“Why can’t I do what I really love to do in this world and still make a living? …”


Half the world justifies its current dissatisfaction (and its dysfunction) by rationalizing that “there must be something I am supposed to ‘learn’ here.” There is nothing to learn. There is only acting on what one already knows. That is, acting in truth. What I call, living truth, rather than living a lie.

Terry Cole-Whittaker gave me a plaque once, which said: “Dear Neale, you are one of the courageous ones—someone who has chosen to make a life, rather than a living.” I am very proud of that plaque.

If you want to stay in your job, because you think you need the money, or whatever, for heaven sake, stay in it, but don't stay in it because you feel you have to in order to pick up some cosmic lesson the corporate community has yet to teach you!

Let me comment more on why can’t I do what I really love to do in this world and still make a living? The posture we often take in order to reconcile our outer experience with our inner reality is the rationalization used by every person since time began to justify remaining in a dysfunctional or unhappy situation: we have “lessons to learn” and we must not shy away from learning them.

We might do well to consider the possibility that we have nothing to learn, and have only to demonstrate what we already know on this subject.

CwG teaches that life is not a school, but an arena within which you have the opportunity to be and to experience Who and What You Are.

Staying in a job, or role that doesn’t suit you can be miserable.  You can always tell you are not something when your gut disagrees. You know it in your gut when a thing is not true for you. You can fool your mind, but you cannot fool your stomach. Isn’t that amazing?

What’s even more amazing is how often we fail to listen to this internal guidance system. Many people spend half their lives doing things they can’t stomach. Why? Because somehow they think they’re supposed to. It’s all part of the plan. Or they made a promise. Or they’re learning a life lesson.

Perhaps it is time to disabuse ourselves of such notions. There is no “plan.” The first “promise” you must keep is your promise to your self. And you already know what you imagine you are trying to learn. Therefore, you are doing what you are doing, and suffering all the unhappiness and discontent you are suffering, for nothing.

When things in business don’t seem to turn out the way you asked for them to, what has happened is that you have confused “doingness” with “beingness,” and therein seen failure.

Let me just state a principle here which I believe I can reduce to one sentence: It is from beingness that doingness springs, not the other way around.

In other words, let’s say you feel you are a writer. You would really be happy if you could “do” the thing called “write.” It could be poetry, prose, novels, whatever. You just want to write. But you can’t “do” that, because you’re “caught in the corporate world,” or whatever the particular “trap” seems to be that you are in. So you can’t write for a living, and therefore you are not “being” the thing called “happy.”

The above paradigm suggests that “beingness” springs from “doingness”, and is dependent upon it. That suggestion is false. In ultimate reality, it is just the other way around. Your “doingness” is a demonstration of what you are now being (consciously or unconsciously).

If you want to “be” the thing called “writer”, “be” that thing no matter what you are “doing.” In other words, you could be a dishwasher at the Stork Club, and still “be” the thing called “writer.” (Half the writers in New York are.) Put another way, writers write to be happy, no matter what they are doing to stay alive! A true writer never stops writing, no matter what he is doing, no matter where she is working, no matter how little time there is. There is always time to Be Who You Are, because the time to Be Who You Are is all the time.

So write, write, and write some more! Write day and night! On the bus! In the john! During the coffee breaks and after the day is done. Write. Write! Write from the heart of what you think is good and beautiful and wondrous about the world. Or about what you think needs changing, if you prefer. Just write your truth, and write it truthfully. Then send it off. And keep sending it off. Keep writing and keep sending it off! For days. Weeks. Months. Years.

Insist to the Universe that you are who you are, no matter what it “looks like” you are “doing.”  - NDW



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