Soul Transitions Vibe Report May 2011


It has been feeling like I’m on a speeding motorcycle, but it’s not the motorcycle that’s moving; it’s the landscape that is moving and creating itself as I go. The motorcycle is just this thing I’m sitting on. The road takes unpredictable dips and turns as the scenery of trees, rocks and structures race by my field of awareness.

Events in the world have a similar ambiance of unreality as they speed by. Mostly I feel like a detached observer. But sometimes I get hooked in by the spin doctors’ game of trying to engage us yet again in fear. As I question the truth of stories that are being spun out through the media, I feel the thin flatness of some of the events that engage my attention. It’s like I’m watching a movie, a film projected on the screen of my awareness. There’s a cloying, sticky energy as I feel my fellow humans being sucked into the maelstrom of untruth. At times I’ve struggled to shake off this energy, but the only way to shift it is to tune into the core of my being and bring myself back into stillness where I tap into the deep, ancient wisdom of BE-ing. I feel gratitude for the Master Teachers who have incarnated on Earth through the centuries, sharing the simple wisdom of love, maintaining energetic currents of clarity and truth and leaving behind pathways of light for us to follow, reminding us of who we truly are in Spirit.

The latest drama is the alleged killing of Osama Bin Laden. I am aware that this man fostered hatred and was the orchestrator of much destruction in the world, but I feel sickened by the way he was supposedly killed and the way his death is being held up as something for Americans to be proud of. Yesterday, I saw his photograph on the cover of Time Magazine with a red X through it. I find this image disturbing, childish and shameful. I question whether this story is just more manipulation by our government and the media. I observe with disgust the ignominious, low vibrational energy of judgment based on lies of the great manipulator.

The emotions of humanity are continuing to be harvested for the nourishment of a dark cabal. This “dark cabal” is a non-physical parasitic entity that feeds off of the human emotion of fear. It manipulates humanity through low vibrational energies. We have come a long way in raising our vibration and focusing on the energy of love. This dark one doesn’t want us to succeed in raising our vibration, because it cannot live in the high energies. As we do all we can to amplify love within us, we turn away from the fear and no longer hold it in our vibration. It may come back from time to time, because the dark cabal is doing what it can to draw us back into feelings from our past, but we are no longer in thrall to its density and we have many tools to bring us back onto the beam of light that is the Divine Energy Stream of Love.

The Aurora of Love

We are a group consciousness, connected to one another through the web of life, which also connects us to the energies of the Earth. We have so much going for us! So many tools at our fingertips, and when we connect with one another through the emotion of love and our intention for freedom, we create an aurora of love that fills the Earth’s energy field with beautiful flowing colors of Light. We are midwives of Light, assisting in the ascension of the Earth and of ourselves.

As I write this, I am seeing a vision of us swimming upward in murky water, rising from the depth of the darkness of our past into lighter waters above. Like superheroes, we rise with one arm reaching upward, into clarity. We each have a radiance that lights up the darkness around us. I see lights and colors all around – popping fireworks of energy and dark, gooey blobs that used to pull me downward but can no longer reach into my energy field. The energy all around is pulsing – pushing in at us and then pulling outward – causing some turbulence. I see myself rising upward through this stormy energy and I see many others doing the same. The stuff of the world will continue to vie for our attention, but I know that if I practice bringing my attention to what feels good within me, no matter what is going on in the theater around me, I will continue to rise into love and freedom.

The Sea Refuses No River

Regarding Osama Bin Laden or any other persons that are up for judgment either in the bigger world picture or our communities – who of us can comment on another’s Soul journey? Perhaps Osama Bin Laden’s job was to lift much darkness from the Earth as he passed. It is not for any of us to judge another’s journey for there may be deeper reasons regarding their actions that have to do with soul level agreements among all concerned.

Within the cacophony of drama of the world there is another sound ringing out through time and space. A clarion call to open our hearts to focus on love and acceptance of ourselves and others. Now more than ever we are called to create love and joy. To follow the urges of creation and fun. Play; be like a child, innocent and free. Focus not on the hardship of the world but instead celebrate the light sparkling on water, shining through the leaves of trees. The warmth of sunlight on your skin; the magnificent beauty of this earth. The gift of radiating love out to one another.

A Message From The Vastness of Being

Ah yes and we have been observing the bumping energy relating to the alleged killing of a man upon whom much fear has been heaped. This man was diminished… was not as powerful as those who spin webs of lies would have people believe. More fear is intended to be engendered – fear of backlash – but he did not have an army or large following that has power to wield.

There have been many stories woven through the experience of 9/11 that have nothing to do with the truth of that event. Through grief, people have been manipulated into a frenzy of fear and hatred. But many have been disturbed by the report of the killing of this one man. Many are not participating in the hate-mongering. We remind you all that the Spirit of Divine Creator does not turn away the energy of any soul, Spirit does not judge, Spirit – Creator Source – is a flow of Divinity – a flow of love, purity and innocence.

Osama Bin Laden did take much fear and hatred with him when he left the physical plane and we say this out of the utmost respect for his soul. There is a great mystery as to what appears to be negative acts –soul level agreements with all involved. It is very difficult for many to understand – that even the one known as Hitler who lived during a time of much darkness, was a facilitator of experiences for the soul growth of Humanity. There was a choice made by the critical mass of Humanity to go through the experience of the Second World War. Some souls signed on to be the “bad guy” but there is no judgment against these souls. Is the one who designed the Atomic bomb the “bad guy” or are those who used it for destruction the “bad guys?” Is the pilot who released the bomb that wiped out Hiroshima a “bad guy?” It is considered that the detonation of the atomic bomb put a final end to that war but what of those who lived at ground zero and those who suffered from radiation poisoning in the years after? Were they “bad guys” for being Japanese? How can anyone judge another’s experience? There are layers of experience being acted out in the physical that have deeper meaning to each soul involved.

We will not answer your question as to whether Osama Bin Laden was killed two weeks ago or 10 years ago. Instead, we see a wave of light and energy lifting you above the grasping hooks and lies of the patriarchal energy that is decaying. Like a floodwater flowing through the structures of a prison, the truth of love loosens the claws of fear, raising the consciousness up into a higher vibration that feels happy, that doesn’t care about focusing on the lies… this is a place where One wants to celebrate being free, rising above the noise and drama of the world into a consciousness of heart-centered collaboration, letting go of the drama and focusing on creating a world that is self-sustaining and harmonious.

When you look at the stories of governments and banking families that have been manipulating events of the world, creating what looks to be so complicated and confusing, you feel overwhelmed and at last turn your back on the noise and float into the simplicity of love, no longer putting your attention towards the drama, but rising into the truth of Divine Spirit… the innocent truth of Be-ing in the higher dimensions. And all else falls away, it simply doesn’t matter. If you put yourselves into this vibration, you will see your lives, your world change.

Witnessing the Divine Play

Play with this, feel into the idea of simply witnessing the noise of the world and focusing your attention on a higher vibration. What you place your attention on is what you create. Try maintaining a focus of tenderness, of love.

It is with much love and respect that we communicate with you. Know that you have support from Divine Source at all times and that you are the creators of your experience. Collaborate, share your experiences, shine your light for all to see.

Nancy Leilah Ward
The Vastness of Being

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”
– Mohandas Ghandi



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Nancy Leilah Ward

Leilah is an intuitive empath and seer and has been providing soul guidance for people worldwide since 2005. In 1981, when living in Brooklyn, NY, she experienced a spontaneous awakening, which led her onto a path of healing the pain of self-loathing, unworthiness, self-criticism, shame and guilt