Summer Solstice Message


Re-birthing, stretching within the cocoon. Soon the veils will give way as we reach through, tearing our way out, unfolding our multicolored wings and taking our first flight.

On Monday, June 21, I went to a Solstice gathering on a beautiful place on the Earth at the edge of a field that rolled down to meet the Hudson River. The sweet fragrance of Linden trees filled the air. There is a medicine wheel there made up of standing stones. We hung flags of red, yellow, black and white to honor the four directions and in the wheel we made “pilgrimage” to each direction and then sat in meditation. Within prayers for the healing of the Earth and for humanity to awaken to right relationship with all of life, I found myself opening to receive the energy of each direction, without thinking about the aspects that each direction holds, just opening to feeling. And to my surprise, when I made my offering at the center of the wheel I found myself asking in a little prayer that I be able to receive the beauty of who I am. I think most of us in the human body hold feelings of unworthiness so deep within our genetic makeup. So this prayer arose from my heart… “Please help me to receive the bounty and abundance that the Universe has to offer in all dimensions, on all levels through space and time and within all of my energy fields. And please help me to receive the beauty of who I am.”

Receiving the beauty of who I am… letting go of doubts, feelings of unworthiness, standing in my truth and being who I am – the light and the shadow.

A channeled message received on the Summer Solstice from The Vastness of Being

This Solstice is heralding in great change and expansion. At times you may feel chaotic energies around you – it is important to connect with the center of your being. We sense nervousness within you—we attempt to soothe you with peaceful energies, nurturing and providing sustenance to you. Through your breath you can open up to receive this energy. We cannot send it into you if you are closed, constricted with fear and doubt. Breathing into the “all is well in this moment of now” and feeling appreciation for the beauty that is around you helps you to soften within. . . helps to open your inner channel to receive – to receive on all levels in all energy bodies the sustenance and balance and expansion into love that you desire.

Shine On

Take yourself back to moments when you were feeling your “shine.” Bring yourself to moments when you have a knowing that you are at the right place in the right time. This is the same as when you cultivate the love within your heart, when you bring yourself into the knowing of who you are and feeling into your connection with All that Is. This is where you access your power this is where you access the abundant, infinite energies of divine source.

Being in a place where you can open up to your connection to nature brings you into the knowing of abundance. Observe the animals in their innocence, the squirrel hopping across the stream from rock to rock. Yes the innocence and the resonance of love is what will help you to navigate through these expansive energies.

Creative Chaos

The expansion creates chaos as energetic structures collapse and this is part of the experience of growing and releasing that which does not fit the organic flow of the evolution of consciousness. Within the chaos a gateway is opening for you. It is as if you are swimming through space and time and will enter and flow though this gateway of light. It is a gateway of love and light and you are in the current that will take you into this flow that will bring you into what we call higher ground and vistas of more beauty and more love. And yes many are choosing through their beingness to enter into this gateway and open into love no matter what is playing out around you. The expansion will cause further chaos in some realms and further shifting and releasing and collapsing of the old modalities and you will be supported through love as you open more and more to these higher frequencies.

Being instead of doing

When we say “beingness” we mean you don’t have to try, you don’t have to do anything, you just be in love. Call upon your guides and Divine Source energy to assist you and to help you to open more and more into freedom, love and innocence. This is the vibration which carries you gracefully through the expanding energies.

All that you wish for is already in the realm of your experience; all that you wish for is within you to experience. All that you wish for is already here. Feel into the expansiveness of these statements. From the winter solstice until this time you have planted seeds. And now you will begin to see the seeds coming into fruition, moving towards harvest. This is the beauty of the rhythm of the times. It wasn’t always this way on earth. There was a time before the great cataclysm and the shifting of the poles where the seasons did not change, but now you are living in the beauty and rhythm of the movement of the moon and the sun, the earth, the stars and planets. As you harvest the seeds you planted you may find some weeds that need to be removed from their roots. Within the higher vibrational energies of love you will be able to do so with loving kindness towards yourself. We feel the nervousness within you and we offer soothing energy to strengthen your solar plexus and the first and second chakras as well.

The Circle of Light

As you vibrate with the resonance of love and innocence, you bring more light to you. See yourself sitting in this circle of light and fill your energy field with this light. No matter what is happening outside of you, remain in the circle of light and you will manifest what it is you so desire for your happiness. This will be a challenge where there are still voices in the world that say there is not enough and speak of lack – many different versions of lack – lacking the relationship you’d like to have, lacking the money you’d like to have and so on. We would like to focus on your ability to manifest at a moments notice. Call forth all that you need. Call it forth by feeling what it feels like to receive. Go into the openness of receiving at every moment. When you start to drift from love, pull yourself back into the light – when you find yourself wandering off into the depths of darkness, turn yourself back towards the light. You know what the light is; you know what the light feels like. It is shining out into the darkness, reaching beams of light to you for you to travel on to bring you back into the circle of light – the fire circle in the midst of the jungle. The fire in the center of the circle is your life force energy, and it is your path. This is the fire of joy and happiness, of inspiration, playfulness, innocence. Bring yourself back to the fire within. As you cultivate it, as you feed the fire with love, it grows and remains steady.

Challenges help you grow

There may be times when this is challenging but that challenge is the great teacher that helps you strengthen the muscle, as it were, that will bring you back into the center. And even that is something you can cultivate appreciation for as you walk more and more in joy. So bring yourself back into the light with the feelings of innocence and joy and being in the moment of now. When you are in this light you are on the beam – the beam of life force energy that carries you forward.


You are accustomed to moving quickly – we say allow yourselves to slow down to feel yourselves within this vibration as you become timeless and you don’t have a sensation of fast or slow, it is just an is-ness. It is as if there is a fine point that you can perch upon like a dragonfly on a leaf and if you find this fine point, the energy spreads out into the expansion and it is beingness that helps you to alight into this light and to receive the gift of timelessness. So begin cultivating with your breath the essence of love and expansion. And you will find yourself flowing and glowing into the beauty and the world will not look the same.

The energetic structures that have been in place for so long are disappearing all around you as the energies expand, which is why you have felt disoriented at times. The mind tries to understand and explain. We say bring stillness to the mind through breathing, through coming into the heart over and over again. This is a practice, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. As you make this a practice you will see more joy and more spontaneity coming into your life. Allow for this opening to occur. Do not try to push it, just be it. Don’t worry that you’ve missed it – the expansion—moving through the portal—it is not something you can do anything about. A divine paradox! Someday you will come to feel that it doesn’t matter whether you “got it” or not. As you cultivate and become the innocence and love and joy it simply won’t matter “where” you are, and you will find yourself to be there, wherever “there” is. Ha ha! We offer you a conundrum of the expansion!

Allow your shine to glow and radiate no matter what the outer circumstances are.

And consider this: What is valued? What do you value in yourself? What to you value in the world? What is value? What is of value? We speak of rolling with the changes. All beings are learning about value.


Why do we go on about light, expansion, innocence, love and joy? Because it is these energies that will assist humanity in opening into the truth of your nature. You have powers and abilities that you haven’t dreamed of. Or perhaps you have dreamed of these powers but have no idea how to access them. Indeed you are superheroes and love will open the pathway to discovering who you truly are.

Leilah and the Vastness of Being




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Author Information

Nancy Leilah Ward

Leilah is an intuitive empath and seer and has been providing soul guidance for people worldwide since 2005. In 1981, when living in Brooklyn, NY, she experienced a spontaneous awakening, which led her onto a path of healing the pain of self-loathing, unworthiness, self-criticism, shame and guilt