and wish them well on their life's mission. I also gave up hunting and killing of Animals. I LOVE ALL ANIMALS SO MUCH NOW. Then followed the Edgar Cayce Material and I was "on my way". PLEASE keep giving us his messages. I feel like I have know him (His Personal Soul Being) for a LONG time but who knows. NAMASTE

Meardis Wells 14th April 2020 11:59 am

Thank you for helping us understand what to do when a wave of fear based emotions hits out of nowhere. I suspect some us take it personal when in fact its just lost energy moving across time and space. It lands at our door, so to speak, because we happen to have our "porch lights" on. Yes we asked for this. My mother told me many times to be careful what you ask for. Like children we ask without clarity or specifications. In order for the New New to populate we must first witness the clearing of the unloving. When doors close windows open...but the hallways are a bitch.

Meardis Wells 14th April 2020 12:02 pm



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