Soul Transitions Vibe Report May 2012


We are into the 5th month of 2012 and as I sit with the energies scanning the past 4 months I see and feel erratic fluctuations pulling and pushing like a sawing motion, accompanied by drops in elevation down into sinkholes, then popping out like cartoon toast from a toaster boing-ing up and slow spiraling down to land gently on soft moss that soon morphs into mud and turns into a slurry that cascades us with it to the edge of a precipice and off we go because there’s no other choice and instead of falling, we’re floating and then suddenly falling and then going up and on and on it goes. Yikes!

At times I’ve also felt like I’m on a carnival ride – the Cup and Saucer. I’m sitting in the cup and it begins to spin and the larger saucer is also spinning, faster and faster, at different rates and sometimes different directions. Centrifugal forces are bringing up our issues for integration and lightening up.

We may be feeling a little dizzy or nauseous, experiencing digestive issues, sudden feelings of panic, or a general flat-lining feeling that leaves us staring into space. Surges of energy are entering our nervous system affecting our physical bodies, our emotional/mental body and blurring the lines of reality. I’m not even sure I can explain what that means, but so-called reality seems a bit fuzzy at times, along with the flow of time itself. And the sun… what’s up with the sun? The light seems different somehow and yet I can’t quite put my finger on it. It seems “old” or diffused… the shadows seem long even at mid-day.

That old onion analogy

Veneers of the old camouflage we took on as coping mechanisms throughout our lives continue to be brought to our attention through our thoughts and feelings. This can be so uncomfortable but is integral to our rising into the fullness of our being. We need to look at our “faults” and self judgments and bring them into our hearts as we would soothe a crying child. Learning to stop judging ourselves and others, knowing that we’re all on this ride together, helps to bring us back to ourselves and take care of our own process. This also gives rise to deeper compassion for those who seem to be freaking out or holding on to the old, splattering us with their dysfunction (triggering ours!). It’s all an opportunity to love ourselves..


Many people are making life-changing decisions at this time – many are moving to new locations – as one friend said, people are being “re-positioned.” Job changes and relationship changes are ongoing. Flare-ups in relationships, outbursts of anger, and abrupt changes in behavior continue to abound. We are all on notice to really practice not taking things personally.

Daily Drawings April 20, 2012

Slippin’ and Slidin’

This is a transitional time where that which is unresolved will be coming to the surface for completion. Loose ends could turn into whips so be sure to take care of any unfinished business and promises not yet fulfilled. Unexpected events from the micro to the macro are bubbling up. Trust that all is well and in alignment with the great shift and adapt a feeling of wonderment as you traverse the terrain of May. We are each on a path and those pathways can become obscured as winds of energy change the landscape. There may be times when you don’t know where you’re going because what once was clear has become cloudy. Uncertainty abounds. Make friends with it.

For some, the outer world may seem to remain the same, but an inner swirling of energy will be felt amplifying a feeling that provokes the question “what’s going on?” This is why having a feeling of wonderment as the world turns around us will help us maintain a state of witnessing the grandeur of life. This helps us to stay in our little boats as the seas churn all around. Conscious breathing and tuning in to love will assist us in stabilizing our equilibrium. This will be an ongoing necessity as our pathways become obscured and the ground underneath slippery. What once was there suddenly disappears and we’re in unknown, never before seen territory. This makes us nervous. But we still contain and embody the integrity of our essence and that is a profound knowing that brings us stability. Know who you are. Support who you are. Speak your truth and live your truth.

When nervous, panicky feelings come into us, we can know for sure that others “out there” are feeling it, too. Through our breath, we can bring in soothing, grounding energy and send it out into the collective consciousness.

Birthing our new lives

Living what isn’t our truth is becoming unbearable, so if you’ve lost your job or are in the process of releasing a relationship, know it as a blessing and an opportunity for you to align with something that brings you joy. Know that for every ending is a beginning.

Emotional currents, and thought forms that give birth to emotions, are swirling around among endings and new beginnings. If you are initiating a major life change, check in to know that you are following your heart, even thought it may waver at times. Us humans do resist change and all that is required to create change at the planetary level, but the heart-guided changes we make in 3D rise up through our dimensional frequencies and re-align us with the original vibration of our Soul. How can this not bring us fulfillment and joy at every level?

We’re not alone

Knowing that all of humanity is connected in the One-ness will help us to stay in the Light and find balance in uncertain and changing times. Reaching out, connecting with one another, calling a friend or going to a gathering can be soothing and supportive in times of change.

The Vastness of Being say, “We see you standing, feet apart, knees slightly bent helping you to stay upright and as the earth moves underneath you, you sway back and forth with the rhythm of the shifting. That is how the energies look at this time. Shaking ground, shifting sands, uprisings rising up.” We all support each other through the energetic web of light that links us to one another.

Daily drawing, May 5, 2012

Dimensional shifts are filtering down into the planetary 3D experience, creating cracks that can be seen in many of our lives and/or in the expanded global picture. New energies are released through the fissures giving us the opportunity to rise up, explore and embody new wisdom and experiences. We, as a collective consciousness, are all going through this together. The journey is all about self love and acceptance.

Resistance is Futile

We need to be as flexible as possible as the energies rock our world inside and out. Grounding into the earth and connecting our heartbeat to the heartbeat of the earth keeps us in harmony. This is our chance to strengthen our ability to remain in the present moment.

Sharing loving, happy moments in our day, radiating gratitude and appreciation, celebrating our friendships and loving connections helps to raise our collective vibration. In mirthful moments, we can send the energy that we’re feeling through the inner net, connecting with other humans… they receive it and feel it and radiate it outwards, others receive it and then send it forward, on and on… this creates a vibration of love energy throughout humanity. We literally pulsate the love vibe throughout ourselves and the inner net of humanity. We will see others being drawn into our lives with serendipity and synchronicity. Radiance is released through these moments of spontaneity and it will be like a party around you… a party of radiance around each of us… a celebration… a joyful energy.

Daily Drawings April 28, 2012

Don’t Look Back

Look to where you are in the present. Much is bubbling up around us. If we stay connected to our hearts and remember who we are – our energetic vibration is the energy of our Soul – if we nurture this energy that is our unique vibration, we will stay in integrity and be able to navigate the ever-changing currents. Joyful celebration with one another, creative expression of our divine gifts – saying YES! to who we are – strengthens the connection we have to one another. It’s like many people holding hands, feet firmly planted on the ground bracing against a strong current, gathering strength through our One-ness.

When we move through the times of uncertainty and maintain our inner integrity, we will find ourselves in new places living a life more aligned to our Soul’s highest path and purpose. Know that you are fully supported in creating your new life.


Nancy Ward
Aka: Lila
(pronounced Lee-la)
and my collaborators The Vastness of Being


zorro 8th May 2012 6:08 am

A beautiful read...thank you.

nancicunha 8th May 2012 7:39 am

This channeling was right for me, i am feeling so lost at the moment and thought that was just me but now i know that i am not alone.
Thank you so much for this post

If any of you would like to talk about or is feeling lonely please get in touch, it would be great to have a chat room where we could meet there..

all the love

Sandra Smyre 8th May 2012 3:33 pm

I feel "normal" just reading this. Thank you so much.

blj 8th May 2012 7:13 pm

I have been thinking the same about the sun being different~ I really noticed it when I took my cycling sunglasses off the other day, their lenses are bright yellow for gray days. I had left them on even tho it was sunny. When I took them off I noticed how a sunny day has a different quality than I remember.The old sun was more like my yellow tint glasses.The new sun was almost like when I give a photo an antique edit. I was thinking it may be another part of our on going journey to be able to hold our own light without so much help from Father Sun~?

mari282 14th May 2012 3:10 pm

I would be interested in having a chat room to meet and talk about these turbulent feelings. Has one been created yet?

Spirit Library 14th May 2012 3:22 pm

Hi mari282,

You could join the other members in the forums :)



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