Succumbing to colds and flu - Belief System of “sickness"

The fact is that for the past week I’ve had a cold that turned into flu. I’m starting to feel better but am still dealing with congestion, coughing and a sore throat. This has prompted me to explore the issue of getting sick. Granted, this bug has been “going around,” however, there are different schools of thought regarding getting sick.

One says I’ve bought into the belief system of “sickness,” in that I caught this thing that many people around me have had simply because I believe that this is how things work. This concept says that this is not how things work and we don’t need to get sick at all. A frustrating idea when one is knocked down with aches, a fever and an inability to breathe deeply because it sets up a coughing fit! (That in itself is interesting in that I couldn’t take deep breaths, and, as most of you know from reading the Vibe Reports, breathing is a key to self awareness and inner peace.) Regarding this concept, I found myself arguing for limitation – within the box of sickness. This concept made me feel inadequate and that I “shouldn’t” be sick. And yet, I do feel there is some truth to this – “believing is seeing.”

Another idea is that our bodies need to purge toxins and strengthen the immune system through the process of sickness and recovery. I’ve been doing a lot of meditations involving clearing out energies that don’t resonate with my truth. Could getting sick be a physical manifestation of this clearing? It certainly takes on a symbolic meaning when blowing my nose! Also, like many of us, I have been going through moments of extreme anxiety and fear as I experience financial stress and contemplate moving to a new home soon. So much of the work I’ve been doing has involved breathing myself back into the NOW, which is the only reality there is, and where we can find peace. I think many of us are also feeling the fear that is running rampant in the Earth’s energy field these days.

Yet another thought is that we often overwork ourselves to the point where our bodies force us into staying home and resting. I must say there has been a feeling of relief in just staying home, watching videos, reading and napping. This is a luxury I rarely give to myself, as I usually feel like I need to be doing something “productive.” I’m learning that in stillness, we offer ourselves an opportunity to become empty to recalibrate and rejuvenate ourselves on every level. Giving ourselves this down time, allows for more energy and future productivity in the realms that bring us increased energy and joy.

I have asked my non-physical companions Many of One to comment on the aspect of catching the common cold:

Releasing toxins is the process of having a cold. (We will reserve our comments to the illness described.) Toxins build up through overwork, denial of feelings, negative self-talk, stress, anxiety and fear.

You are going through the transitional phase of the great shift of consciousness. Many teachings are coming in that are part of the higher vibrational frequency, which is what this shift is all about – raising your energetic vibration. In this process, much purging is happening. During winter months, the consciousness accepts the various colds and flu that seem to “go around.” The body feels more vulnerable to cold. However, recently, even in the summer months colds and flu have been circulating. The consciousness itself is passing these germs around – they are a creation of group consciousness. This is not to make you feel bad or unevolved. You are transmuting energies on a global level. You are pushing yourselves to grow on a spiritual level. This is all highly respected from our non-physical viewpoint. Indeed, as you consciously clear what is not your truth, you may experience the clearing on a physical level through the cold/flu experience.  The process of this illness provides an opportunity for nurturing yourselves. It forces you to stop and rest. You all work so very hard.

There are those who place a crown of achievement on their heads. The “I never get sick” crown. There are others who say, “I never get sick, but I have this cold…” We say it is OK to go through the sick into wellness process. Isn’t it amazing what your physical bodies can do - how your physical bodies can heal?

As you move through the transition continue to release what is not your truth and remember to fill yourself with Creator Source energy – life-force, love-force energy. Fill in the spaces that were emptied with this energy. Some may get sick, some may not. Understand that getting sick is not something that has to happen, but if it does, it is an opportunity to physically participate in the clearing. Love yourself through the process. We also suggest that you observe your experience. Listen to how your mind states over and over, “I don’t feel well… this hurts, I can’t breathe…” observe and bring yourself back to center. This is an opportunity to practice non resistance… to surrender to what is.

We repeat that, for some, undergoing illness is related to clearing energy from the collective consciousness. Where have you spent your time, prior to catching the bug? Were you in an energetically toxic environment with many other people? You may have taken some of that toxicity and transmuted it through your physical body.

Everyone on Earth is undergoing the transformation process. There are many who haven’t begun to awaken and they are experiencing the process in a more sluggish, unconscious way. There is no judgment in our words. We say this to highlight - for those of you who are conscious of your experience and who may be hard on yourselves for becoming sick because of your level of awareness – the fact that you are actually helping to clear massive amounts of energy.

Also, for those who rarely get sick, you are holding a space of wellness for others, as well as yourself. Beat the drum of wellness (to quote our friend Abraham) with kindness, compassion and stillness.

Many of you are gearing up for taking your place as fully empowered beings on your soul-paths. In order to do this, there are deep energies that are being cleared.

In the oneness of consciousness, you share the experience of germs. This is also experienced as sharing the germ of an idea, which grows to include many people, gains momentum and initiates changes in consciousness which then picture out into your world as creative surges of expansion. This too is happening in your time of the world.

Be in joy – find your happiness even within discomfort and above all, love yourselves.

With respect, love and grace,

We are Many of One.

P.S. I asked Many of One to go further into the concept that “The consciousness itself is passing these germs around – they are a creation of group consciousness.” I brought up the example that, when the United States was growing, how, in an effort to wipe out the Native Americans, blankets that had been exposed to smallpox were given to the Indians and they succumbed to this disease that they did not even know existed. So how could that be, if it wasn’t in their conscious awareness?

“We will move into that timeline…The People were vulnerable, they saw their world was collapsing. They were heartbroken, confused, angry and afraid. Many felt, on a subconscious level that it was a good day to die. They chose to leave this planet in this way as the tidal wave of change was breaking over their civilization. They were ready to go Home.”

Many Blessings to you all – in sickness and in health, may we love ourselves unconditionally.

Nancy Leilah Ward


lesha 16th February 2009 4:27 pm

I suppose it could be either of the 3 reasons for illness, in any case you are the one that would know. I do know that I just had a conversation with my apt Lease Agent as she had been struggling with the congestion and stuffiness but still at work feeling truly lousy yet still at work. Her Doctor prescribed some rather expensive heavy medication she feels will take care of the problem, however I said to her this is probably telling you to take some time off to rest as she works in the office 6 days a week and is a workaholic as she says herself. Says she loves to work and wouldn't know what to do with her self if she wasn't working, so she took no down time with her miserable feelings in illness so I surmise something stronger has to get her attention. Sometimes work is simply a distraction to not go inside and deal with what is really going so here the body helps, by giving down time to do so. Sometimes the fears of job loss, financial situation, etc is so strong that more stringent measures have to be taken for this downtime such as a mandatory hospital stay. Feel Well Soon!

cabrini 16th February 2009 6:43 pm

part of me, although just pulling through the chest, up into throat up into neuralgia style face ache, found your words both intriging and amusing! i'm a 'i dont get sick' creature, however when the pain body was hopping last weak it didnt refuse conventional medicine to compliment all the energetic therapies too!!!!
it is as it is and as best one can surrender and accept never fight the pain body- the faster it shifts. (my fingers are crossed!!!!) seriously relieved to hear the commonality of the cold flu thing at present and the associated deep clearing. beats self baration and imagining ones beyond a common cold or infact that illness is something to be denied- i have known many content ill people in my time. bless your nose! and mine!


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