The Vibe Report February 2016

Cosmic Carnival

January is over and I am finally feeling able to begin engaging in the outer world again. It has come to my attention that I’m not the only one who had a slow entry into this new year. When 2016 first dawned and I began to scan “out there” it was as if I was standing in front of a shiny bright pink stage curtain that had 2016 written on it in big, bold script. The curtain shimmered as it moved in a breeze coming from the other side. It felt somewhat ominous and as I peeked around the curtain, I was hit with a mighty wind of rushing energy, which I pulled back from, not quite ready to go “out there.”


By the end of January, I pushed the curtain aside and stood on the threshold looking into a wide tunnel of swirling energy. I kept hearing the word dynamo, which is a generator that turns mechanical energy into electric energy. In my understanding, this relates to the further activation of our energy bodies, transforming our physical body (mechanical) into higher frequencies (electrical).

We’re stepping out into a new timeline. When I first wrote that – new timeline – it felt like a type-o because I meant to write new year, but this is how momentous this feels, not just a new year, but a new timeline and an entirely new perception of being. In my vision as I gaze into this swirling tunnel, I hear the word “wormhole”. A total game-changer.

Vortex - By Nancy Leilah Ward
2016, oil on canvas


We have begun this year with a pause, brought to us in part by Mercury retrograde, in order to prepare us for moving further into the swirling vortex of light and energy where up is down, down is up, we lose our attachments to our stories, and we come into the timelessness of being.

In order to navigate this, it helps to tune in with our energy throughout the day. Check on your love fuel to be sure you are vibrating with a good amount of love, so that you feel buoyant and lighthearted. Make adjustments by tuning in to your center, connecting with the love force energy and radiating it throughout your body.

It is important to be vigilant with this process of energetic awareness as well as checking our focus and bringing ourselves back to the moment of now. I have a little mantra for that: “This is what is.” Meaning, where I’m at right now, in this ever-flowing moment, is all I know. Is what is.

Here is what Guidance says:

Keep practicing awareness in every moment, staying present and focused on what is. Bring yourself back to the present moment over and over again and you will soon find that your thought trails don’t take you out very far before you catch your awareness and bring it home to the center of your being. You can also begin to contemplate the concept of living so completely in the moment that you will no longer have a need for thinking. This focus of contemplation will open the path before you and deepen your attention to what is.

Hmmm… to no longer have the need (or habit) of thinking because we are in the moment of now and flowing with the energy of the moment. Always. This is an evolutionary concept and it goes hand in hand with telepathic communication, heightened intuition and psychic capabilities, as well as kinetic abilities, all of which are our birthright. This is a glimpse into what we, as a Collective Consciousness are integrating in our evolution into Unity. Letting go of egoic self-importance and realizing ourselves as God, Divine Source, the One.

Identity Loss

We have been losing our identities – in all kinds of ways – some subtle and others off-the-cliff-life-changing. As we continue to move into higher vibrational frequencies, the energy stretches and expands us. This breaks connections that are too small for us now and as this happens, bits of our identity – beliefs, memories, connections to material form, desires, patterns – are floating away because the connection has been severed and there’s nothing for these aspects to hold onto. As these old identifiers snap off, we rise and expand and integrate the higher frequencies. This makes room for us to embody our soul essence more and more fully.

Listening to ourselves – to our bodies, to our emotions and to our thoughts will help us to know what we need to release. It takes courage to let go of the connections that no longer serve us, whether it is a relationship, job, place we’ve lived, or a belief, habit or pattern. When its time is up, it won’t leave us alone until we make the change that we need. We can start the letting go process by using our imagination “as if” we’ve made the change we are feeling called to make. Imagining what life would feel like if the change was made and getting into the vibrational frequency of that upgrade, helps us to create our lives in ways that bring us joy.

Inter-dimensional Shift

We have been traveling in this vortex for several years. We could also look at it as a birth canal that is narrowing and pushing us through the birthing process. Loving mindfulness helps us to stabilize our energy in the midst of the acceleration.

We have entered into this inter-dimensional shift that we have been preparing for. This vortex brings up churning chaos because many people will have a difficult time integrating the paradigm shift. This isn’t just a change in energy – that’s how it looks in the big picture – the energy itself brings great changes to our personal lives, our world, and to our collective beliefs, revealing truths that have long been hidden from Humanity. This is going to cause some uproar. Our strong center and focus will help reel us in when we lean into the maelstrom. Cultivating a sense of excitement, enthusiasm and curiosity for the unknown and releasing expectations and opinions will help us to fly and surf the currents and energetic shifts that are happening. This is why it’s important to pay attention and practice mindfulness.

Like some crazy Fun House in a Cosmic Carnival: the Vortex and Time

As we move more deeply into the swirling energy field we will notice our perception and experience of time changing. There may be bleed-throughs into other timelines or parallel dimensions. A bleed through is when our present timeline merges with another timeline that our soul is also expressing awareness in. When those moments happen, we will be glad that we’ve lost our identity! The flexibility that identity loss offers will help us navigate the fluctuations of time as an observer – a witness of our experience.

A bleed through may be triggered by a dream, a film you watch, a book you are reading, or visiting a museum where you are in contact with other timelines through the art. Traveling to an ancient city or even going to a bistro that feels like it’s from another era, complete with the music of that particular timeline, may trigger a bleed through. Again and again, remaining in our center and observing what is, will help us to move through this unknown territory.

We are also affected by the centrifugal force of the spinning energy, so that non harmonious energies from our conditioning that are still in our vibrational field will be drawn out of us. This is to be as gentle as possible, however it is up to us to let go, over and over to surrender to our experience and find the vibration of love within us. We have all been experiencing this kind of clearing for years and so we know what it can be like. We have learned (right?) that resistance only causes us more pain and delays our journey. The more we are ensouling and embodying our true personal resonance within the flow of the energy of the Collective Consciousness, we will be able to surf the vortex with excitement and joy. As all the aspects we had identified as some kind of truth begin to dissolve, we rise into freedom and love.

New Timeline?

When I tune in to this concept of a new timeline I feel myself on the edge of “on a need to know basis”. Meaning that, as we need to know more information, it will come through to us. We are going for a ride like never before. Stepping into the vortex as a Collective Consciousness and riding that energy together to the place that matches our energetic vibration is an act of co-creation. We just need to trust that we are in the vibration that brings us what we most want or need to experience. What do you want to vibrate with? Freedom? Joy and excitement, vitality, appreciation and love? That’s what I’d like to have as my daily experience. Whatever happens, we will meet the vibration we are resonating within.

No Fear

If this idea brings up fear in you – as if you are afraid you are vibrating at a “low frequency” or are unworthy and you won’t be allowed in to the “good place” or something, don’t worry. Let it go. Resonance is changeable. Meaning, you can upgrade at any “a-ha” moment, so trust yourself. There is no worthiness or unworthiness because there is no judgment – hear this loud, THERE IS NO JUDGMENT. The Divine Creator Source just is, in its own presence, in the ever-unfolding moment of Om. Forgive yourself and trust that your heart will guide you. At the same time, get quiet, feel into your energy and look at that which you fear. Love whatever story arises from within you and know that it is passing through you. They’re just stories. Not real. Let it go. And, most importantly this whole thing about losing our identity is bringing to the forefront of our awareness the fact that we are Divine Creator Source. This is our essence. So, as we lose our identity we gain our essence.

Know that you are not alone. We are in this together. And we are coming together – you see signs of this out in the world and it is up to each of us to amplify it, because as we all know, we are also seeing a lot of negative in the world and that seems to get more attention. The positive is there, too, and it’s up to us to shine it out into the little moments of our daily lives.

Rising into Unity

As we expand and the aspects that we had claimed as our identity snap off and fall away, we are uniting ever more strongly in the Collective Consciousness. We are connected to one another in love and unity. We are the Human Collective Consciousness on an evolutionary trajectory and contemplating this, feeling into it and knowing that we are united will strengthen us and assist us in times when we feel challenged. We can reach out to one another, as well as our own personal spirit guides for help whenever we need it. Through our connection we know that if we are feeling a particular emotion, or if we experience an insight, there are many others who are experiencing it as well, and in that knowing we can feel into one another in the grid of light of the Collective Conscious that surrounds planet earth. Remember, we have moved beyond critical mass, so it is up to us now to laugh in the face of fear, to be light-hearted and joyful as we embrace our sovereignty even in the face of what we most fear. For we are infinite and immortal conscious awareness.

Birthed Into Spirit
Nancy Leilah Ward
2015, oil on canvas

2016 is a 9 year – a year of completion. There are many people leaving the planet at this time, being birthed into spirit. We are all being birthed into spirit, in a way. Remembering that we are truly immortal (we just don’t stay in the same body) will help us to feel the vastness of our being.

We are breaking the egg from the inside, getting ready to stretch our wings. The strong connection we are creating through this expansion is a collaborative one, for as we rise in energy and consciousness we are moving into unity with one another, strengthening our tree of life.

Many Blessings,
Nancy Leilah Ward


zorro 4th February 2016 10:18 am


Thank you for sharing your perceptions and extending to us an invitation to start viewing things in a new way.
I knew the “spatial-temporal vortex” energies were kicking in strong when I imagined I was seeing double in Ann Alber’s posts below!

If some of us have been seemingly absent, shifting, juggling cats, or otherwise dealing with what looks like chaos, and if that also includes you, and also many others at this time, then I ask the question, “Are we really there anymore, is anybody where we thought they were, or are we all on the move to someplace new?” I know you are probably thinking, "Duh, we always were moving!"

Thank you for sharing your beautiful perspectives on this with us. and thank you as always for sharing your great artwork!


Leilah 4th February 2016 10:41 am

Hi Zorro -
I'm not thinking "duh"! It's a good question you ask. We are always the moment of now... but of course not always aware of it. Surrender is my big word these days... surrender to what arises. Are we where we thought we were going? Are we anywhere? How about moving with the flow within the resonance of the highest vibration we can gather within us? I like the mirth vibration, which rises out of love and acknowledges the ridiculocity velocity. Mirth reminds me not to take things so seriously.

Cheers! And I'm glad you like my art.

Peter fox 4th February 2016 11:33 am

Dear Nancy- I found the entirety of your message absolutely fantastic! I resonate with every word. Thank you so much. I also agree with you about
surrendering. Nothing can stand in the way of love so we must simply "let go"and see where love takes us. A total adventure into the unknown but
what Deepak Chopra describes as an ancient tradition of "the wisdom of uncertainty." We must simply trust that we will end up in the right place and
we certainly will! Also agree with you about humour! Brilliant message- Thank you and lots of love to everyone as we surrender into the vortex of
wonderment(Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole?!).....Peter.

cyndy 4th February 2016 1:00 pm

Relaxed allowing, core referenced. Staying present so the future can happen. on we go

debs go lightly 4th February 2016 2:41 pm

Hi Nancy, thank you! this is just a terrific vibe report and helping me to connect more and more dots. I even dreamed of eggs breaking! how cool is that? Such an exciting feeling of being new in every moment. When the old 'fear' paradigm threatens to overwhelm and cause contraction (which ironically aids the process), love and laughter come back in and expand me out into joy again. It's beautiful!
Much love and golden rainbow light, Debs.

Lorelei63 5th February 2016 10:40 am

Hi Leilah~ I just have to say - Hats off! This is one of the best written pieces on the topic I have seen, with tremendous depth and clarity, very helpful -- and I was really blown away by it. This is a masterpiece, and a great vehicle to share to help others who may have progressed to a point where they're starting to wonder what's going on. The "Shift-curious" crowd, if you will. ; ) Facebook is such a great place for this type of thing. Thank you for the great work you do - in particular, I will put in a great word for the Soul Realignment work we did together. That was extremely powerful for me; and, though rough to walk through, it was worth it in the long run. xo P.S. and LOVE your artwork.

GAF 7th February 2016 4:59 pm

"Listening to ourselves – to our bodies, to our emotions and to our thoughts will help us to know what we need to release."

That's HUGE. Many speak of wholeness and integration then disrespect some part of their being... when all parts make up the whole and each part is so wise and has so much to teach / re-mind us.

You speak of "losing your identity", that identity comes from beliefs - We HAVE beliefs, it's not that we ARE those beliefs. Our beliefs can be shattered and we ourselves are not only ok, but are even more healed, empowered and free by losing those beliefs

"We have learned (right?) that resistance only causes us more pain and delays our journey." Hallelujah! Let go, let God.

"ridiculocity velocity" Love it. Yep folks, keep your sense of humor - Laughter breaks up the illusion.

GAF 7th February 2016 4:59 pm

"It takes courage to let go of the connections that no longer serve us, whether it is a relationship, job, place we’ve lived, or a belief, habit or pattern."

Courage is a soul-centered quality. Graduate beyond people, places, situations for your own sake, but it also serves the highest good for those being left. Your departure may be the catalyst for others' continued growth.

Some folks could stand to let go of other light workers who are plateaued or stuck along the way. I see little pockets, groups of light workers where there is dysfunctional codependency, perhaps the "ring leader" has some issue and when a messenger delivers a much needed message, all the leader's followers "rush to their defense", thinking they are being their friend when really all they are doing is enabling the leader's continued dysfunction.

A friend wants your friendship and may go to great lengths, tell you want you want to hear rather than what is for your highest good. A mentor wants your success.

Too many still running the unhealthy, disempowered program of "teacher = threat".

GAF 7th February 2016 5:00 pm

There is a big group of light workers who have been urged along since Sept. / Oct. of 2014. This group is currently taking over energetic light anchoring duties from forerunners. I was given the message that these light workers are "storing too much useless junk, in all senses, because they loath to let anything go."

So releasing that useless junk is their next hurdle. The word "surrender" was also used.

Dual meaning of Chaos - Crisis or Opportunity. Which do you choose?

Some quicky visualization techniques for when the ride gets bumpy...

To be Calm, Centered and Grounded –
Calm – breathe deep into your center of mass which is two inches below your belly button.
Centered – visualize your prana tube which runs up your back, extending up into Heaven and down into Earth, connecting Heaven and Earth through you.
Grounded – place your feet flat on the floor / ground and visualize roots coming out of the soles of your feet, sinking deep into the core of Mommy Earth.

That from:

cyndy 8th February 2016 12:33 am

Chaos is the space of change that has not yet harmonized or syncronized.
Synchroncity is the agreement of time.
Harmony is the agreement of space.

I am not sure if courage is a quality of the soul. If there is no fear , do we need courage?

GAF 8th February 2016 1:54 am

Call chaos what you'd like. Now, that you have a label that appeals to you, what do you choose to do and be with it?

Time and space are one in the same.

Joy and Love are also soul-centered qualities. If there is no fear, do we need joy and love?

cyndy 8th February 2016 12:13 pm

For me fear is dissolved and then there is room for more consciousness and awareness.
Certainly ,if those are labels for you then do not ingest.
I feel chaos, synchronicity,and harmony as physical sensate experience and those are the linear words that come from my experience.
We each have our own experience and I allow mine and I allow your experience for you.
In my experience when I do not have fear , worry or anxiety the vibration and energy of joy and love can be a much fuller experience.
I am not choosing as much in some sense right now ,as I align, stay core referenced and in tune with my physical intelligence, and try to stay tapped in, tuned in to the new dimension. Instead of choosing to move: I am MOVED.
Each person is having their own experience and I would like to honor that . Focusing on others brings me out of alignment.
I appreciate those doing their own individual journey as each of us adds our individual spice to the cosmic soup.
We are all equal at the soul level.

GAF 8th February 2016 2:57 pm

Ah Cyndy, now THAT's some good communication there. Sharing parts of our journey absolutely DOES help others. Yep, different journeys, a bit, and yet as much as humans love to think they are so very unique, no, not so much. Our similarities far outnumber our differences, which only bring added perspective, which sometimes helps lead to solutions, to healing of often very similar issues.

Our Courage to be ourselves gives permission to others to do the same. How we express outwardly may very well be rather different and yet seeing someone be themselves is just such a Joyous experience and when it's happening you know that deep inside you're both on the same sheet of music.

I can't count the times through life when I would stop to talk to someone who was engaged in some activity they enjoy, such as... fishing. I myself could care less to fish, have done a bit, but eh. But to hear from someone who does it and loves it and to hear their passion. Ahh. What a treat.

Yes... "Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.” ~ Lao Tzu


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