The shifting energies

You are feeling the dissolution of the structures of the past and this will continue for some time. Many changes are happening in the physical and inner planes. At times it will feel like a very bumpy ride, however surrounding this energy is nothing less than the Christ Consciousness - the Divine flow of Creator Source energy filled with love and joy and yes, opportunity. Great opportunities abound as part of the changes and shifting because as something dissolves, something new is created. Remember to focus on that new creation, even if you don’t know what it is or what it looks like, it is beginning to take form.

More and more people are beginning to look into their souls. Many have nowhere else to go but to look within. They will be seeking help as they begin to awaken. Many have clung to the old ways, not wanting to pay attention to their spirit and to the vastness of their being. This awakening is coming upon earth and upon all who dwell on earth. And people will be affected in different ways by these energies. Many are calling for help and many wish to continue to cling to the past, however, they are clinging to something that is dissolving. This will cause much distress in the energy and this is why it is so important to focus within and to know that you have protective spheres of energy all around you. Surround them with ultra violet light for protection and purification and surround that with violet flames for transmutation of lower vibrating energies.

Yes we have been saying the energies are vibrating higher and higher – wave upon wave of this energy is pulsing through the galaxy and this is affecting Mother Earth as well. She is going through deep shifts and changes. This has been and will continue to picture out in the form of earthquakes, volcanoes and other eruptions of nature. This information is not to bring fear, this is to bring the understanding that if you remain in the moment of Now, connected to the center and core of your being, connected to Earth and Spirit, and connected to your Self in your heart, you will always be in the right place and time for the highest growth of your Soul. Bring your Higher Self into your awareness, into your body - this is your Soul, this is the vastness of your being. As you stay within the center of this Light, you will be guided, protected and cared for, no matter what your circumstances are. There is a beam of Light energy – the Creator Source energy beam. Within this beam is the truth of your being and in this beam you are connected to others of the Christed Consciousness of Oneness.

Yes, momentous times indeed.

There is a buzz in the air about the year 2012 and we tell you it is happening now. 2012 is a threshold. It is a time where the vibration of light will be higher than the vibration of dark. This is not to say that the Earth plane is to be filled only with light, but the higher vibration of Light is what is expanding the Earth into the Fifth Dimension. The lower frequencies are being jettisoned – they cannot exist within the higher, lighter energy. Within the fifth dimension you will embody your Soul Self, your Higher Self. Many miraculous aspects will occur regarding embodying the genius of your Self - the fullness of your Being. Telepathic abilities are expanding, as well as manifestation, so focus on what brings you joy, what brings you happiness – this is what is necessary to navigate in and out of the fields of density and Light. And the colliding of those fields is what is making people feel somewhat bounced around and disoriented. There is also a growing aspect of unfamiliarity that many are feeling. The surroundings they are in have an unfamiliar quality about them and that is because they are part of what is dissolving. You are all moving from the past into the present time. That is another key element to be mindful of at this time: staying in the moment of now. We know you have heard this over and over again. Now is all that exists. The moment of now is where you will find peace and harmony, groundedness and joy.

Many people have been feeling palpitations at the heart and nervousness at the solar plexus. It is helpful to do physical exercise, and to do such activities as cleaning out the closets or drawers or to organize something – this would be very grounding. In addition you can consider lightening your load and disposing of things you no longer use. Clearing space – you are doing it within and without. When clearing your inner space, fill the cleared spaces with light, as if you are packing a wound. Fill it with the soothing nectar of light.

Look to each other to find comfort, harmony and laughter. This will help you move through these energetic frequencies as the fifth and third dimensions bang up against each other. What happened to the fourth dimension, you may ask?  Many of you are currently in the fourth dimension, where you access the moment of now. You take the moment of now further into the fifth dimension and add your Soul Self. You come into a place of timelessness. It is best not to try to think about this too much because it is not something you have known before. Thinking leads to comparisons and you have nothing to compare this to. So rest within the knowingness of the unknown. Yes the knowingness of the unknown.

Focus on your dreams and dream them big and beautiful. Trust that if you have the seed of this dream, it can be nurtured and grown into a blossoming flower of Consciousness. You have much to offer at this time. But in the meantime, clean out the closets! Organize your life as best you can and take time out to have fun and be with friends and those you love.

Much love, wisdom and beauty is available to you. Understand that you are moving through energies and becoming more sensitive to the energetic vibrations you are sharing with others, whether you are in person, emailing or talking on the telephone. So it is helpful to have a clear space of energy and centeredness where you stand in the core of your being floating along in your bubble of now. Everything else is absolute elsewhere. Focus on your heart – focus on the love that is within your heart and expand it throughout your being. Fill your energy field with that love. Smile the inner smile.

Peace, peace.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti.

Hari Om.


ohmi 19th January 2009 9:03 am

thank you for true that we must purge the old in order to make room for the new!


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