Soul Transitions Vibe Report April 2011


As above, so below. So much is happening and shifting on multidimensional levels. I feel like I’m in a very fast current of moving energy and as soon as some new information is integrated, I’m on to the next vibratory level. It’s difficult to describe in words, so I’ve been painting the feelings of being in this chaotic flow.

The chaotic flow isn’t a “bad” thing, it’s just what is and it’s churning up much emotional colorations from our past. It’s also churning up the energy in the bigger picture of humanity and the Earth. Spirit only knows what’s happening out there in the Galaxy and beyond!

Often people ask me what The Vastness of Being have to say about what’s going on in the world and where are we heading. When I communicate with them I usually just let them flow out whatever message is appropriate. But this time I have asked them to speak about what’s happening with the uprising of energy that is picturing out in our world on a personal and grander world-wide scale.

The Vastness of Being

There are many probable realities; each choice that is made by each individual also contains the opposite choice and many probabilities in between. Where you go is where your consciousness takes you, which is guided by your desires, your emotions, your beliefs. It is like being in a sea of consciousness and when Humanity begins to fully realize that you are a group consciousness, not separate and alone, but a group organism, you will begin to consciously direct your reality, instead of living your reality by “default” at the whim of false beliefs and emotional states that have been influenced by parasitic group energies that would oversee the destruction of humans and planet Earth.

Yes this may sound disturbing, but it is part of the human experience and humanity is awakening through each individual knowing themselves and integrating their souls or higher selves into their consciousness.

When two or more are gathered…
With the group consciousness recognizing one another and living in harmony, maintaining homeostasis through the vibration of love, you will create an Earth experience according to the frequencies you are vibrating. There is strength in numbers, so take heart, dear ones. As you cultivate self love and feel love flowing within you, you will at the same time be co-creating a world of harmony and joyful creative abundance, freedom and innocence. Cultivate these feelings now and you will be following pathways that lead to the top of the sacred temple where the Light of Creation radiates like a beacon of Light throughout the Universe.

The truth is being revealed
The journey you have been on for nigh these many years has been of shining the light of your consciousness on that which is not truth – the energies of untruth that have flowed through your genetic matrices, inherited through the human experience. You are the history of Humanity. This history is in your genetic material. The truth as to the origins of humanity is being revealed to all. Stay tuned – this information will punch holes in theories that have long been held as truth.

Self Awareness
As you realign with truth, you come into self awareness and integration, uncovering false information and beliefs and dissolving those energies in the Light of conscious awareness. As each individual does this in little ways and larger ways, it sends a reverberation of energy through the entire human consciousness, effecting change through all who are ready to accept the truth of their being. There are so many levels and facets of awareness within each Soul’s experience. So you see that each individual human is integrated with the whole.

Where do you want to go?
As you rise into consciousness, you choose pathways of knowledge and experience. There is a branching off of pathways as individuals choose which direction they want to go in. And so with each particular path is a choice of resonance. And each path connects to a particular Earth experience. In the field of all probabilities, all are real and valid.

What you vibrate at is what you create. And we will simplify it by saying that you can choose to vibrate in fear or you can choose to vibrate in love. We know that you who read these words are choosing the path of Love. Sometimes fear comes in and you can shift it by tuning into your heart and cultivating the feeling of love there. Changing your thoughts to what feels good is necessary to alter the habitual negative thinking. Go with the good feeling. If you have difficulty shifting your energy, perhaps it is where you need to be, so instead of resisting, allow yourself to be within the feeling, still loving yourself with compassion and kindness. You know the energy will shift at some point.

Please do not fear that you may be choosing the “wrong” pathway, for there is no such thing. Trust your Soul’s vibration, trust your heart, trust that each choice you make is leading you on the path that is for your highest path and purpose.

You are free to choose
So you see that your desires and thoughts are colored by your feelings and they activate the choices you make and each choice, great or small, is leading you in the direction of your thoughts and feelings. This is how you co-create the world you see around you. You will meet your fellow co-creators along the way. This is the age of renewal, collaboration, cooperation.

At the same time, you are part of a greater flow of energy – the bigger picture of what is being created throughout the Galaxy and Universe. And there will come a time when Humanity will know that you are co-creating with beings from other star systems within the Galaxy and then expanding outward into larger and larger arenas. This speaks to the vastness of your being. And then there is the Creator Source energy from which all existence flows and you will come full circle to see yourselves in the center of Creator Source. Beyond that we cannot speak for we are part of this Grand Design as well and the deeper we go into the attempt to understand or explain the All That Is, we find that we cannot explain the unexplainable except to say it is the Light of Bliss… of Ecstasy… beyond words… it is BE-ing.

So be mindful of what it is you want to create and create it from the place of love. Don’t worry about the Earth, she is going through the changes that are necessary for her renewal, just as humanity is. You are creative beings and we of the non-physical realms are in awe of the creativity of Humanity. We hold you in a vibration of love and compassion as you brave ones play within the physical realm of possibility.

Blessed be,
The Vastness of Being

Further Thoughts
We need to be gentle and loving towards ourselves at this time – we are healing wounds from so long ago… wounds that aren’t even our own, in a way. All the self talk about not being “good enough” – all the beating ourselves up with criticism – is from our wounded ancestry… the wounding of Humanity, which was passed down from person to person, generation to generation. I want to look behind the curtain at the one(s) who started it all and…if enough of us sent love into that core of malice…we would disarm it forever. We can only begin with ourselves.

And here is a beautiful vision that rose up from the depths as I awoke one recent morning:

Running Water
Each of us is our own stream of life. We are it and we are in it. Flowing, we are always flowing within our energy stream, guided by our intentions and feelings and moving within a larger stream of flowing energy. We are part of something bigger than our own stream. When we try to hold on and resist the flow, we can get caught near the bank, swirling around and around in a whirlpool – lots of movement, going nowhere. Clinging to the banks of the stream, trying to resist the flow causes anxiety. Fear would lead us to resist the flow. And the flow moves on, regardless.

We could try to hide by finding a log or some rocks to block our flow and circulate in an endless whirlpool, or we could slowly seep into a stagnant pool, removed from the greater flow of life, sleeping unconsciously. The stagnant pool becomes murky with algae growing on the surface; eventually the life force – or water – begins to evaporate, leaving us in mud. This is not a bad thing – trusting that we are where we need to be is an act of self-love. Mud is a purifier. Sink deep into the mud and allow the toxicity of fear and doubt to be drawn out of you. And when you are ready to meet your life force, your purpose, your flow, you will feel a trickle of water coming back, filling your mud hole and gently creating a pool that will raise you up and carry you back into the current of your life.

You may flow close to the bank of the stream, tentatively reaching your energy out into the greater flow, feeling the pull of the river calling to you. A longing will fill you. A longing that resonates with a deep place within that is your life force, your passion, your creative center of being that is calling to you to come and play in the current of the flow of life. You may not know where this passion will take you, you may not know what your passion is connected to, so just follow the energy and allow it to unfold; allow the excitement to take you on an adventure.

Don’t feel the excitement? There may be something blocking the flow, cutting you off from your adventure. Is your mind telling you stories about what you cannot accomplish? Is your mind putting up road blocks? Ask who it is that is speaking in your mind. Chances are good that it’s not your voice of truth. Through listening to your true voice, you allow your heart to build bridges of light that will take you to the flow of passion within you.

Water = Life Force
Flowing into deep places, water eases its way through tangled vines and thorns that choke conduits created for the flow. We have been clearing these blockages in our own streambeds for so many years so that our streams can flow freely and joyfully as we move forward to meet the larger rivers. The river of consciousness.

Many of us have felt deep loneliness where we feel disconnected, separate from life. We have felt separate from each other, separate from Spirit, from our guides. Isolation, in a cold, dark pit of loneliness, like being cast into an oubliette or dungeon. These places linger in our ancestral memories as we share all experiences in the one-ness of our human consciousness.

At this time, we are coming out into the light, healing the post traumatic stress of our genetic lineage, coming into the light of the dawn of a new day. The waters of consciousness have filled the dungeons of dread and carried us up, through dark passageways leading out into the light.

We are not alone. We are all connected in the human consciousness. There is great creative power in our cohesiveness.

River Journey
We have been flowing together in larger channels as the waters rise and flow stronger than ever before. We are flowing from the mountains going down deeper and deeper into the center. We have been through white water rapids leading to moments of placid, gentle flow for a respite before meeting more rapids churning up our lives making it impossible to hold on to anything but our own hearts. This is when it seems that choices are choosing us – bringing forth much change on every level of our lives.

Now is a time that we have come to waterfalls. Big waterfalls. The flow has carried us over the cliff and we’re in a freefall, we feel suspended – like we are in “limbo” and yet we feel ourselves falling. It is the place where we’ve let go of one trapeze bar and the new trapeze hasn’t yet swung into our outstretched hand. Limbo is the state of transition.

And then, we begin to land into a great pool that eventually flows out in an even greater river than we have yet known. This pool provides us with a respite, if we choose, we can rest there for a while, collecting ourselves, our life force, assessing the journey we have been on and gathering our energies and intentions for the next stage of the journey when we will find the flow that takes us out into the greater river.

This river is wide and deep and flowing in a torrent of wild energy. We need the strength of our love to carry us along. The strength of our love for ourselves, our own hearts as we tumble and flow, sometimes on top and sometimes going deep into the undercurrent. This is a strong, fierce journey where being true to ourselves will help keep us buoyant. Love and compassion for one another rises within us. It will come to be that when we look into another’s eyes, we will see ourselves looking back at us. Oneness. All will be going through this experience of truth. This is when we can gather our energies and build rafts to support each other.

Those who choose to cling to the old will find the whirlpools of energy that will take them out of the flow. Do not feel fear regarding your journey when you read these words, for if you wish to be in the flow, you already are. Trust your heart and know that Divine Source, the innocence of love, is within this flowing river and within you as well. The life force energy flows through all.

Riding this current can be a joyful, energized experience as we are carried through conduits, tunnels and channels, moving faster and faster. Tune into the joy and wonder of the journey. And know that this great river will carry us to the sea. The sea of consciousness, the sea of one-ness. And there, the adventure continues.


Nancy Wallace Ward
(aka Leilah)


shapeshifter 21st April 2011 10:07 am

"What you vibrate at is what you create". That is a very profound statement and reflects my personal experiences.

It is the underlying vibrational level beneath the surface intentions and beliefs which creates our reality.

Thanks, Nancy, for a very informative post.

Ron Laswell 21st April 2011 10:58 am

Wow, Nancy! While you were 'telling your story', I could literally feel myself being swept into a bigger current. Just this past weekend, I was talking with some 'old friends' who expressed sadness for my 'departure' from the old, safe ports. So, here I am on this marvelous journey, and I did not want to go back to those 'older' perceptions. Now, I've adopted the saying, "That boat has left the shore!"


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