Soul Transitions Vibe Report June 2012

No, that wasn’t a type-o (July 2011)

Somehow my blog took on a life of its own and sent out last year’s July Vibe Report yesterday. I’m laughing because I’ve received several e-mails commenting how “spot-on” the July vibe report is! I guess it needed to be read again, and I must say that the information that came through one year ago hasn’t changed much. In fact, I’ve been feeling like I keep saying the same things over again in different ways, which is one reason why these vibe reports have been coming out later and later in the month. I’m appreciating the Divine wisdom, humor and surprise in re-sending the message of July 2011 while I was in the midst of putting together this June 2012 message. Just in time for the month’s end. So yes, the Spirits wanted us all to read that message again, for it is apropos to what we’re living through now. Hmmm… it’s still now. Last year’s now is today’s now. Time is definitely an illusion.

I also want to say, please bear with me, as I am going through big changes in my life and doing my best to balance all that I’m creating, as well as finding time to integrate and share the energetic messages.

Flux (definition according to
A flowing or flow. The flowing of the tide. Continuous change, passage or movement

The word “flux” has been in my awareness all month, like a blinking neon sign in my head. June has been on a fast track of erratic energy. I have found myself re-thinking and changing decisions I had made in May and April. As we become more flexible, our ability to listen to ourselves is being strengthened and refined. Going with the flow of energetic currents that wash through and around us is our challenge. Time is stretching and compressing and in some ways disappearing, and also there’s a feeling of fast moving energy. It has been difficult to fit everything in that I want to accomplish in the course of a day.

Slow It Down

There is a strong influence to slow down and be. To stop all the DO-ing, to let it all go. I am often in the state of feeling like I’m not doing enough. As if there’s a pack of wolves at my heels constantly nipping and barking at me. Lately, I’ve been stopping to breathe, to be still, and to gift myself with the space to do nothing. This is a huge luxury, not provoking guilt but being in the flow of Great Spirit’s Is-ness. I am learning the value of letting go into the current and releasing the badgering voice of should-talk. I am learning that being in the now opens up my energy, allowing me to follow the energy which feels good and inspiring me to do what needs to be done in perfect timing. So what if I’m cleaning out my closet at midnight? This alignment with flow also brings forth the creativity within. It is within all of us, for we are the creators and the co-creators of our collective experience.

We are all creating a new way of being here on planet Earth and we are fully supported in this process. There is a bit of overlap of the old and the new – ways of being that used to serve us are being released as we move into new territory brought on by the higher vibrational energies that continue to flow from the Galactic Center.

Energetic Acceleration

Two weeks ago my body went down for the count for a few days. I had been very busy from the end of May and through the first few weeks of June. I’m in the process of structuring a new path, focusing on figuring out what my next step is as I prepare to move to Canada. I was traveling back and forth from the Catskill Mountains in NY State to the “near north” of Ontario. I also completed training in the Third Level of Soul Realignment™, which brought me to a new energetic vibration. And I traveled to Phoenix to attend a Money and Purpose weekend event that focused on the spiritual path of money. It was a time of acceleration and receiving energy and information.


I can feel when I’m receiving an “acceleration” of energy – and I’m sure all who are reading this have had this experience, as well. It’s a surge of energy flowing through our energy bodies, sometimes you may feel it when you’re lying down before you go to sleep, or when you awaken in the morning. It comes through at times during the day as well – it feels like expansion – it may trigger some solar plexus activity or heart activity. I am describing my experience here so that, for those who don’t understand what’s happening to them, you may recognize the feeling and breathe into it when it happens. I find it to be a warm, delicious feeling – exciting and energizing. After the initial surge of energy, we may feel cold inside, or our bodies may shake. These surges can knock us out for brief moments so that we need to lay down and breathe for fifteen or twenty minutes. I would describe this energy simply as the flow of the Love Force Energy. Love is an energetic frequency that, to me, is what we mean when we refer to “God.” At times it feels as if I’m being lifted out of my body as my conscious awareness is focusing on the Vastness of Being (not the guides I collaborate with, but the vastness of the All of the All).

Rhythmic Surges of Energy

These surges come in waves for a week or two at a time and then they recede, giving us a chance to integrate the higher energy. In the times when the energy draws back, it’s important to listen to our bodies and our intuition. My physical, mental and emotional body was calling for silence after all the activity of May and early June. After my weekend in Phoenix, I gave myself a day of stillness but then immediately afterwards, went into hyper busy-ness, as there was a lot to take care of and catch up on. I was feeling like I was pulled in many directions at once and then my body asserted itself and I was forced into utter stillness for two days. I can say I had some strange “bug” that felt kind of like flu, but not like anything I’d felt before. It began with dizziness that grew in intensity to the point where I had difficulty walking and my vision was fragmented – my depth of field was flattened. It was like the world was cut up and pasted back together at odd angles. All I could do was lay still and sleep. It was actually two days of beautiful quiet and rest. I had no interest in reading anything or taking in any information at all. As I look back on those two days, it was like being in an altered state of timelessness.

After this “bug” subsided, I have felt more energized than ever. I realized my body needed to integrate the energetic frequencies I had been receiving. So often when we “get sick” we tend to be hard on ourselves for “bringing illness on,” or “making ourselves sick.” How about changing those thoughts to a recognition that our physical bodies are detoxifying energetically what does not vibrate with the higher frequencies we are embodying in our Spiritual, mental and emotional energy bodies. That understanding will assist us in allowing our physical body to do what it needs to do to flush out what is being cleared by the high vibration we are embodying.

Energetic Sensitivity

In our new way of being, we are finding it imperative to only do what we truly want to do, and in order to do this, we must listen to our bodies as well as our intuition. We are becoming super sensitive to energetic frequencies. Have you noticed that there are certain articles of clothing that you can’t bear to put on anymore? As if that shirt holds the vibration of what used to be and you have risen so far from that vibration, it’s intolerable to be near it anymore. This energetic sensitivity is being felt as far as the foods we eat, as well. You know when you eat something you used to love and now it just feels like a lead weight inside of you.

The clothes we wear, the foods we eat, what we drink, the energetic sensitivity is also being felt in where we’re living, who we share our world with, what work we are doing, what we’re reading, watching on television and in films. What we’re feeding our minds. All of this corresponds to our increased vibrational frequency. Many of us just want to feel good, want to only ingest information that inspires and uplifts us. 

Chaos of Change

Ah yes, the joy of chaos! As we create change to bring in more harmony with our new vibration, we must let go, take that leap of faith and jump into the chaos of change. For a stirring up of our world will happen when we create profound change. This is a beautiful place in which to cultivate stillness, deep breathing and being in the moment of now. Oh I know, when we prepare to move to a new place, leave a relationship, deepen a new relationship, leave a job or a school, start something new, we find our energetic space buzzing with all the things we have to DO in the outer world to move that change forward. It can make us crazy! So we make our lists – it helps to put the mental babble down on paper. But then we really have to be vigilant in maintaining our focus on the moment of now. At 3:00am we can’t call the Department of Motor Vehicles to change the address on our drivers license, but we can breathe ourselves into the present moment. The over active mental body can be calmed through deep, rhythmic breathing… through prayer (ask for help!), and through energy work. How many of those reading this have had at least the Level One of Reiki? Remember to use that energy on yourself. If you’re awake in the wee hours with your eyes wide open and your mind on the crazy-coaster, do a self treatment of energy work. Work with light frequencies, visualization, breath work – we all need to be able to take care of ourselves as we roll through the changes in our lives, for those changes are accelerating as well. So remember to use your tools.

A phenomena I’ve noticed lately is that what we were focusing on, or working on, or creating 6 months ago, at the beginning of the year, is coming back to us at this time. Reappearing for a review, reassessment, reconfiguration, or re-creation. This is an opportunity to take whatever our creation was 6 months ago to the next level – to a higher awareness. The review process may be simply to acknowledge what we were working on, or to tweak it a bit to bring it into the higher vibration. Perhaps we are receiving clarity or a highlighting of something we need to pay more attention to.

Upward Climb

All of the energy surges have been preparing us for worldwide events as the entire planet is being restructured at every energetic level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Even the planet Earth has these energy bodies, just as each of us Humans do. So we receive the high frequencies in our Spirit Body and it flows into our mental, emotional and, finally physical body.

At this time in the last week of June 2012, it feels like we are slowly moving up a steep incline of a roller coaster, almost to the crest. And then, when we crest… woo-hoo! I don’t know what’s going to happen, but the energies astrologically are pointing to sudden, surprising changes. Uranus, which rules radical revolutionary change in structures (which will be manifested in societal structures of every kind and in the physical Earth) and Pluto, which is about transformation and destroying anything that is blocking change, are squaring each other as of June 24. I’m not an astrologer, but I can refer you to some astrologers who have written about this phoneomena:Barbara Hand Clow (, Cathy Pagano of, and Robert Brown – whom I recently had a reading with. (One of his specialties is Astro-Cartography and I wanted his input on the energetic lines on the earth regarding my move to Canada. He was very helpful and fun to talk to.)

Enough Already

We’ve been feeling like something’s about to happen… for several years now. There’s a lot of buzz out there about full disclosure coming from world governments regarding extra-terrestrial visitors, even though most of us have an inner knowing that they’re here and that they’ve been here for eons of time. Also, there’s buzz about the possibility of some event that will bring forth paradigm shifting information regarding the origin of humanity, the nature of the dogma of god (the godma of dog?), the truth of the Great Spirit and our place among the Cosmos. Personally, I feel that information is already out there in the world, however the Uranus/Pluto squares that will be occurring seven times from now until 2015, are the energetic planetary influences that could bring the much needed paradigm shift to the main stream. For those of us who have been looking beyond the veil, so to speak, we are so over the talk-talk-talk and are shouting to the void “Bring it on!” Even if we may not fully know what we’re asking for. For some, the so-called paradigm shift may not be so shocking and they will come to realize that they’ve been preparing for it in order to assist those who will be in shock to move forward and adjust to a new view of the world.


So many people I talk to are making radical changes in their lives – or else they are manifesting radical change by default. I am also witnessing many people leaving the planet, sometimes quite suddenly and unexpectedly. In any case there is a lot of restructuring going on and it requires patience. This brings me back to stillness, because I’m also seeing people who are answering the call within them to live simply, radiating gratitude for the beauty of nature, who enjoy sitting and feeling the flowers grow and unfold.

There’s a robin who has a nest under the upstairs deck off my bedroom. I’ve been watching her from the kitchen window, patiently sitting on the little blue eggs. Soon those eggs will hatch and there will be little beaks poking up from the nest and the mama will be flying about collecting food for those hungry babies. She’ll be quite busy then. I feel that we are in that incubation interval at this time. We need to keep doing the work on ourselves that brings us into alignment with the truth of our Souls, for when we are living from the energetic radiance of who we truly are, the world opens up for us and we are always in the right place at the right time, expressing with joy the vastness of our beings.

For those of us who are going through structural changes in your lives, know that there’s a lot of us who are repositioning ourselves at this time. We can tune into one another to help us all hold that space of change, gathering the momentum together for doing what needs to be done in 3D to move forward. We are not alone – ever – and as we move forward through whatever we are all globally co-creating, we will come to really feel the One-ness and Unity that is within the Human Consciousness.


Nancy Lila Ward
(reconfiguring… playing with change, my ever morphing name is still in flux!)



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