A New Year, a New Start

And so now here we are, already past the first week of the New Year. What a remarkable thing Time is. It moves so slow when we are waiting for something special, and it moves so fast when we are not looking.

I don't know what happened to 2009. I really don't. Because just the other day I was talking about IT being the "New Year," and now here we are and it is 2010! And did I do everything I wanted to do in 2009? No. Did I do enough? Yes? I accomplished enough of what I wanted to accomplish to call it a successful year, a good year. But it was not a good year for everyone. People lost their homes. Their savings and pensions. Jobs ended for many. Relationships dissolved. For many, everything changed.

Now we have a chance to start over. I love this time of the New Year celebration, because for me it signals A New Beginning, a New Start. We live in cycles. All of life expresses in cycles. Life itself is a cycle. And when a cycle begins anew, there is a freshness in the air; a new sense of hope.

Hope is something we must never give up. Yet it is only the beginning. After hope comes faith, or belief, and after faith comes knowing.

Hope is the beginning of the Mind's Journey to Awareness. When we hope for something, we are saying that we are not sure that it will or can happen, but we fervently wish that it would. When we have faith in something, we are saying that we believe that it will or can happen, yet there is still some element of wonderment or doubt...otherwise "faith" would not be necessary. When we know about something, we are saying that we are certain that it can and will happen. There is no doubt whatsoever, because there is now way it cannot happen. We hold this information as a knowing. We stand in awareness of something, positively.

When you walk into your bedroom and flip on the light switch, you don't hope that the room will light up, nor do you have faith that it will. You know that it will. There is no wondering about it; there is no doubt in your mind.

Closer to home, I know that my wife loves me. I don't believe that she loves me, I don't hope that she loves me, I know that she loves me.

When I transfer this kind of "knowing" to other subjects --- God, for instance, and the goodness of Life, the awareness that Life is on my side and that Life always turns out --- everything changes in my reality.

Yet getting to Absolute Knowing is the challenge. It is about rising in Consciousness to another level of Awareness --- perhaps the highest level of Awareness to which one has ever ascended.

To rise to this level we must abandon the data of the Mind and embrace the knowing of the Soul. We move from "Mindata" to "Soulogic." The Soul knows what the Mind can barely conceive. In order to operate from the Level of Soul you have to be, quite literally, out of your Mind.

This is what the New Year offers you. A chance to start over. A chance to be out of your Mind. A chance to move from Hoping to Believing to Knowing. At the beginning of this new cycle, we can abandon, toss away, the data of the past year and begin again. That was last year, this is now.

We begin with a knowing that God is real and that Life is on our side. It never occurs to me that it could be otherwise. Everything is working toward my highest good --- and the highest good of all Life. How can it be any other way? Evolution demands it. I know that whatever is happening is happening for the highest good because it is happening. If it were not for the highest good, it would not be happening, because Life is not self-defeating. Life is self-perpetuating, self-sustaining.

The Three Great Principles of Life, CwG tells us, are these: Life is always 1. Functional, 2. Adaptable, 3. Sustainable.

Whatever last year was for you, therefore, call it Perfect. Do not argue with it. Do not regret it or call it bad. It was as it was because Evolution demanded it. You don't have to hope that this is true, you don't have to believe that this is true, you can know that this is true. Do you know how you can know that this is true? Because it happened the way it happened.

The idea that kills us, that makes our Minds go crazy, is the idea that it should have happened another way. Obviously, it should not have, or it would have. We do not live in a universe of random chance. Nor is God sadistic, tossing us into the fire and then offering to pull us out. Our opportunity, then, is to move into Gratitude at every occurrence.

"Thank you, God, for 2009 and for everything that happened. And thank you for 2010 and everything that will happen. I know that I stand in the midst of Perfection, for that is Your World and I am in it."

Welcome to 2010. We are one week into it already. One week of perfect moments, perfect outcomes, perfect You. Happy New Year everyone.

Love and Hugs,




Aliah 12th January 2010 2:09 pm

~ Beyond the personal joy that I feel today at having read such things, in which my heart deeply smiles for the admission that Gods universe is Not random, and everything is Perfect ~

I would like to highlight the most valuable piece of writing that I have read. For scripture takes this concept of hope from its very beginning, one step further than any other author of any piece of writing in history. It is the parable of the seed ~ in which Alma 32 1- 43 discusses the afflictions of the poor in worldly substance and in heart. It speaks of the seed of hope that will grow into knowing, if given an opportunity. Verse 27 states: "But behold, if ye will awake and arouse your faculties, even to an experiment upon my words, and exercise a particle of faith, yea, *even if you can no more than desire to believe*, let this desire work in you, even until ye believe in a manner that ye can give place for a portion of my words.*"

Aliah 12th January 2010 2:13 pm

For me personally ~ hope has always been belief or knowing. In this scripture, scripture takes the process of acquiring hope, faith and belief one step further in the very beginning. Stating that ~ it only takes a desire to want to hope and believe ~ for God to begin to work in a persons life. It doesn't take hope initially ~ just a desire to have hope. If the desire is there to have hope, surely hope will come.

Such an inspiration. That the smallest effort can turn into the greatest feast. If we give it the opportunity...

Blessings to all, and thanks for such beautiful and perfect thoughts today Neale. ;)


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