Rejoice! A Solstice Message

from the Angelic Emissaries of the Galactic Councils

The Journey of Souls

Diving down… this Earth experience… many lifetimes – the Soul journey – diving down through layers of timelines into the depth of darkness because that is what grew here – darkness – density. It wasn’t the original design. It wasn’t in the original plan but it became the accumulation of the perversion of the plan and so we work within the matrix of the experiment. A surprise to the Elders of the Councils that have watched and waited through eons of Earth time.

And when it got so bad that destruction was imminent, a call went out throughout the galaxy. A call went out to the Realms of Light where Souls dwell in Bliss. “Who will come and assist? Who will come and assist our sister Gaia and our Human Child? There needs to be light brought into this realm to weave love back into the hearts of Humanity. To give them a chance to rise into Light and then to take their place among the stars.”

And we saw the beauty of the decision to go so deep into darkness and find your way back to love.

And so many Souls answered the call. From the place of Light it seemed simple. “Of course we will help. We are so filled with Light, we can bring it to the Earth plane.”

But once we descended… we had no idea what the density would be like for we did not travel in such realms and we had no idea how heartbreaking it would be. And so we forgot our true nature as lifetime after lifetime we dove deeper into the depths of darkness. Until we came to the bottom. Some, tragically, lost their way. Some lights faded and blinked out and that raised a current of despair for many. And others maintained their light and they have been beacons. And some Masters came down from the Creator of All who dwells in Bliss – like a shot of Light directly into the bottom and then rose up illuminating a path of Light. And then the Force of Darkness found these pathways and corrupted the programs to use against Humanity but the integrity of the Love remained – even if it was a tiny spark – it lived and the ones from the Light recognized that spark because that same spark was still alive within them. And they began to call more of the Light to them until that spark became a flame and a light that illuminated the pathway Home. And so you are rising and the Light within you is guiding you Home. And you are meeting your fellow Light Bearers as your journey becomes clear and you rise together.

And this is what you came here to do. And it has been accomplished with the purest integrity, for you had to forget in order to truly carry the light.

And so now is a time to rejoice as you go through the process of remembering who you are.

And many times you have felt regret and thought, “What was I thinking in coming here?” Because, indeed you were perhaps naive or idealistic as to how deep and compressing the density could be and the forgetting.

You were prepared before you came but each of you knew that there would be surprises, for there was no way to truly know what it would be like here. This had not ever been done before.

So now, you are linked within. You are connected to one another heart to heart, Soul to Soul. And as you live the Light of Truth, you illuminate with one another and light gets brighter and brighter as you arise from the depths into the lighter frequencies. We tell you this now so that you can feel and embody this arising – and so you can know within the fullness of your being – within your multidimensional selves – that your journey has been a beautiful success and you are experiencing the awakening into Light now. And all the lifetimes your Souls have experienced are a beautiful tapestry of emergence and acceptance. For indeed, you have experienced the density though participation in it at times and by doing so you have untied knots of despair and re-woven the tapestry with forgiveness through surrender and acceptance.

Through your direct participation you have allowed the density to move through you and you have transformed it with Love.

Each of you who reads these words wear a mantle of Light and a crown of radiance. Embody this light and know that you are soon to be at the journey’s end when you arise into the Light Realms of Love. It is so beautiful, what you have done here. And the story is not over. There is a continuation and a choice as to what pathways your journeys take you next, according to the Love and Light of your Soul as the Universe opens to receive you!

Rejoice! Redemption is at hand! The Light is rising and carrying you Home.

We are from the Realms of Light – the Watchers, the Angelic dimensions of the Galactic Councils. There is more to come as the journey continues to unfold. Feel our love, feel your heart glowing with this radiance as you awaken to your true selves and see your beautiful missions accomplished!

[This message has a soundtrack – “All You Need is Love…” On this Solstice day of darkness into Light, we bring the Light with us – amplifying this radiance as we arise.]

From the Daily Drawings, December 21, 2011

[The message continues…]

We are the Angelic beings that surround the Galactic Councils. We have been watching and praying for Humanity – for the Light Beings who came to Earth. We promised you we would never leave you and so we have held the radiance to assist you in keeping the spark of love alive within you as you dove deep into the darkness to immerse yourself in the density to change it from within. It was the only way to transform, to awaken the Human Being. You are coming to know that the darkness no longer has any power over you for you are embodying Love instead of fear. Do you not notice now, when fear comes in that you no longer react to it – that it is not able to sink its hook into you like it used to? It is like a fog that has nowhere to connect to you – as you observe it and know that it is not real. That you have a choice to choose love or fear and since the Love/Light is growing exponentially within you, the fear has nothing to attach to. Allow this to happen and grow within you. As you ask yourself “Am I OK right now?” You bring yourself the gift of the present moment and find the Beam of Love there, and then mirth arises within you as you see yourselves unfettered and free. And the realization grows that all you need is love.

Love and Beauty are with you always. You are love; you are magnificent Warriors of the Light.

We are the Angelic Emissaries of the Galactic Councils and we rejoice with you.



Stardazer 21st December 2011 2:13 pm

Smiling, "All you Need is Love" started playing in my head during my meditation this morning. I felt such a surge of love and hope and Light; correction of imbalances will be rectified during the coming year but it is up to each of us to continue drawing down the Light.
Thank you for an uplifting, inspiring message.

Satya 21st December 2011 2:38 pm

This message was absolutely beautiful and brought tears of joy to my eyes.
Thank you! Blessed be.

zorro 21st December 2011 6:52 pm

Your message is truly inspiring.

I am grateful for anyone who can articulate so clearly on this solstice equilibrium and not be fooled by feelings arising out of the astrology of Jupiter retrograde opposed to father Saturn. The new dawn is truly breaking forth, and this is just part of the overall cosmic suspense! This solstice, the bow is being drawn way back, and when it releases (Feb) many will have their faith renewed. By March 12-13 when Venus/Jupiter/Mars/Pluto/Chiron form a diamond in the sky, you will all know that Spring has arrived!

"Morning has broken
Like the first morning,
Black bird has spoken
Like the first bird.
Praise the singing!
Praise for the morning!
Praise for them springing
Fresh from the Word!"

"Mine is the sunlight!
Mine is the morning.
Born of the one light
Eden saw play!
Praise with elation,
Praise ev'ry morning,
God's recreation
Of the newday!"

Melanie 21st December 2011 10:31 pm

Thank you for this message, it feels so simple and powerful and true. I thank Zorro too for the great post, thanks for helping me see I am being mucked around by Jupiter opposite Saturn, that awareness helps me transcend the feelings I'm having now. Love Melanie


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